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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets are proving to be our favorite new Android tablets, and the excellent display is part of the reason why. The analytical folks at DisplayMate did their analysis thing with both the 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch flavors of the Super AMOLED display tablets and they came away mighty impressed, enough so to declare them the best tablet displays they've ever tested.

The declaration isn't terribly surprising, considering how much DisplayMate loved the Galaxy S5 with the same screen tech too.

The Galaxy Tab S establishes new records for best Tablet display performance in: Highest Color Accuracy, Infinite Contrast Ratio, Lowest Screen Reflectance, and smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle. Both Galaxy Tab S models offer Quad HD 2560x1600 pixel displays (with 287 to 361 pixels per inch), currently the highest for Tablets, with 4.1 Mega Pixels, double the number on your HDTV.

The Galaxy Tab S did fall short with overall brightness, coming in at just 80% as bright as the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows 8.1 tablet. Not that it's not bright enough — we found it to be plenty so.

Most of us don't yet have a Tab S in our hands, so what are you expecting from the new display kings in tablet town?

Source: DisplayMate


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Analysis finds the Galaxy Tab S has the best ever tablet display


Well if u go by the reviews on various sites you will read them claiming it as the best tablet screen they have ever seen

Best is not a single measurement that you can rate in a scale of 100. There are tons of parameters involved, and one needs to take account of all parameters.
it's obvious that no single screen can be absolute best in every parameter measured. It's a matter of balancing the options. Undoubtedly this is the best screen if you consider all the parameters involved.

What the hell?!? Retina is crap sub-HD...Apple is garbage period. Sent via my rooted Note3 running X-Note international & SnapKat kernel. (P.s. its pretty bad when my 2yr old Galaxy S3 has a better screen than a

Lol, one is pentile. I would take this "analysis" with a giant truckload of salt. No way text looks better on that than a true RGB screen.

......until the made that claim about the S5 having the best display and several other reviewers performed instrumented tests with resulting data that showed DisplayMate's claims to be completely false.

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As it’s the most accurate setting, I ran all of our comparison data with the basic mode enabled. In this mode the Galaxy Tab S’ display is among the best we’ve ever tested. On top of having good color accuracy, the new display delivers the awesome contrast ratio that AMOLED displays are known for.

What is puzzling is that the S5 in cinema mode, proved to have the highest color accuracy. In this review, the basic mode of the Tablet S yields the highest color accuracy. I would expect the same modes to produce identical results. Also it was mentioned that other reviewers used canned software. I'm not sure what that implies, especially if the software has been in use in the past for measuring display parameters. The testing method for measuring maximum brightness is what I'm most curious about. I can understand how the manual readings are measured, but the auto setting and how it's dictated by the ambient light. It is also my understanding that some devices will reduce the maximum brightness based on the temperature level. Is that taken into account?

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Haha you can tell the differerence between RGB stripe and diamond pixel arrangements? LOL stop it.

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Those of us from Krypton can discern the difference easily. However, the bigger problem is not using our x-ray vision to look straight through the tablet.

And yet myself and several other graphic designers who work in color on a daily basis all see a color cast on Samsung's AMOLED screens that we don't see on the HTC screens.

Not everyone's a graphic designer and forget the tests if the display looks good it is good through the consumers eyes

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Not surprising considering the Samsung galaxy s5 display was declared the best screen of 2014..

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...So far. How you declare something the best of 2014 with another 6 months to go is beyond me. I would bet the Note 4 will be voted the best smartphone screen of 2014 when it comes out and maybe 3 other phones before then.

Don't worry. Apple will invent the Super AMOLED Retina VIsion X1 Display with 2 times less the number of pixels than your standard 1971 color "stand up to turn the channel" TV and Apple fans will rejoice in the fact that once again INNOVATION has won the hearts and minds of free thinkers the world over! Yah Apple. The inventor of air and water has done it again.

Also. So its the best ever but is only 80% as bright as another one? Those two things don't add up.

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Brightness is only one factor in Displaymate's criteria - they also consider contrasts ratio, black levels, view angles, ect.
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They've also been debunked on at least one previous occasion. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung sent them a 'special' unit for their S5 analysis since displaymate's numbers were so far of of the others.

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I'm assuming they used some sort of instrument to come by their findings. I would also assume it's the same instruments they've made all previous grades on prior devices. Up until now, I didn't hear one negative thing about DisplayMate. In fact I have seen a few post from people referencing them to cheer on the greatestness of their own device. I wonder what makes them suspect now that Samsung has been given such an honor? Are there really that many Sammy haters here?

You missed that other more reputable sites analyzed the S5 screen as well, and came away with very different results. Display mate has also been more and more in the bag for Samsung since the S3 came out.

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I find that screens are the biggest selling point for me when it comes to phones and since starting the smartphone game with an htc magic I still remember how amazing the screen was on the s2 and I was blown away by the s3. Im thinking ill go the m8 next from my note 2 but in my opinion amoled stands miles over the rest and im waiting on the tvs

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I had the opportunity to play with the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 at Best Buy last weekend, and while the screen is the same AMOLED screen we've all come to enjoy with deep blacks and amazing contrast, I wouldn't trade my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 for it. I find that both screens are equally sharp. I miss the infinite contrast ratio of AMOLED, but I'm concerned about burn-in. It's a flaw with OLED technology, and the Tab S series is guaranteed to get burn-in over time, just like any Galaxy S phone, Sony PS Vita, etc. I use a Note 3, and with my eagle eye I can see burn-in starting to form at the status bar. So I'm good with LCD on a Tablet.

Never had burn in on my galalxy s4 and I use it to death, this is an old wives tale like burn in on Plasma TVs which was fixed years ago.

every review lauds the Tab S display as the one of the best of not the best display on the market, they must of done something right, also this is the only tablet you can view outside apparently and makes the unusually bright IPad Air look impossible to read outside in comparison.

I just bought this tablet two weeks ago, but based on my experience, you can use a regular stylus. I use an [URL=""]ampen stylus[/URL], and it works find for me. I don't frequently take notes with the tab s, though. I'm not sure what sort of user you are, but for me, I have a [URL=""]clear screen protector[/URL] on it, and it works quite well with the stylus. I couldn't tell you if it works without the screen protector, though. My guess is that it would work, but hey, who knows?