Sprint Epic 4G

Rut ro. If you've been wondering why your Sprint Epic 4G hasn't yet received the over-the-air update to Froyo, it's because Sprint and Samsung have yanked it from the servers. Apparently a number of folks were having problems with data connectivity, or with the SD card -- or both. And while a hard-reset seemed to fix it, nobody wants to do that (Hi, mom!).

So, they pulled the update. Here's the official word:

There have been an increased number of calls into Care regarding issues with the Epic following the upgrade. As a result, the upgrade will not be pushed to more devices until a resolution for these issues is in place. The OTW update on the Samsung website will also be taken down.

Sprint and Samsung are actively working to correct these problems and release the update to all devices.

The issues being reported are related to data connectivity following the upgrade and SD card issues when attempting to access photos, music, etc. If you are experiencing these issues, a hard reset has been reported to resolve the problems. A hard reset will wipe out all the data on your device, so a backup should be done first.

That's no good, and let's hope Sprint and Sammy get their ducks in a row and get the update back up, pronto. [Sprint, via] More on the update in the Android Central Forums

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El Jefe says:

Why do people buy Samsung phones again?

benthe1 says:

Because I'm a fucking sucker. Never, ever, ever again. HTC all the fucking way!

Quis89 says:

Yes...because HTC phones have NO issues WHATSOEVER.....

Three HTC phones and no issues when it has come to updating in a moderately timely matter. Sorry but stop making excuses for a **** company. You sound as bad as an i Tard defending their company. Seriously. This would have been excusable LAST FRAKING FALL!!??! But now? This is forest gump type pathetic.

crxssi says:

Well, never had any problems with the Evo (updating or otherwise). And it got 2.2 before any other non-development phone.

As much as people would be tempted to blame Sprint, I think it is more of a Samsung issue.

Rockblast says:

Seriously, we were drawn like moths to the bright and shiny super-amoled lol this was my first samsung mobile device and will be my last as soon as I am eligible for upgrade again. Stick to making TVs and screens...


I had the f ing first instinct and didn't learn then. I had the Evo for less than thirty days before the epic was released. I purchased that thinking it would be a great device, but the fact of the update slipped my mine. I waited for a few months and no update, so I said f it and used my upgrade to get the Evo in January and gave my wife the epic. She doesn't care about the update and stuff like that. She was happy to have a newer phone. I on the other hand will never buy another samsung product again. My wife hasn't told me about any of the problems that are in this post yet.

HAAS599 says:

Because the hardware is great.

These are andrid phones. Software is easily changed, hardware isn't.

El Jefe says:

Hardware? You mean like the GPS? Great hardware there...LOL!!! They have a nice screen..that's all the Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic has & I could put a Super AMOLED screen on a turd but it wouldn't make it nice hardware.

"Software is easily changed"?? Um...no offense but did you read the article? If software were so easy to change for Samsung, why are they just now getting 2.2 out to all the US Galaxy S phones when 2.2 has been out since May'10?

FYI, my Epic's gps is accurate to 2 meters. Plus it's the carrier's fault for not releasing 2.2 any earlier for their samsung galaxy s devices.

rajendra82 says:

It's not the carrier's fault. If it was, at least one of them would have released Froyo earlier. And the releases are still buggy, like they were months ago. Bell Vibrant had fried sdcards after update, the T-Mobile Vibrant release has a list of complaints about it on XDA. And after all these months Samsung still can't pull the slow ass RFS and replace it with freely available, and much faster ext4. Carriers are not to blame for much of this fiasco. They had no problems releasing timely updates on Moto and HTC phones. It is all on Samsung. The Captivate will likely be my last Samsung phone. I would consider the AT&T Nexus S, even though it's Samsung, but that's the only one.

Robbzilla says:

Sorry... double posted

Robbzilla says:

I have AMOLED on a turd... It's called the Moment.

HAAS599 says:

wow, you are not smart.

