Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile versions can now be rooted with a simple tool

Well that certainly didn't take long, did it? With only AT&T's variant shipping to pre-order buyers, Sprint's launch mere hours away and T-Mobile's launch pushed back, we now have a root tool available for these Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4's. The tool, created by djrbliss over at XDA, which was originally made for Motorola devices seems to be working for these Galaxy S4 models as well. Many users in that forum thread are reporting that their devices are being successfully rooted with the tool, which simply takes a few steps of setup and running of a program to root the device.

We'd caution against jumping right into rooting at this point if you're unsure of what to do with it on your new device. As the poster points out, with no custom recoveries or stock firmware images available for these devices you may be in for a world of hurt if you make the wrong move with your newly rooted device. As always, proceed with caution here.

Source: XDA; More: Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums


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Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4 models now have a root method


I almost sorta wish the Devs had waited until after the VZW version was out. That way VZW wouldn't be as apt to close this loophole before their version is out.

But good work and props to the Devs

If you check the thread, it's an exploit used all over the place (originally for Moto devices) so it will probably still be ok. Or there will be another one along - this one didn't take long ;)

Verizon will take everything they find on this root and patch the crap out of their GS4. Just another reason I am RUNNING away from Verizon. The crap they pulled on the GN2 was the last straw.

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the exciting post.

wow so Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4 now can be rooted. very cool.

Thanks in Advance

Does verizon really have the ability to patch this? I thought they only added their crap to what Samsung gives them. They would have to have Samsung patch it for them