CBS Galaxy Nexus Render

Send me a picture of a fan's render of an unannounced phone, and you're likely to get a snide reply that, no, it's not news, not official, and we should all take a breath. What you see above is but one reason why. The news of the postponement of Samsung and Google's Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich announcement this week at CTIA in San Diego (we're here, by the way, and the weather's marvelous) apparently has become mainstream news, garnering mention on CBS on Sunday night.

That's not a bad good thing, actually. It's nice to see a little mainstream attention. But what we really don't want to see is a fan render being used as if it's real, on national TV. And make no mistake, that's what you see above, and we should expect better from CBS News. The side view is extrapolated -- as in partially real, partially Photoshopped -- from Samsung's teaser video. And the front view is imagined from the ICS leaks. It's likely accurate enough because we're all expecting a big black slab, after all, but it's not "real," nor is it official.

And fan renders can be fun -- and they can be done really well. But they're just that. Renders. That a mainstream news organization ran one like it's official ... well, that just shouldn't happen. Like we said. This'll happen soon enough, and in due time, and we'll blow it out of the water when it does. But running fake images isn't helping matters any.

Source: Nexus Prime forums; Thanks, sushiglobster!


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CBS runs a fan render like it's a real Galaxy Nexus


Really......main Stream Media lies to its viewers?!?! Pure SHOCK!!!!
CNN, CBS, NBC, FAUX, and so on have found the nations no worlds best liars and presented them to us in a professional manner. Telling us what we want to hear and what we kinda don't but can still stomach. That never equals the truth.

The more popular the thing, the harder it'll be to ensure you'll be one of the first to get it.

Read behind the lines...Google and Samsung delayed the event for some to be able to attend the funeral of Steve Jobs. Respectfully, Google's public statement of the postponement was vague and ambiguous. Thus, creating in consumer's minds a feeling of unnecessary disappointment. They have been saying for weeks, "We have a BIG NEW AWESOME product....wait, wait, wait. This is not the time for doing business because we respect Apple and Jobs". G/S--Just say what you mean guys.

Definitely awesome for the fan render artist at least! Be sure to highlight this in your portfolio and resume.
"My stuff was so good that CBS mistook my fan render for the real thing!"

Saw that same news break and laughed. The postponement might actually be causing more hype. Just hope they live up to it all.

Two questions:
1. What did they say the reasoning for the cancellation was. Did they give kudos to Google and Samsung?
2. Has it been confirmed that the phone is delayed? I thought they delayed just the launch.

I think that only the announcement is delayed. The launch will probably be the same as it was going to be.