Epic has no hardware GPS issues.

Ever heard of Launcher Pro, ROMs, Kernels, Rooting, XDA forums, the internet, or not settling with being spoon fed? If that's your thing then the Apple wagon is right over there.

I can drag and drop, scroll, and press buttons on my keyboard and mouse all day. What I can't do is put a AMOLED and a gpu in an EVO or a dual core processor in my Epic.

lorcha says:

I think my next upgrade will not be to a Samsung device. The SD card flaked out a month or two ago, and Sprint wouldn't fix it because "the SD card is an accessory, not part of the phone." Excuse me, but the phone won't run correctly without the SD card, and it came with the frickin' phone. They gave me an old SD card they had lying around to shut me up and get me out of the store, but they were sure to let me know that they were doing me some kind of big favor.

Now, this. I have already downloaded the update.zip file, but I'm not sure if I want to install it with a 25% chance of needing to wipe the phone. Sure, I ran Titanium in anticipation of this, but I have better things to do with my time than restoring from backup.

I don't know if HTC is better or not, but I'll be giving them a try next go-around. Nevermind the quality issues, I'd like to give Sense a whirl, too. TouchWiz doesn't drive me up a wall, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

jonbgood says:

I'm actually still very happy with my phone. Yes, it was frustrating waiting so long, but there are a lot of changes in the system and this update makes Gingerbread almost useless. There are a lot of UI improvements to the overall OS as well as the apps that came with the phone. However, there are still a few bugs/imporovements that could be made, which IS completely inexcusable considering how long Samsung and Sprint "tested" this phone

FreudSlipped says:

"And while a hard-reset seemed to fix it, nobody wants to do that (Hi, mom!)."

Now that's funny!

chefkeyser says:

"...seemed to fix it..."

Keyword being "seemed."

Wenjaman says:

Classic Samsung.

WhitePhone says:

EPIC fail

Actually that would be EPIC 4G fail.

chefkeyser says:

Why is it that independent developers can put out custom ROMs of Froyo, Gingerbread, or even Honeycomb with minimal/fixable issues to lower end devices but the SS braintrust can't release 2.2 without some kind of terrible problem that can only be fixed with a hard reset?
I am due for an upgrade with Sprint in June, and was considering the Epic, but with my old Hero reliably running 2.3, I'm considering not upgrading at all.
The custom ROMs I've flashed present no issue which can't be fixed in about 30 seconds without wiping the entire phone.

HAAS599 says:

If your comfortable putting ROMs on a phone then why are you worried the stock software on a phone? I am on custom kernel and ROM with my epic and its great. I guarantee its better than a hero because my wife has one.

El Jefe says:

That's easy...because the independent developers are better than the developers working for any of the manufacturers or carriers. ROM developers also generally use AOSP code straight from Google instead of just f'ing it all up by adding their skins (Touchwiz, Sense, Blur, etc.) that most of us don't want anyway, or by disabling features that Google built in just to charge for them.

Umm no not really. The developers on XDA aren't held directly accountable if their ROM fraks up a device. As such they can drop beta ROMs out there at any time with the warning hey this might screw up your system.
But if a ROM fails on deployment at Sprint and its Samsung's fault, guess who is paying for the labor cost of supporting and getting those systems back up and running?

rocket321 says:

Custom ROM's usually require a full wipe (or at least recommend one) and are based on code provided from the manufacturer (e.g. Samsung).

Fully custom roms such as cyanogen typically launch with many many bugs that take time to work out.

That said, it is really disappointing how many bugs exist in eb13 that were present in dk28 and were identified by users back in December. XDA has a bug thread running with around 20-ish bugs confirmed in eb13.

chefkeyser says:

"Custom ROM's usually require a full wipe (or at least recommend one) and are based on code provided from the manufacturer (e.g. Samsung)."

