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Refreshed Gear said to be shown off at MWC later this month

According to confidential sources cited by USA Today, Samsung will show us a refreshed Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it won't be running Android.

Mobile World Congress The sources, who want to remain nameless, say that the Tizen powered Gear will be presented at Mobile World Congress later this month in Spain. Here's where Android fans will get riled up, but this is actually something I've been expecting. Android is a rich operating system that works well with intricate mobile devices. The fact that it has a full application framework out of the box makes it especially attractive to both manufacturers as well as consumers, and the explosive ride to the top of the market share shows us exactly that. Android is perfect for your smartphone.

But maybe not your watch.

Tizen is robust as well, but it can be drastically scaled back without stepping on any OHA (Open Handset Alliance) toes. Samsung, as a development partner of Tizen, is in the unique position where they can build a customizable version of the OS for things like watches, cameras and BluRay players. Putting Tizen on the next Galaxy Gear is a great idea.

Do I think Samsung wants to abandon Android? No. Android is developed by some of the best minds in the world, and given away freely. On top of that, all manufacturers — not just Samsung — are free to customize and tamper with things to make their own flavor. Android is what has made Samsung the success they are in the smartphone sector, and they won't walk away from that until Android is no longer profitable.

But putting their own OS — one that doesn't need to run full blown smartphone apps — on the Galaxy Gear makes perfect sense and I think is a very good move. We'll know more in just a handful of days. This is going to be one interesting MWC.

Source: USA Today


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Samsung's updated Galaxy Gear rumored to run Tizen



The win in me is massive. Better luck next time getting a first losers

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Somebody thinks they can troll!

How cute.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I open applaud SAMSUNG for making this move and bring TIZEN into the forefront for customers to use.

I definitely will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Gear 3 in October 2014.

By that time things will be definitely off and running With Tizen.

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You're the only idiot I know who sees an article with the word "rumor" in it, and then twists it to make it sound like it's 100% true. What a joke.

You're like the wrestling commentator at the announce table that always praises the heels no matter what they say or do.. "Now THAT is the FACE of the WWE Mackel!!"
Corny ass..

Rumor: Galaxy Note 4 Neo to run ios8

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

If Android dominates the mobile platform, why would they try to now push their own operating system?

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I think companies hate that google gets ad revenue from any google app running android and gets profit from the app store. They want their own app revenue and control over the OS I think.

Because the OS on the watch doesn't matter. All it has to do is sync data and run a few custom built specific apps. Galaxy Gear. That's what matters. No once cares what OS makes it function so long as the features and apps are there.

I think the reason is Google's iron grip over Android. The latest changes in Google's policies (Arstechnica articles recently) are quite restrictive. Also the latest news of SD Card issue (source AndroidPolice) tells me that Samsung won't be too happy with Google at this time. They desperately want another avenue or alternative. Android is huge now, but 5 years from now it will be even more. And the control google can have over others doesn't make a rosy picture for Samsung.

My bet - within few years Samsung will attempt to get 'Here'. They did try to buy Waze in past, but lost out to Google.

"control" is one thing and most of what google is doing is to protect the integrity of the OS. An "iron grip" hasnt stopped apple from being successful and to think that it will hinder Google (whose views and general demeanor as a company are MUCH better than Apples IMO) from being successful with more control is ludicris

because this is the begining of the end for these a$$holes. They are forgetting that android put them in the position they are in now.

Doesn't this also mean you are pretty much forever going to be limited to phones Samsung makes compatible with it or could an android app be written that could allow notifications and stuff to cross over?

Well... more proof that the original galaxy gear owners are on a sinking ship.. nothing to look forward and haven't had the damn thing for 2 months now thanks sammy

Frankly I don't care what it runs, but they seriously need to open it up to pair with all Android devices. Hell if they really want the thing to sell open it up to pair with as many mobile OSs as possible.

They don't want it open to anyone else. They want you invested in their ecosystem.

You get the phone, which you pair with the watch, which connects to the TV, which the fridge notifies you that you are out of milk, and the dryer send you a text when it is done.

Just the beginning of Samsung's fork in the Android road. Oh well, the Kindle Fire drives a lot of sales for the ever expanding Amazon.

I'm going to check out Martian Notifiers when they are released. Elegance combined with efficiency.

This is not set in some, it's a rumor.. Wait until it's confirmed before going apeshitbatcrazy

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I thought Samsung agreed to stop this Tizen nonsense with their deal with Google a couple weeks back. Why are they still pushing this?

