7-, 8- and 10.1-inch unannounced tablets mentioned on Gear Fit site

It's a safe bet that we'll be seeing more Galaxy Tab devices from Samsung at some point, but if the small print on one of its own websites is to be believed then we might be seeing them sooner rather than later. On the official Gear Fit features page, the some 20 compatible devices are listed which includes the as yet unannounced Galaxy Tab 4.

Following the Galaxy Tab 3, there looks to be three size options again, a 7-, 8- and a 10.1-inch version. We know that the Gear Fit will be compatible with all three, but after that, nothing.

So they exist. All we need now is to see them. Thanks, Samsung.

Source: Samsung Thanks Tey for the tip!

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Wow, I keep forgetting that the tab 3 series is nearly a year old already. Time flies by so fast. Hopefully Samsung does better this time though and makes them a bit more of an upgrade from their predecessor.

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13Elves says:

Hardly! Tab 3 series was released in July '13.

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MS3GT says:

Same ol, same ol. More devices, less support. YAWN!!

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dwd3885 says:

Probably getting releases in april/may to coincide with the Gear. I love the Tab Pro line, screens make the difference.

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debonu says:

I completely agree! Just got my 8.4 and I'm loving it. The screen blows me away.

Kolten Nay says:

Hopefully they upgrade processor and ram. The tab 3 had the same internals as the tab 2.

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ayg says:

Not according to Intel who makes the Atom processor in the Tab 3.

steveb24 says:

Galaxy Tab 3 8" disagrees with you.

(though it does seem the 10.1 is Intel)

AQPerry says:

The tab 3 8" probably had the best processor of the Tab 3 line followed closely by the ATT Tab 3 7" which has a Qualcomm S400 dual core 1.7GHZ processor with 1.5GB of RAM and LTE, The regular Tab 3 7" had a dual core 1.2GHZ and 1GB of RAM which is probably the closest to the Tab 2 specs

FutureKix says:

How interesting.

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s2weden2000 says:


... ( 0ppo F5) ...

TenshiNo says:

I'm not going to lie: I *really* hope they go back to a design more like the Tab 2. I *hate* that physical button on the tablets. It's fine on my phone, but I can't do a tablet with that button. Plus, the front-facing speakers are really nice on the Tab 2. I guess, otherwise, I'll just keep rocking my Tab 2, unless Google wants to put out a refresh of the Nexus 10.

RaiderWill says:

LG G-Pad 8.3 owner here.. and I am stunned at the screen on the Pro 8.4.
I'm deciding if I want to dump the 8.3 for the Pro 8.4.. They will need to do something special with pricing to make consumers consider any Tab Series purchase vs going with the Pro Series.


I played around with the Tab 8.4 in Best Buy, a few weeks ago. The displayis absolutely stunning. Though, the display on the G-Pad isn't bad, either. But, whether you make the jump or not, you can't really go wrong with either.

Good luck with your decision!!

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And, more than likely, the Tab series will be priced at the budget spectrum of the market, just like last year. I don't see Samsung themselves doing any specials. But, if I remember correctly, a few of the carriers had specials running on them, for the better half of the year.

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Gearu says:

Tabs, tabs everywhere.