Trimmed down Note 3 gets another official launch following introduction in Eastern Europe

Samsung has been holding a Forum event over in India, and one of the big pieces of device news to come away from it is the launch there of the new Galaxy Note 3 Neo. First introduced in Poland in January, the Note 3 Neo a trimmed down version of the regular Note 3. With a smaller, lower resolution display, less potent internals and lower spec camera, the Note 3 Neo also comes at a reduced price over its full-fat sibling.

It isn't yet known exactly when the Note 3 Neo will go on sale in India, but to buy folks will be looking to part with INR 40,900.

Also introduced is the Galaxy Grand Neo, an entry-level 5-inch device at 480x800 resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. Available now to buy online in places, the Grand Neo costs around INR 18,400.


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mathiasjk says:

480x800 at 5 inches? My eyes hurt.

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enigmax says:

Better to see the screen at first and not only numbers. Note 10.1 has a screen 1280x800 and my eyes are still fine. But it is always nice to hear Samsung can make so many variants while they still dont upgrade their older devices =)

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NoNexus says:

i know right? The S2 should be on ICS right now. The Fascinate should be near Donut.

Seriously????Moto g is better than this POS phone which will prolog die with the same version it came with

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NoNexus says:

How is the S-Pen on the Moto G? I have been meaning to try it out but haven't found where it is stored.

Hiberny says:

This made me laugh.

I have a lot of older relatives who'd love the size of the Note and the stylus, but not the cost. The internals of this would be overkill for them.

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aniket96 says:

Lol, why buy this when the Note 3 is only around Rs.9000($150) expensive than this?

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Gvo1975 says:

Why is it that iam missing apart from apps?I use the Q10!

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Aakash Roda says:

Common Samsung the Note 3 costs just 4000 more. I am sure nobody will buy this unless they don't understand English.

shaytoon21 says:

hey everyone i just bought a ferrari!! but it has the internals of a honda. FUCK YOU SAMSUNG.

JDubbs115 says:

No one told you to buy your Honda-fied Ferrari. Blame yourself!

Kolten Nay says:

The 480x800 is for the GRAND NEO. Not the note 3 neo. The note 3 neo has a 720p screen, 2gbs of ram.

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note 2 is available for 28 thousand rupees