What specific information led you to believe Samsung agreed to stop Tizen development and implementation?

Why? Domination and control. Example—Amazon.

Everyone seems to think that there is some magical deal with Google and Samsung revolving around the sale of Motorola.

There is not anything at all. It is a coincidence at best.

He's referring to the recent Google Samsung agreement, not Google's pending sale of Motorola to Lenovo.

I know but it is all linked together.

Google sells off Moto as an OEM in exchange for a lighter TW, no more Tizen, losing the physical button and conforming to Google standards... the list goes on...

I love the comments from people where they look at rumored S5 features and say something to the effect of "well, I guess the agreement Google had with Samsung was a sham."


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Delusional NoNsense.
No basis, in fact, linking entirely separate arrangements.
And if anyone thinks Samsung, a massive industrial conglomerate, is told what to do, then, yes, there are unicorns.

Moreover, Samsung will keep the "old school" jankey physical button and the incongruous go back capacitive button on the wrong side of their flimsy cheap and easy to stamp out Samoled slabs despite who's chain the jokester, NoNsense, is pulling.

awe I was agreeing with you and being nice.

Then you go with the jankey physical button stuff. I could go either way on that one but if you are going to have a 5" screen, don't give me 4.8 because of the on screen buttons.

Even if they agreed to stop developing Tizen for use on phones - and that's a huge IF - what makes you think that agreement would apply to wearables too? Even if they agreed to stop developing Tizen for use on both phones and wearables, it wouldn't certainly apply to products that they've already started manufacturing, and that are just a few weeks away from launch.

I was hoping the GG 2.0 would have android. Then I could root and allow it to work with my N5.

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I wondered that too when I read Jerry's story, but it must be the case

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i'm going to stick with a battery running my watch. If I need to look at my phone i'll pull it out and look at it.

If Apple decides to make iWatches, they can easily sell 20 million within the first year alone.

Not really sure why they don't yet. Perhaps Apple has no need for the extra revenue?

On paper, wearable tech should be easy for the creator of iPods. Perhaps they're waiting for others to eliminate all the bad approaches first. Disrupt & dominate.

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How about watch and Learn. You can say a lot about iCrud, but they are not stupid.

They saw BB and Palm and improved it immensely. I would not be surprised at all if I had an iWatch in a few years.

I still think bb and palm were both "too little too late" approaches.

Love bb10 but I don't wan to have to sideload everything

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Yeah if BB would have been on the stick from the start the whole smartphone fad would have been there for the taking.

Until one can store about 5x the power in the same space cheaply; power will be the hard limit for wearable technology. So a simpler OS running on low power chips with a low power display, is probably a good idea.

How could this effect relations with Google?

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So many as so concerned about everything being waterproof. Yes I guess that would be a nice feature but its simple, people need to take care of their crap and go the bathroom for once without your device. Also stop swimming with yours phones. Yes I live in Hawaii and you would not believe how many are in neck deep in the ocean and they are texting. I see it everyday.

Who cares? It will still be over priced and locked to Samsung devices. Hype for nothing, I'll stick to my Pebble.

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What is Tizen? In layman terms please. Why is it better as some have stated?

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Tizen is an open source OS for the mobile community. I honestly just see it as an Android ripoff, and have yet to find out how it is "Better".

Honestly I think it is just a tool that Samsung is keeping in their back pocket in case Google does something dumb, and to make a higher profit on "emerging" markets

My understanding is that Tizen can be made more light weight than android, so by removing generic android functions that aren't needed on a watch you could make a lightweight OS that potentially would use less power (as there would be less background processes running).

With Bluetooth integration a Tizen watch would be compatible with all Bluetooth enabled cell phones, you'd just need a couple of apps to do app syncing between the 2 of them.

Pebble has their own OS, so why can't any other company including Samsung? Geez, some people just go on a hating spree once they see a word they dislike. If Samsung can make Tizen work really well on a smartwatch, then that's great. What they could do is make a lot of common features work with any phone with bluetooth and then exclusive features that'll only work with their Galaxy devices. If the new Gear is less than $200 or justifies the higher price, then I'll be buying it to try out. Hopefully, they don't release alpha software on this and learn from their mistakes and other companies like Pebble.

What kind of half-baked product will Tizen be? Samsung should just stick with hardware. They're horrible with software.

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