Fair point, but on an unrooted device I can't use Titanium to back up apps with their respective data (e.g. games). And those who are having to fully wipe the Epic because of an OTA debacle gives customers concern.

"Fully custom roms such as cyanogen typically launch with many many bugs that take time to work out."

Nightly builds, yes. Stable releases from Cyanogen and aosp contain bugs, sure, but fixable without having to wipe everything. But I'm speaking from my experience, I'm sure some people have had bigger problems. My point is that if an underpowered 15 month old phone can run the latest OS, surely something newer with better hardware (the Epic) can too. And the developers that work on official releases are much larger in number than the ragtag dev community.
These official releases requiring customers to lose their data is unacceptable.

Robbzilla says:

Because custom developers aren't trying to cram a custom built UI and a shitload of bloatware on their loads. Most of them will make some fairly easy mods, and let it fly, as opposed to Sense, Blur, or whatever.

I upgraded, no issues what so ever.

Mobius360 says:

Wow, really.... #neveragainsamsung

Not to mention all that time between DK28 and EB13 and they still don't have it right.

tankcole says:

Yup, I totally saw this coming. It's amazing how Samsung always has problems with their software. The Intercept, the Moment, even the Instinct were terrible phones with buggy software. Samsung should call it quits on making phones and stick to TV's

benthe1 says:

My thoughts exactly. The only thing they should be doing in the mobile space is selling their beautiful screens to other manufacturers. LG is officially higher than Samsung on OEMs for phones. Let's see, in order from best to worst; HTC, Apple, Motorola, BB, Nokia, LG, HP/Palm, SE, Samsung... I'm not sure who is below Samsung, maybe Kyocera? Haha.

ilyaamex says:

Wow did you really just put Motorola in the top 3 and above BB? That's just plain wrong in my opinion

ksb63 says:

While initial picture quality high samsung is rated way down the list on reliabilty (consumer reports). So if they can't even do tv"s right either

Without even reading any of them, I already know that every single comment that precedes and follows this one on this article is a complaint about how shitty Samsung and Sprint are.

tankcole says:

They are!

benthe1 says:

Nah... just Samsung. I love Sprint! Haha

crxssi says:

Sorry, I believe this has little to do with Sprint and everything to do with Samsung.

vertein says:


In December, I was switching to sprint for my cell service. I was intrigued by your epic, which you promised to update soon. That promise came out in october, so I assumed that you would probably have had it done by at least the new year. I was wrong. I got the phone. I naively assumed that you would have updated the phone to gingerbread by now. I ignored all the people that told me that you would never update the phone. I told everyone that they were wrong. There was no way that they would do that with their new galaxy S line. #neveragainsamsung

LoL Yea they are so late on the updates. There has to be something they aren't telling us. This seems like an excuse to me.

medic7603 says:

Had the Crapstinct, sucked, overpromised, underdelivered. Epic, promised. Haven't delivered. I snagged 2.2 before they pulled it and at least it works for now. Won't buy Samsung again. I'll just wait for HTC to get a keyboard phone when it's time to upgrade again. Or if I'm lucky, Moto.

chefkeyser says:

HTC does have an Android phone on Sprint with a hard keyboard.

Robbzilla says:

And it's a damned good phone, from everything I've seen.

lorcha says:

Moto? Maybe if you're leaving Sprint. Sprint and Moto don't seem to want to play nicely in the sandbox.

strick1226 says:

Didn't similar issues happen with a Canadian wireless provider and their Galaxy S phones when they started rolling out an official Froyo update last year? I think there were problems with SD card data corruption and even total bricking.

Wow... I am *so* glad I kept my EVO and passed on the Epic.

