Galaxy S6 and S6 edge receive update from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is pushing out an update for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 edge, which is said to bring along some battery improvements. One of the top complaints about both of these phones has been battery life, and that Samsung had decided make the battery non-removable, but hopefully this helps make that a little less of a headache. The update also brings along with it a number of bug fixes, and enhancements, though no details were given as to what they may be.

You can grab the update as an over-the-air download now by heading into your device's settings, then about and check for update. It may be a day or two before you see the update push for your device, but it is coming. If you have already received the update, be sure to report back any other changes you may notice.

Source: T-Mobile (1),(2)

Samsung Galaxy S6



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