Galaxy Note update

A new firmware update is rolling out over the air to owners of the international Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000). The new version is still based on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, but brings a new cellular radio (version XXLB2) and updated Samsung software (XXLC1). The update from the previous version (XXLB1) weighs in at just under 40MB.

The Note seems fast as ever on the new firmware, and we've noticed that a couple of obscure bugs introduced in an earlier update has now been fixed. Previously, when working with clips of different frame rates in the video editor app, the sections recorded at a lower frame rate would stutter and introduce artifacts when rendered. In addition, using the "fade" transition effect with certain video files would result in artifacting. Both bugs are fixed in the new firmware.

The Galaxy Note is still waiting on its update to Ice Cream Sandwich, which was due by the end of March, but may have slipped into Q2 if the latest rumors are to be believed. As with any Android device, the timing of updates will likely depend on your country and carrier. Our Note is an unlocked German model, which is generally among the first to receive new firmware from Samsung.

If you've updated your international Note and noticed anything else that's new in the updated firmware, then hit the comments and let us know.


Reader comments

International Samsung Galaxy Note updated, obscure video editor bugs fixed


I really wanted to love this device but every time I play with it, it just feels sluggish for some reason. And even though I am a fan of my 4.5" phone, the note is a real monster for anyone not 7' tall. It was just way too large. Wish they made this device with .5" smaller screen without the lag. I'm hoping the GSIII fills that void.

Do you guys know if this update is only going to people on a international network? The reason i ask is cause i won a galaxy note thru a contest. I love the thing to death but cant use as a daily phone since i have a contract with verizon right now(and granfathered unlimited data to boot). I tried updating thru the kies app but nothing was there so i wonder if i have to update a international version of the kies app? any ideas or help would be appreciated

ohhh thanks ive seen that list before but never gave it much attention. im going to wait a bit longer but i will resort -to -that if push come to shove

Looks like he's on wifi, maybe that's the key to getting this OTA without carrier support. Either way, I'm excited cause I just ordered the Int. version last night.

its not the answer for me unfortunately casuse it asks for a sim card every time i try to update. Oh well ill keep waiting on the kies app

im also hoping this will maybe help with or fix my random reboots. But maybe flashing it will help too

To whomever this may effect: careful with the Odin ICS upgrade /flash.. I tried before and experienced a few major bugs. One of which, the phone mic doesn't operate when placing a call. I used the TeamRocket Clockwork mod methed. ICS ROM works great.