Sprint Epic 4G Touchwiz

Yeah, you can turn off Touchwiz on the Sprint Epic 4G and get rid of the static home screen icons and horizontal launcher. But what you're left with isn't really an improvement. You're stuck with three home screens, an outdated launcher, and a feeling of guilt for not listening to us in the first place.

Instead, if you want to go a different route, just install a third-party launcher, like, ADW.Launcher or Launcher Pro. You'll get the same result, and more functionality. But if you just have to be difficult, we have instructions after the break. [via Brief Mobile]


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Yes, you can turn off Touchwiz on the Sprint Epic 4G (but you won't want to)


Never liked the "iPhone"-ish UI design Samsung has been doing, stripping out TouchWhiz and going the LauncherPro route is probably the best way. You can't lose with LP(plus).

I don't see what everyone is sees is so bad wit TouchWiz..I've used LauncherPro, and in the case of MotoBlur, it's definitely a much needed replacement. In the case of TouchWiz? ..not so much. Don't shoot me, but I actually like Touchwiz better than launcherpro!

I switched to Launcher Pro Plus before using TouchWiz enough to not like it. :) I had read so many good comments about LPP and so many unenthusiastic comments about TW, that I decided not to waste time.

So far, I'm very happy with LPP.

I've gotta say, Samsung did a pretty good job with the Epic and Touch Wiz. I like the task manager they have tied in with it, it works great!

I just wish they would include spell check with the text message! My Touch Pro had it and it was great!

Problem is that, even if you do this, you still don't get stock Android. You're stuck with the square, colorful, iphone-ish icons, the black taskbar with different icons...

I picked up 2 Epic's yesterday for the kids, me and the wife already have EVO's, and though I dont think touchwiz is as bad as everyone says, it can compare to HTC Sense UI, just seems so stripped down in comparison.

My daughter so far isnt liking it, she likes the performance of the phone, but she might return and go back to her HTC Hero.

Is there a reason that Phil's not talking at all in this video? Makes the music playing in the background that much more head-throbbingly painful.

You could in theory install the Launcher2.apk that is floating around once the Epic 4G is updated to Froyo I think.

Don't hold your breath. I don't believe for a second that Samsung is going to give due attention to upgrading their handsets to the latest OS as they claim...and they've made it abundantly clear that they won't be using vanilla Android on any handsets in the foreseeable future, which makes their handsets the "idiot's choice" of Android devices. Aside from the screen and processor, I can't rationalize it.

Edit: Just to be clear, by "idiot's choice", I meant the "oooh, that's so pretty, I want it!" or "it looks like the iPhone" simpleton crowds.

Stock android is ugly and imo touchwiz is so much better even though it does not add much.. Why on earth would anyone want it is beyond me. You don't believe samsung will update to 2.2? There is already a rom floating arund for galaxy s.

Oh, I'm sure the SGS phones will eventually get Froyo in a couple months.... but I've already had it for months already and am looking forward to Gingerbread in another few. Whether the SGS will get Gingerbread is still up in the air until they say differently.

As for your assertion that vanilla Android is uglier than Touchwiz... well all I can do is laugh. If you want an iPhone, buy an iPhone. If you want Android, then get something that people at least recognize as Android (Vanilla or Sense). Touchwiz, and Blur for that matter, add NOTHING and just look cartoonish. At least Sense adds substantial functionality.

Then what android phone is the "scholar's choice"? If I'm not mistaken, every available (read: nexus one is no longer available) android phone that is any good comes pre-installed with a manuf. custom UI (moto/HTC/Samsung).

But who really cares which custom UI the phone comes with when you can root / flash roms / use a 3rd party launcher like ADW or LP??

You're right... you can get a 3rd party launcher, but why should we have to? If these manufacturers had a clue, they'd make their modifications add-ons that we could disable and remove if we wanted, and downloadable from the Market. That would be far and away better than being stuck with something that's just taking up space and redundant if you add another launcher.

As for your first question... at the moment, I like the Evo 4G. At least Sense UI adds real functionality, and isn't just a change of icons and colors out of a Crayola crayon box. I'm also optimistic about the upcoming HTC G2. It looks very impressive...though I have yet to see anything that's really making me itch to want to give up my Nexus. Maybe by next spring.

Man, you have got to be kidding me. Have you even used this phone? If you don't like Touchwiz, then disable it, but this phone is so much faster and so much better than any other android phone I have used, I cant even tell you. What's more many of the stock apps (calendar, contacts, etc) have hugely improved user interfaces from stock android.

I am holding off judgement on Touchwiz, as I have already paid for launcher pro and really like it, but to say that it is an "idiot's choice" is an idiot's comment.

ID10t's choice , I love it, that is way so accurate.
"I think that I want a widget here, Oh Squirrel ! "
" I like TREE "

Yes, do the same exact steps from the vid (clear the home defaults) and then set the TwHome as default launcher.. just like in the video.

Personally I like touchwiz. I was unsure at first but after trying it out for myself I like it just fine. Just because it has four icons at the bottom of the screen doesn't make it like the iphone. I loves htc designs but until they improve cpu/gpu I'll stick with a true performer. Btw, htc had already said that they will continue with sense even with android 3.0. So kiss those vanilla dreams away. Unless you root.