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We're live at Samsung Unpacked from Berlin, Germany, where Samsung has officially unveiled their latest smart device, the Samsung Galaxy Camera powered by Android. 

Spec wise we're looking at a 4.8 inch HD SuperLCD display, Touchwiz Nature UX based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Cellular data is also on board in 3G and 4G varieties -- a data plan will be required, as well as WiFi connectivity, with a big push around sharing your content. The Galaxy Camera also has WiFi Direct capabilities, allowing local sharing with other Galaxy Cameras and compatible smartphones. 

But, the Galaxy Camera isn't just an Android device. It's a camera. On that front, we're looking at a 21x optical zoom, and a 23mm wide angle lens. 

Samsung has built in some interesting looking software too centered around editing and managing all your captured content. Best Group Pose for example, allows you to take continuous shots, and the camera will recognise the faces in the pictures, and then let the user choose their favorites to compile the best overall shot. Samsung have promised 35 built in editing features. 

Once editing is out of the way, Samsung has included on-device management tools to keep everything organized. Images can be searched for by time and location, and automatic cloud backup is also built in. Additionally, the Galaxy Camera  through its Smart Content Manager can create and manage folders, and will offer suggestions on which photos you should delete based on overall image quality. 

The Galaxy Camera will be released to market during Q4 2012, although pricing hasn't yet been announced. Additionally there will be a choice of two colors available for the Galaxy Camera, white and black. Keep it locked to AC for continuing coverage of the event, and hands on reports with the device. 


Reader comments

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Camera


This is what I've been waiting for in a point and shoot. Samsung has me excited about buying a camera!

Why data only plan? Call me crazy but I would consider carrying this as my only device if it had voice!

I wish all cameras had a screen this big... its always painful going from my phone to my DSLR screen. And great job Samsung going straight for the super zoom. Hopefully Sony follows with an offering.

Data plan for a camera:

Well that pretty much limits the number of people who will be buying this device.

Its now becoming obvious why some carriers are rushing to the Data Pool concept. Without that, this camera could sell to very few people, maybe news/sports photographers, but Joe User isn't buying a separate data plan for a camera they might touch once or twice a month.

I think for people that actually will consider a separate point/shoot camera in addition to the cameras on their phone, they will need to price the camera below $200 if they want a broad market appeal. I think this camera might have a chance. There's a lot of armature photographers that want to have that "bridge" camera before they step up to DSLR. Sounds like this could be it.

No way this is under $200. The lesser-spec'd Nikon is $350. This one will probably be more like $450+. Which starts to put it in the realm of significantly more capable cameras. It wil be interesting to see where this goes...

Painful going from phone to dSLR? Really? I find it just the opposite - the screen on my SLR is just for a quick peek at information. I use the viewfinder to compose the shot and dials/buttons to make any adjustments I need, and I find it much easier to use (for taking pictures, of course) than touchscreening through a bunch of menus. This camera's lack of buttons and dials means you will be spending a lot of time poking around on the screen, so yeah, I guess a bigger screen is in order...

Someone needs to do a phone with some serious photo capabilities including optical zoom. This could have been it with just a bit more.

"we're looking at a 21x optical zoom, and a 23mm wide angle lens. "

This is impressive....

Does it have automatic GPS and compass tagging?

Can you control it with and have remote viewfinder on another Android device?

I would expect it to have GPS and compass tagging. Running Android this would be trivial. If they put a 3g/4g radio in but leave out a GPS chip, they are simply insane.

I wonder if my pants would benefit from geotagging in a Samsung washer and dryer. There has to be something to that...maybe Letterman knows.

Umm I think the Nikkon camera just got put on DOA status. I'm interested in this minus a data plan though. I really would like to see if Sony does something like this. Their just announced NEX-5R has me interested too.

Maybe. Specs look better overall, for sure. We don't know the price of the Samsung one yet. It needs to be priced realistically.

They showed the remote viewfinder type of application in the videos at the unveiling. They showed using your phone as remote viewfinder to take self timer pictures.

The more I think about this, as big as this is to accomodate the 4.8" screen, they should have thrown an APS-C sensor in it. And maybe a shorter zoom range lens with an f1.8 bottom end. That would be intriguing.

Come on now samsung get every damn patent immaginable on this camera so when crapple comes out with their version you can sue them silly

This is awesome but those of you trying to compare it to Nikon for the reason of Android is just silly. There is no comparison. This is higher spec, with radio capabilities. It's going to be MUCH more expensive than the Nikon and definitely a high end purchase as far as cameras are concerned. As an amateur photographer I have my sony nexc3d and this would make a great point and shoot, unfortunately it's going to be priced close to what i paid for my micro prosumer so no way am I going to spring for this. For me, the Nikon camera is much better priced and doesn't require a data plan.

If Samsung suprises and keeps this closer to $400 then yeah, it's going to blow the Nikon away, but it's going to be at least $450+ putting it in a different tier and one inching too close into dSLR territory imo

it may not be designed to be used as a phone, but if it has bluetooth and can be used with a headset, it'd be a compelling device for someone who wants 90% camera 10% phone.

if they did a Galaxy Camera Note, i.e. one of these with the S pen, it'd be a very intriguing combination device!