Dropbox adds support for USB security keys when using Chrome

Dropbox has announced that it will now offer support for USB security keys for logging in via the service's website. Dropbox already supports two-factor authentication for its site and apps sending one-time codes either through SMS or authenticator apps. USB keys, also known as Universal 2nd Factor or U2F, add a new, physical dimension to securing your Dropbox account.

Right now the implementation is rather limited, as Dropbox is only supporting U2F for logging into its website while using Chrome:

Once you have a key, go to the Security tab in your Dropbox account settings and click Add next to Security keys. Currently, U2F is only supported for dropbox.com using the Chrome web browser.

In addition to providing a more secure method of two-factor authentication, U2F keys also prevent you from entering your login credentials on malicious websites, such as those that may disguise themselves as Dropbox in an effort to get your login information.

Late last year, Google also added support for the method for its services, though this was also limited to the Chrome browser.

Source: Dropbox

Joseph Keller