Really hope the next Nexus is an HTC device.

traumahawk says:

bahahaha! thats why I am staying on DK28... with TERv1.5 and all my other flashes and tweaks. I have NO glitches to report. Overclock kernel installed. custom EVERYTHING. <3 I'm glad I decided it wasn't worth it and stayed with TER :)

manaup says:

Reverrted back to DI18 from DK28. Did manual install. Rooted. Everything works ok for now. They keyboard responds better. The lag from going from portrait to landscape view has been reduced by maybe 80%. The lag meaning: loading time of apps and widgets to appear on the screen with the different screen orientation.

Only downfall was that upon rooting the epic, I lost the asphalt 5 file.

hybrid85 says:


Eazy123 says:

The update wiped my dad's calendar, and when he tried to re-sync with his Gmail account, none of his recurring events synced. THIS LONG, it took for Froyo, and Samsung still screwed it up. And I could have sworn they said they were taking their time to make sure it was done right.

1414H77 says:

No problem at all with my update. But if others are having issues they need to fix it.

briaking says:

Samsung must have one guy working on all of the software for all of its phones. On XDA developers forums a group called Team Whiskey has 2.2.1 working on the Vibrant WITH NO ISSUES!! They did it in a week! A FREAKIN' WEEK! Samsung devs have all the time in the world, they work with the hardware, they develop the software and they still cant get it right! There needs to be a revolution like in January with the Vibrant. why cant Samsung use the services of people that are able to make the software work? Why is that people that have nothing to do with Samsung software can make it work and professionals working for Samsung, that get paid by Samsung cannot accomplish this is 7 months? SEVEN MONTHS!!WHAT ELSE ARE THEY DOING? HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE WORKING ON THIS STUFF? the company I work for has nothing to do with software development but we have 20 people that work in the software department of IT, all they do is work oin the POS system we use for sales. Samsung is a dedicated hardware/software company and they cant get anything done! ITS RETARDED!

I think the answer is that moving old Galaxy phones to Froyo is a low priority for Samsung because the higher priority is to sell more new phones and if they keep the old ones up to date, people are less likely to buy new ones. Makes perfect business sense... for short term. Not long term because it damages their reputation. Ever since Samsung produced the Nexus S, I became an adamant Samsung boycotter.

bs21580 says:

Queue the music..."The Never-ending Story..." I got mine, without issues!

why is it that so many trolls post "Why is it" questions. Listen ppl boot into recovery wipe data twice and load EB13 through odin. I have no issues my browser is awesomely fast and loads all flash without a freeze GPS locks well and phone is snappier then a tap-dancer and meth... lol its a great update complaining fools forced sprint and samsung to pull the update

Going into recovery should not be a requirement. Sorry this isn't a matter of someone trolling. This is a pure, simple fact that Samsung makes the ****est software in the industry.

nawoa says:

It's official: Samsung is literally incapable of doing anything right. They even managed to botch the first WP7 patch - an OS that allows no customization.

IZZY Dead says:

Bunch of EFFing Whiner's. I updated the Manual way no issues at all.
I think it's a case of the phone being smarter than the user. And "YES" My EPIC still blows away your EVO4Crap.

aoaleman says:

I manually updated my fiancée's Epic with no problems. At least she hasn't mentioned any to me. Nonetheless, users shouldn't be so quick to blame Sprint or Samsung. In most cases the problem IS the user.

lorcha says:

I doubt that this one is user error. 25% of androidcentral users had problems with the update, FFS. We're not talking clueless masses, here.

IZZY Dead says:

I wouldn't be so sure about that. The larger the audience the lower the IQ.

WeGlobal says:

LMAO......That's why I'm so glad I grabbed the EVO 10 days ago!!!!!! I haven't even rooted yet and I STILL love this phone. Sorry Samsung, but this is one reason why I'm glad I didn't get your EPIC FAIL on Valentine's Day!!!

gooser#AC says:

No problems with mine at all. I did not do the OTA upgrade however. I pulled the upgrade from the Samsung site and upgraded from SD Card. Mine was running stock Eclair with only a few 3rd party apps. Consider upgrading a phone like upgrading any computer. The less you have on it the better chance you have for success.

chefkeyser says:

"The less you have on it the better chance you have for success."

