The Samsung S5830, or the Ace, has been spotted in a product shot. The Ace is an offshoot of the Galaxy S series and even has a very similar look. All we know about the device is that it will ship with Android 2.2. No leaks about screen size, cameras or processors, but we'll of course be on the lookout. Enjoy the leaked pic in the meantime. [Eurodroid]


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Samsung Galaxy Ace picture arises, much still unknown about it


After reading so many negative stuff about Samsung phones, I have decided to never get a Samsung phone. Regardless of the specs...

I agree completely. Same goes for Sony phones. It's a shame because they're both great manufacturers, but if they can't prove themselves, HTC is going to continue to dominate the market with Moto right on their heels.

Ppl Are So Ignorant On AndroidCentral. Y'all Talk Down On Samsung Non Stop. If Everything Was Truely Samsungs Fault Don't You Think They Would Have Appologized? I'm Pretty Sure They Wouldn't Want To Lose All Thief Customers In The U.S. And Another Thing, For You Followers Plz Get A Mind Of Your Own. Don't Let What You Read Influence You. Them Commercials About Falling Under The Influence, Isn't Just About Choosing Not To Smoke Weed. There More About Thinking For Yourself. :p Haters!

At this point, isn't every new phone that Samsung releases with Touchwiz on top of 2.2 just a slap in the face of every Galaxy S owner?

They clearly have a working build with their UI...why haven't the carriers gotten it from Samsung then?

Ha ha ha ha yeah i had a instinct, instinct s30 instinct hd and moment all samsung and allll restart by them selfs, freeze, studder and reaaaaly late or no updates... like djnk954 says, it dose not matter the specs, never again... all galaxy phones look excatly alike other then a corner here and and inch there.... I LOVE MY HTC.. NOTHING LIKE IT... CANT WAIT FOR THE HTC TABLET and HTC EVO 2

Run, run, run as fast as you can.... If you buy this you'll never catch the Gingerbread man! See what I did there? Heed the warning of us Galaxy S owners and avoid any Android phone by Samsung.

I LOVE my Captivate! Except when I'm driving somewhere and need that little map/navigation thingy. Then it kinda sucks. And being on 2.1 sucks.

People forget that the vast majority of buyers are not as tech savvy as some of us here.
They dont care about, or still never even heard of Froyo.
We are a minority. Stinky but true.

Which makes it even worst. Unlike us they don't understand why their phone slow (2.1) or why their friends with an older phone can use GPS and see flash. Even my wife (10% computer savvy, with a tail wind), noticed she doesn't has flash on her iPhone.

We are one big EVO family now ;)

I have a problem too with my motorola milestone using at&t. It doesn't get a good signal (for internet) as my friends' iphones. And sometimes, my apps crashes.

I LOVE the HTC dev community, but I recently got an Epic 4G and love it as well. The camera/camcorder is superior to the EVO. I think the screen is amazing. Samsung software support sucks. Really wish they would just release stock and pure Google. That's why the Nexus S is the best. Great Samsung hardware and camera, great pure Google OS.

I agree. I like Samsung hardware a lot and I think they make great cameras in the phones. That's another reason why I wish CyanogenMod would fully work on the Epic!

Agreed, my friend has the Epic, but I feel it could be much better... with Cyanogen of course haha
I also wish Google would have gone the Galaxy route and released the Nexus on every carrier. I would love to have that phone, but I have Verizon...

Also, some basic specs from the Ace (in case androidcentral feels like updating the article)

2.2.1 (Froyo) and touchwiz judging from the photo
- Bluetooth
- WiFi
- 3.5 plug-in
- Micro SD
- Micro USB
- 5 Camera with Led flash
- Max Camera resolution: 2560x1920
- Max Camcorder resolution: 1280x720

Love my Epic, but the lack of Froyo is pissing me off. The trade offs for all of these phones drives me crazy. I hate the screen on the EVO, but my next phone will probably be an HTC because they can update phones. I have considered rooting, but keep waiting for Sammy to send me the update the way they should! At this point, screw Froyo, just send me Gingerbread.

I used to trust Samsung could make a phone I liked, but apparently, that only applies to pre-Android days. Im looking forward to getting rid of my Vibrant and replacing it with a non-Samsung phone. I won't buy another, including the nexus S.

OOOOooo, dual core processor? SAMOLED+?

I would hit that. Love my Galaxy S. Outperforms any hTC on the market right now. Oh yea, not in USA so I gots my Froyo like the rest of the world. HAha!

I like hTc's designs but Samsung has done so many things better. Not totally in love with Touchwiz, I use Launcher Pro, but the way they did contact shortcuts is soooo much better.

I also like being able to take screen shots, that feature came with 2.2

Boy, no love for samsung, huh? I sure hope a few of their reps read these blogs and can report that they're about to lose a lot of ground to HTC, purely by reason of not giving a crap about updating their products. I have an epic, and man, this would be the sickest phone ever, if only I could get off of eclair w/o having to root or install some unstable leaked froyo build. I will never go back to samsung if they don't tighten their sh*t up, and quick.

Also, I totally agree that google needs to put their foot down about carrier bloatware, needless, ugly OEM skins, etc. Enough is enough; the point of openness is that carriers shouldn't have to go so far out of their way to distinguish their offerings, and manufacturers need to be made to understand that this touchwiz, sense, motoblur bullcrap is only serving to get in the way of the user experience, not enhancing it.