Wimax on the Evo 4G

The Cyanogenmod series of ROMs has done a lot of great things for a lot of phones. But one feature that's been sorely missing on the Evo 4G has been Wimax data. The 4G radio uses code that hasn't been readily available, so it's been a long road getting it to work. But today, folks, it works. It's still not quite ready for prime time, but rest assured, it's coming, folks. Keep an eye out for updates soon. [via @shinzul, @toastcfh, @kyledotodonnell, XDA Developers] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Wimax ported (at last!) to Cyanogenmod for the Evo 4G


Ahh, this is perfect. Hopefully this can also be put to use in the Evo Shift 4G that is being released in January.

yes it will. they had to reverse engineer the entire 4G stack and write their own APIs to interface with the driver. as long as sprint keeps using the same chip for 4G, the bulk of the work is done!

Now comes the endless testing to clean up the code and pull as much speed as they can out of it. :)

Same here. I switched to it after 4G broke on my former EVO. Then the screen on there took a big shit and then i got my replacement phone and I still put CM on cause I realized I didn't miss it too much but now that it's coming to CM i'm happier than a pig in slop.

This is all I need to finally put this on my EVO. I've held out so far and glad I did. I know what I'll be doing this weekend now.

Damn, do I have to redo all my angry birds levels now? hehe.

Hot Dang!!! They just recently rolled out 4G here in DC, and I was gonna revert back to stock HTC Sense to get me some of that Wimax Love. With this news, I can continue my love affair with CM6.1......

I've always wanted to try out CM but the lack of 4G was putting me off to it. I'm gonna try it out now :)

4g is such a battery hog that I rarely used it anyway. CM is so much better than any other rom that I gladly gave up the very rare occasion that I used 4g to have Cyanogen mod. This is fantastic news though.

Finally I can totally get rid of my sense rom. Does Cyanogen fix the framerate cap? I've tested it, and it's always been around 30 fps.

The FPS cap has been a non issue across the board for a long time now. I think you would have to work harder to try and revert back to 30FPS nowadays.

The FPS cap has been removed for quite a while. Make sure that you flash the lastest gapps. Mine is about 54 or so.

I might have to try this out now. The only thing keeping me from using CM was the lack of WiMax. I wonder how well it works (speedwise) compared to stock.

From the look of it, the first speedtest pulled down a whopping 19 mbps..............YIKES!!!!

How do you figure that? When I do the math it looks like it is around 3Mbps or close to 4Mbps. These test appear to be kB/s.

I heard there wasn't front camera support? Is that true? Unfortunately I use that much more than 4G. If the front camera was supported is jump on that. Well with a little instructions though as I've never flashed a custom ROM...

Does anyone know if they are going to work on HDMI out ? That still isn't working right?

Yep HDMI is working, but due to the priority of getting 4G to work, they haven't implemented it into the ROM, but now they can since 4G is also working.