Light Flow

27 new apps now compatible with the service, including Google Keep

One of the most popular notification sound, vibration and LED control apps, Light Flow, is picking up a notable update with a refreshed interface and lots of compatibility improvements. First off you'll notice a refreshed white interface that takes advantage of new design and animations popularized by Google Now. The developer now makes use of the "card" UI for selecting notifications in the settings and for newly refreshed widgets.

On the back-end, the update brings compatibility fixes for the Galaxy Note 3 as well as other Samsung phones using its Knox enterprise security suite (provided you're not rooted). As usual the app adds new app compatibility, and this time around we see 27 new supported apps including Google Keep and the official BBM client.

If you're a fan of Light Flow you'll want to give this one an update — the design refresh is a lot friendlier and the widgets are much easier on the eyes. If you like it, consider buying the full version, it's just $2.49 to support a great developer.


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Light Flow receives interface refresh, Galaxy Note 3 compatibility


I uninstalled this a few months ago because it sometimes wasn't showing the notification light on my rooted Gnex when a new notification came in (though they worked just fine via the "test" section), no matter what settings I changed/toggled. Might give this a shot again.

Did you have the notification light enabled in android settings? That can mess with 3rd last apps light control.

I've had this running on my phone for the last 8 months and never had an issue. It's a useful app that just got better.

Posted via the AC app on a nexus 4

Every time I see this white Moto X in articles my lust for one grows...
About to pick one up after I return my iPhone 5s. Then my G2 can be my spec-whore and a Moto X can be my pure Android experience.

It was faster to install on the Moto X and take a picture than it was to dig out my Nexus 4 and power it on at the time ;) .

But yes, little need for it on a Moto X unless you want to be able to control sounds and vibrations better.

I'm trying to remember if this app was a battery drain or not.

Posted via Android Central App

Had it installed on my GS3 a while back and it totally crippled the phone and battery life.

Posted via Android Central App

It takes almost zero battery. I've used it for 2 years and never seen any significant battery drain.

It was what I was about to say. This app is the most battery drainer that I have. prevents the phone from going to deep sleep.

12 hours since I took my phone off the charger and so far Light Flow shows as less than 0.05% of my battery use...all my notifications are through Light Flow.

... nexus 4 incompatibility

Testing, sound, vibrations and getting the notifications no longer works on my phone. I have the screen off which the n4 requires, and doesn't work

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

I Love this app. No LED on a phone is a deal breaker for me, I love knowing from a far which notification I'm receiving by the color of the LED, and it helps me indirectly to save loads of battery by only turning the screen on when I really needed. I haven't tried the moto x (I live in Spain) but I believe the active notification is pretty cool, is said by Phil, by Jerry and even by Topolsky from The Verge, I just wont see it working in a not AMOLED display. Whatever, I love LEDs and I love this app!

Posted via Android Central App through my amazing and beloved Nexus 4

Nice! Upgraded to an S4 from S2 this week, and this was the first app I purchased the same day. Awesome timing on the update!

Which "upcoming version of android" is the dev talking about in the changelog?

Posted via George Foreman Grill

But how can he/she have included compatibility for an android version which isn't even available yet?

Posted via George Foreman Grill

Really? Refreshed white interface ... easier on the eyes?
No white interface is easy on the eyes.

Posted via Android Central App

I thought I might miss LightFlow coming to a Moto X, but I really don't! Essential still for me if I had an LED notifier.

It interferes with my N4 screen. When I turn off my display, it will not go back on. I have to press the on button repeatedly, and sometimes have to reboot. I had no problem with my S3 at all.

I'm very disappointed and hope I see a fix.

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