galaxy s5

Samsung has announced a major expansion of its Kid Store, included as part of the Kids Mode feature found on its Galaxy S5 smartphone and Tab S tablets.

Samsung says that the Kids Store section now has 900 apps that have been especially selected for any children who are allowed to access those devices. Samsung says:

Comprised of two tabs with a choice of content grouped by age and subject, Kids Store allows users to easily navigate through the available content. The content classification is as follows: 0-4 years old for preschool children, 5-6 years old for kindergarteners and 7 years old or more in primary school children. The content is also categorized by subject: learning, play, and story.In addition, the Kids Store brand zone provides premium content for children from providers such as, PBS Kids, Budge Studio, Cupcake Digital and Intellijoy and offers free gifts of over $50 to users, which can be used to purchase applications such as Toca Hair salon 2, Sprinkle Island and Pucca Funny World Tour exclusively.

The Kids Mode feature only allows children to download apps from the Kids Store section and they can only purchase content approved by their parents via a password. What do you think of this expansion of the Kids Store?

Source: Samsung