Verizon Galaxy Note 2

A quick heads up for those of you who own the Verizon Galaxy Home Button, erm, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- a software update is currently coming down the pike. We don't know exactly what's in version LL4 (Verizon's usually excellent upgrade info pages are currently failing us), but it's looking like the Exynos exploit is targeted, and that'd make sense, seeing as how other Samsung devices have been updated for the same thing this week.

Update: OK. The changelog is as follows:

  • Android Security Patch added for additional security.

Verizon Galaxy Note 2Verizon Galaxy Note 2

Here's exactly what the fine folks in our Verizon Note 2 forums are seeing. We've got an e-mail into Verizon for more details, and we'll update if and when we get 'em.

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Verizon Galaxy Note 2 getting an update


Droid-Life comments say DON'T UPDATE, takes away root unlock the phone for the easy unlock. VZW trying block people again from unlocking their phone because they beleive that it will cripple their network. I call BS that a rom or new apk's will cripple their network, they just don't want people figuring out to get free stuff like the wifi tether incident for example from before.

If I update, will I no longer be able to root? (since the prior available root for the Note 2 relied on this exploit)

Just a heads up to everyone. This will break root access to your phone if you currenlty have root. To save root you will need to download Voodoo OTA root keeper, run the program and save root preferences, perform the update and then run the program again to reroot your device.

I just used Voodoo OTA root keeper as you have stated but had no luck updating. Could it be that I used odin to root. The instructions mention this may not work if you use either Kies or odin.

Here is what it does. Its a change to add a boundary check routine to only allow applications to access the phones memory in specific areas.

"Verizon is overrated and overpriced totally useless." I think the 100-or-so *million* Verizon wireless subscribers would beg to differ about being being "useless". Moron.
Additionally, not even a year ago you were saying how Verizon was "the best in all of carrier land". And just a few months before that, you were on Sprint with your "legendary" Evo 3D, saying how Sprint was "the boss" and how Verizon was "the devil". What a bandwagon jumping, hypocritical fanboy.

Hmm wonder what feature they are removing now :-P I shouldn't make fun after owning the thunderbolt, but I'm good getting my updates indirectly from now on.

got the update. after install and restart keeps saying update failed. i downloaded voodoo root keeper and ran it and did the temp unroot prior to downloading update. anyone have and sugestions?

I got the update last night and have since noticed a delay when waking up my note 2. Anybody else notice this? There is a delay using either the home button or power button. This definitely was not there before and I haven't added anything else new since the update.