On a Metro PCS candybar phone, sure. But not installing apps on a $500.00 phone because you're afraid you might lose the data defeats the purpose of using a $500.00 phone.

messiah143 says:

Samsung makes excellent tv's. There cellphones have a long way to go.

noszero says:

I am scratched Samsung off the list of phones I will buy. They just can't do android in Korea. My A900 was my first 3g phone on sprint and it was awesome but today they just can't be trusted. Sad.

esleezie says:

I have had just about enough with sprint and this samsung epic. When my contract expires with sprint, AT&T or Verizon Wireless here i come! I'm done!

crxssi says:

Sorry, it has nothing to do with Sprint though. But go ahead and spend a lot more on other carriers if that is what you want.

Or maybe just switch to an HTC phone instead and save the money.

FrankieDroid says:

I did the manual update too and had a s-load of problems. But after a did the factory data reset it fixed most of the problems. I still have some problems with my 4G connection and the browser seems to lag a bit compared to 2.1, but I'll stick with froyo.

Robbzilla says:

Have you tried a different browser than the stock one?

cluckkillerb says:

It's official.. Sprint+Samsung = Pathetic train wreck. I really hope the LG 3D comes to Verizon so I can jump ship from both...

tgaskill says:

So much for Sprint/Samsung falling backing the ol' "the update took so long because we wanted to workll the bugs out" excuse. I will say that my Epic hasn't shown any signs of major issues since the update, and I think overall the Epic is a good phone.

kabukijoe says:

As the statement says, the issues (that SOME are having) are nothing that a factory reset won't fix.... Exactly the same as it was when the Evo got 2.2, and probably any Android device that got updated to Froyo for that matter.

I did the manual update that Samsung put up on their site and have ABSOLUTELY NO issues... you have to be smarter than the phone people.

pdiddyfan says:

Personally, I've had the Evo since launch day and got the Epic 4G maybe a month ago. I love the evo and miss it. I tend to use it to watch some tv while on my macbook. I love the epic and got it because it was what I wanted, but evo came out first. On wednesday morning I returned my epic because of the data connectivity and sd card issues. When I did a hard reset it bricked my phone. I tried everything (Odin) etc. I got a new phone and the new phone did the same thing after the update, but the hard reset did the trick. I love both htc and sammy phones. I won't say I won't get another sammy phone. It just depends if I want the htc brand or sammy phone. Hard choice to me. I don't worry about updates, I just root....

david6785 says:

root your damn phone people its easy as hell!!!!

papoose says:

I never rooted before its hard help me out.

papoose says:

I'm having a hard time rooting my phone help me.

jbuggydroid says:

The epic is a great phone sadly the software needs help lol. Next time I'm going to go for a stock phone that gets updates straight from google of get an htc phone since they are better at updates. I honestly think the issue lies with the rfs. It just sucks compared to ext4

jbuggydroid says:

Need help rooting then pm me. I'll help ya out

papoose says:

how do I pm you i'm new to this

lrn2swim says:

You people are all freaking nuts. Quit complaining and either 1. Root your phone and throw on a custom rom, or 2. Go buy the vastly inferior evo and go bitch somewhere else. And for the record, I'm running dk28 with midNight 3.0 ext rom and the genocide 1.2 kernel and have ZERO issues with anything.

briankurtz79 says:

Evo out!!

chaospulse says:

Why does it even matter. Android Eclair on the Epic is a solid platform and works nearly flawlessly. I have yet to run into any issues including any that have been mentioned in the bugs. I just upgraded to Android Froyo and it's, again, a solid platform. No issues to mention and it still works nearly flawlessly. So with all the hype between people complaining about one OS over the other, who gives a damn! The phone works as is and it'll work when they get froyo updated!

ldp71 says:

