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Yeah, yeah. We all know there's a 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 coming down the pike -- very possibly at the Oct. 29 event in New York City. And the box of one apparently has made its way into our forums. We've got one member, KidCuda, saying it's ringing up at $249, which is the current price of the 16GB Nexus 7. (Perhaps that means the 8GB is on its way out?) This picture comes courtesy of member stonerman34, clearly showing the 32GB of storage.

Now we just need to be able to buy it. Ah, hey. Stonerman34 says it's got an Oct. 29 street date. Which would make sense.

Source: Nexus 7 forums


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A 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 in a box


I'm still hoping for a sliding affect (ie: 32 GB at 250, 16 GB at 200, 8 GB at 149), but we'll have to wait and see. It's amazing how long ten days can feel!

Well if the 16gig is only $200 then I will be buying one as soon as they come out! I like 16gigs. Its a good happy medium!

People will start returning the 16GB ones with 'faults' once they know Google can only replace them with a 32GB one, they may as well save themselves some time and just let them do it anyway.

Normally, I would say that the last time I checked it was called retail sales and it is the risk when purchasing anything. Given the close window between the original launch and today, it is an example of pretty slimy business on the part of Google. This was obviously something already in the pipeline and if they price it at the former pricing point for the 16 GB model they risk alienating at least one customer for every one they make happy. If they intentionally sell their products at a serious loss to monopolize a market, they may also start to draw additional attention from regulators who are already suspicious of Google business practices.

I would hope you are joking since, depending upon some of the materials used, it is pretty easy to tell when a component has melted. It is even easier when a lithium battery explodes....

Bought my daughter the 16gb for Christmas. I Keep playing with it. The 32 would be perfect, but thinking I'll wait now and see how I use the note II when I get it and if I'd still use this enough to justify the purchase.

It's supposed to have a downgraded processor in it. I've been waiting to see what happens with the nexus tabs and between the 32g version dropping and a rumored 10 inch Sammy tab with a display that has better resolution then the 3rd gen Ipad I'm still waiting.

I'm considering a Samsung Galaxy note 2,if i get it,i might end up using that more.i might not need the Nexus 7,so i'll just put it on Ebay...

This is why I waited to grab one. I'm either going to get a 16gb for cheaper or wait for the ten inch Samsung. I had a feeling that a 10 inch nexus tab was coming but I was hoping that it was going to be asus and not sammy.

Never wanted a Nexus 7 until now... 16GBs was never enough for me without SD slot, but I can live with 32GBs

Lol, an otg cable (made mine custom with power charger line) and 128gb jump drive= nexus 134gb pwnage! I win..

And the jump drive was 60$ on ebay so a much better price per gb imo. the otg cable was simple (followed a forum on xda i think) and gives it charging while using usb stick, my tb hardrive, or any other periferal.

Not sure if I'll upgrade and give my 16GB to someone or not. The only thing I need the extra space for is apps. Everything else I already use an external USB drive (64GB) for, so I'll consider it. These damn games like Horn are frickin' huge though. Load 4 or 5 of them and there goes your 16GB. I currently have 7GB available and I haven't loaded that many games yet. Looks like I'll be getting the 32GB just to be safe.

What about the games I've downloaded already? Can they be put on the new Nexus or do I have to repurchase them? Haven't transferred games before, just other apps, so I'm not certain.

You shouldn't have to repurchase them, they're on your google account and you should be able to download them to any compatible device your google account is logged into.

Maybe, 16GB $199, 32GB $249 and Leftover 8GB sell for $99 near Thanksgiving or Christmas. This would fill all the rumors.

My personal prediction:

8GB/WiFi for $170
16GB/Wifi for $200
32GB/Wifi for $250
32GB/LTE or HSPA+ for $300

Somewhat hopeful, I know, but if Google is trying to be competitive here, then it will likely be selling close to 'at cost'.

Also, a white variant.

Even though I'm an early adopter (8GB), I dont regret it at all. In the past 3 months that Ive had it, I've probably used it for 300 hours, and this is considering I have a Smartphone, laptop, and desktop. I haven't filled up the 8GB because I use it almost exclusively as a consumption device (videos, internet). I'd be interested in a model with improved battery life, a faster processor, a variation on aesthetics, and less heft.