Galaxy S4

The new 5-inch Galaxy S4 to be tentatively available for AT&T on April 26, T-Mobile on May 1, and Verizon on May 30 says leaked Staples training sheet

So far nobody has given a firm date for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but this document from Staples that was leaked to Engadget may hold the answers. Clearly marked as tentative, the sheet says the S4 will hit AT&T on April 26, T-Mobile on May 1, and Verizon on May 30. There is no mention of the Sprint model, and the leaked materials give no pricing for phones sold at Staples.

The S4 brings a larger 5-inch display to the Galaxy S family, and it comes in slightly smaller that its predecessor. With all new internals and updated software and features, it promises to be more than your new phone -- it will be your new "Life Companion"

While we're not so sure we would call a smart phone a life companion, plenty of folks are looking forward to the release of the S4, including all of us here at AC. According to this, we won't have to wait too much longer. With two great new top-tier devices releasing this month on AT&T, it's going to be a tough choice. 

Source: Engadget


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Leaked Staples doc show Galaxy S4 coming to AT&T April 26, T-Mobile and Verizon later


That depends on the area. T-Mobile works great for me in Milwaukee, WI. However, neither T-Mobile nor At&t are a viable option for everyone. I would still be with Verizon (best coverage), but I want to try out all of the future Nexus devices, without having to shoulder the burden of two phone bills (Cdma and Gsm).


I'm not going to lie: I wish every carrier would hurry the move to LTE; I want Cdma to die a quick and painful death. Hell, the authorization method required by Cdma is, arguably, one of the main culprits behind slow updates on Verizon, Sprint, and every other Cdma (if any) carrier in the world.


Thats it, even though I'm grandfathered in on unlimited data verizon is going to be losing my family plan this September, this release schedule lately is utter garbage

5/30 launch date for Verizon Wireless?

That's perfect timing for me.

It will be on sale for $49.99 around
the beginning of December. :)

T-Mobile has stated since the SGS4 had been announced that May 1st was their release date. I would rather wait the few extra days and get my new SGS4 on the Countries best Carrier.

"...wait the few extra days..."

Corrected to:

"...wait the few extra weeks..."

There, I fixed it for you lol

But, seriously, it does suck that they are choosing to wait that long to release it. Maybe, they are going to have a simultaneous launch of their "rumored" new device payment plan along with the S4???

The post you replied to was talking about T-Mobile, not Verizon. So he was correct saying a few extra days.

You're right... I'm not sure why I thought he was talking about Verizon. That's a reminder to me to put the bottle down, before making a reply.

Thanks for correcting me.

Sorry, Vinny!!

Wait, what? Instead of getting the phone on T-Mobile, you'd rather wait a few days to get it on T-Mobile?

It'll be a tough 6wk wait!!! I wonder if the 64GB
version will actually exist this time???

Still have to find out the details of this device payment plan
Verizon will be launching on 4/21, like will I be able
to keep my Unlimited Data using the device payment plan.

Considering my current smartphone is the Droid Charge, I am very much looking forward to upgrading to the S4!!!!New software, new hardware, hopefully the S4 will load webpages a lot faster than my Droid Charge!!!

AMEN! I have a Charge, too - worked great the first year, but has been total crap this entire second year. My contract on Verizon is up on 5/22, then I'm off to TMo and a no contract GS4.

I just got a red SIII on AT&T for my father from for $9.99 with a new 2 year. Not bad since to me it feels like the S4 is the same crap lol. I think my Epic 4g touch is still the best looking Galaxy created, I hate the new design :-(

This is nice news for the Samsung fans. Personally waiting for the HTC One on T-Mobile. It was on display at the AT&T store this weekend. I got a chance to hold it and play with it for a while. Wow, what an amazing piece of tech. Come on T-Mobile and release this bad boy already!!! HTC One FTW!!!!

Can someone please explain to me why in the heck that Verizon has decided to wait til May 30th to release this bloody phone

I can't wait wait to get my hands on the S4 !!! I've had an iPhone for the last few years and had a chance to mess around with the S3 a few weeks ago, made me want to throw my iPhone out the window. Preordering mine this week !!!
Bu-bye Apple, but making your screen longer just doesn't cut it for me any more.