I did manual update with stock ECLAIR. sync with appbrain, then deleted 3rd party apps before running update.zip. after upgrade went back into recovery mode and wiped the cache clean. No problems so far.

samsungdev says:

The delay of 2.2 on the epic is indeed an issue that people should be upset about. But calm down because everything is being worked out as fast as possible. The original plan was to skip 2.2 altogether but with the amount of angry phone calls that the carriers and samsung received we were forced to push 2.2. Just give it some time and soon you will enjoy your own piece of the "bread".

samsungdev says:

The delay of 2.2 on the epic is indeed an issue that people should be upset about. But calm down because everything is being worked out as fast as possible. The original plan was to skip 2.2 altogether but with the amount of angry phone calls that the carriers and samsung received we were forced to push 2.2. Just give it some time and soon you will enjoy your own piece of the "bread".

Mobius360 says:

Let the dream begin....

samsungdev says:

Its not a dream. 2.2 was a dream for so many of you idiots but if people would just STFU about an overrated update to 2.2 then we could have continued to focus on updating straight to 2.3 but instead we have to restart our build and base it completely around froyo. Which is another battle that will definitely delay the release of 2.3 to the galaxy s line. So everyone heed my warning(as a devoloping engineer for samsung) don't cry about something old when something new is within reach. You all brought the pain on yourselves.

Clorox Kid says:

Time for me to root, anyone who knows how, pm me, otherwise I'm gonna try to figure it out in the forums.

mld112880 says:

Updated from samsungs website. Havent had one problem with my epic. I love it. And why does Evo lovers hate the epic so bad. I own an epic but the Evo is cool too. Just doesnt have the slide keyboard which i prefer and the screens colors arent as sharp on the evo. But i dont hate the Evo.

lrn2swim says:

My guess would be that evo owners tend to have some sort of inferiority complex about the epic and need to keep justifying their purchase in their own minds. The evo is a great device though and all the bickering does seem pretty silly.

Robbzilla says:

Yeah.... that's it.... (rolls eyes)

I have a Moment and would give my eyeteeth for an EVO. I have the opportunity to rectify this problem next month, and I damn sure am not getting a Semsung. (I MIGHT relent if the NExus S somehow makes it's way to Sprint. MIGHT)

lrn2swim says:

What the hell are you talking about? Of course the evo is way better than the moment, what does that have to do with anything? I used to have an old htc on tmobile that was the biggest piece of junk in the world. Does that mean the evo sucks then?

samsungdev says:

Its not a dream. 2.2 was a dream for so many of you idiots but if people would just STFU about an overrated update to 2.2 then we could have continued to focus on updating straight to 2.3 but instead we have to restart our build and base it completely around froyo. Which is another battle that will definitely delay the release of 2.3 to the galaxy s line. So everyone heed my warning(as a devoloping engineer for samsung) don't cry about something old when something new is within reach. You all brought the pain on yourselves.

kittybarfola says:

I couldn't wait, so I went to the Samsung site to download the Froyo update (Epic4G_FroyoUpgrade_EB13_Tool.exe) (still there). I upgraded the phone to Froyo and I don't have any problems with it. I even rooted the phone too, and I don't see any problems. I am sure the people who have the problems just didn't follow the instructions correctly.

rangav says:

I updated from Samsung download site with windows method. Now having issues with SD Card. Photos taken with Camera does not appear on the gallery. Movies downloaded thru Media hub is not there on my media to watch. Format SD card does not remove the files from SD Card. Called Samsung and they wanted me to send the phone to flash. Chatted with Sprint and did a hard reset and that didn't solve the SD card issues. I might try to go back Eclair tonight. This is my last Samsung phone.

SamEpic4g says:

I don’t know why very one having problems with Froyo for Epic 4G, I upgraded mine as soon as it was out on Samsungs website, I downloaded (update.zip) file Mac version, and it worked grate since with no any problem in fact I really like it, I’m really happy with it.