The LONG awaited HTC Thunderbolt is destined to release tomorrow as we found out earlier this week, and we need to know, is this device the one for you. The Android Central Forums have been home to "The Official HTC Thunderbolt Waiting Room", and with over 18,000 views, and nearly 400 replies, we would like to think that users are rather excited about this device. So, let us know, are you still interested, or have the "delays" swayed your decision and opened your curious eyes to a new device? Be sure to let us know what device you will be leaving behind for the Thunderbolt in our forums as well!


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Is the HTC Thunderbolt your next device? [Poll]


If this was the first 4G LTE dual core... I'd probably think about leaving sprint..... then I'd remember the EVO2 is right around the corner and change my mind.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Delays since November 2010 have swayed my decision... Also the pricing of Verizon is wayyyyyyyy too expensive for no reason... I'm looking towards Sprint next week for the new lineup of EVO phones...


Wake me when the Galaxy SII shows up. Nothing to see here except a minor refresh on the Sprint Evo. No SAMOLED+, no care. BTW enjoy that 1400mah battery...


Wake me when the Galaxy SII shows up. Nothing to see here except a minor refresh on the Sprint Evo. No SAMOLED+, no care. BTW enjoy that 1400mah battery...

I have an old Siemens SX66 on AT&T. I bought a SIM card for it and have been going month to month. I've been waiting for AT&T to get decent Android phones. Finally they got the HTC Inspire and I was ready to lock into a 2 year agreement with them, but they changed the defination of my unlimited data option so that I'm not actually grandfathered in to unlimited data.
So I am bolting AT&T to get a Thunderbolt with unlimited LTE data at a good price.
So much for being a loyal AT&T customer. No loyality from them to me, so I'm looking forward to the Thunderbolt.

What about it? There is ALWAYS something else on the horizon. If are always waiting for "the best", you will always be waiting.

Nexus One one T-Mobile for only 45 bucks a month with no contract and constant updates to the latest Android.

Give that up for:

HTC Thunderbolt with the Sense UI garbage and a massive increase in monthly fees for Verizon. thanks.

I have the HTC Droid Incredible and love it.......I wish all the phones had the same interface instead of the manufacturers putting there own crap on it. But I think the Sense is fine. I think its better than what Motorola offers on their phones! But agree they all need to be speedier at getting the updates out. Thats where the iPhones are nice, update comes out that day you can update and a consistent UI across the board.

Agreed, that's one of the things Apple got right with the iPhone, although obviously that's not really possible for a platform with lots of manufacturers on dozens of carriers. But yeah, I wish there were *some* consistency. Honestly, most of the proprietary interfaces are pretty much fine by me; it just bothers me that they're all so different from one another.

If they were all the same, what would make each phone stand out from each other???!!! Remember not everyone gets off on tech specs like techies do. Visual differentiation is the only thing the manufacturers have for the general populous.

I actually like the Sense UI better than stock Android or ADW( is that right?)
Now that I have 1750Mah battery for my Evo (along with playing with MikFroyo Roms and occasionally with Cyanomod's goodies I'm OK for a while.
(Until the 4g WebOS device shows up on Sprint.)

yes.. im soo sad to leave Sprint, but the unlimited 4G LTE is too hard to pass up.. will be back to Sprint once their LTE is set up..

Sprint has unlimited 4G Wimax, better 4G coverage by a long shot, cheaper rates and the Evo 3D/2/qHD coming in June!

You disloyal troll, lol, j/k. Man I dont know I'm strongly considering leaving Sprint too, I wish wi-max was nearly as fast as LTE, but never-the-less im gonna wait and see how those new sprint devices look next week, plus I kind of still have my eye on samsung galaxy s II, hoping sprint eventually gets that too.

Is that bad that I'm willing to take out a loan for this?
It's a student loan at that.

I won't be getting it the day OF, but I'll get it soon enough.

If you have a job... why don't you just save? If you don't have a job then who's paying your bill if you need a loan for a phone? You may have other priorities

Put it this way, my priorities are in order, ducks in a row, and I kicked ass on midterms...I can afford a little bit of an indulgence.

By putting yourself in debt for an antiquated phone? You certainly didn't pass a" math in society" class. Debt is a bigger plague on our society than obesity& nicotine combined.

Yes :)

I want you to get a Tbolt, for Android Central's sake, and because everyone should be able to get what they want sometimes. But I can promise if you use financial aid for a new phone, you'll regret it eventually. I promise.

/old stodgy man mode off.

Credit's already shot (thanks T-Mobile!), so I'll stick with my good 'ol DX for a bit. My birthday's in May...let's hope I get a couple hundred for this and a mojito.

That better? :P

Unlimited 4g lte? Good luck, see how long that last! I'll stay with my very affordable unlimited sprint plan and get my evo3d, the best phone on the planet once again while all other carriers play copycat and catchup once again!!!

Why is it all you here about is duel core from a lot of people.not everybody is playing xbox 360 games with there phones geez.

I am a gaming and specs whore, so I will be waiting for the Moto Bionic. But glad this is coming out though. It is my second option if the Bionic gets delayed too far back.

If you're on vzw and have a droid phone i would wait. If you are still on a black berry its time to jump ship. I have a dx and will not be getting the thunderbolt. I'll wait for some feedback on the phone first. Especially with vzw only offering 14 days to return new phones.

i have the original droid and i'm contemplating the TB. i'm also curious about the moto bionic. since my droid 1 is still going strong than i don't mind playing the waiting game. :)

I think the Thunderbolt is a very nice phone but it's not enough for me to say goodbye to my Dinc. Maybe Big Red will have something special to change my mind before the 28th of Dec 2011, my upgrade date.

No go for me. Got my X in December. No regrets. I love my X. My next upgrade (mid 2012) will be a quad core processor phone.

still wondering who plays games on these phones and want bigger processors when then batteries only last 6 hrs in standby...still confused...and still laughing about some dude that wants to take out a loan to get one..holychit...but he rocked on with the test scores..see what this world is coming to!

Verizon told me tonight it will be 12 to 18 months until 4g gets to South Central PA. I think I'll stay with my HTC Incredible (running MIUI)for a while longer!

I'm definitely getting it. I've been due for an upgrade for the past 9 months and this phone beats my current phone by a longshot. I also want to lock LTE at the $29.99 rate. I can understand why folks who already have good Android phones are not wanting to upgrade to this phone but that's not my situation...and I don't want to keep on waiting. If something extraordinary comes by the end of this year, I'll sell the TBolt and use that money to buy "extraordinary." With the names as they are going it may be the HTC Quantum, the Droid Positron or something of the sort! LOL

You folks who say that you want to lock in LTE realize that this is only for this phone and this contract. It's not for ever and ever on Verizon.

I'm sorry but you must be one of those "glass half-empty" folks. Even if one locks the LTE plan for 1 year, that still is better than being on a tiered plan. As far as I'm concerned, that I'm still ahead particularly since Verizon is expected to go to tiered plans in June or July. So, yes, I know it is not forever and ever. Locking the plan, even for a finite period, is still a positive thing. Also, as far as I am concerned, it will give me the ability to see just how much data I use while on LTE (since I know it will be more than what I've been using with 3G), allowing me to choose the right tiered plan for me when the time comes.

The only reason I'm getting this phone is becasue my og droid is starting to go bad random reboots battery only last about 4 hours its running slow even tho I use custom roms and its overclocked and I tired of getting replacments for the keyboard I'm gona sign a 1 year contract like I always do but I'm keeping my og droid to see how far ir can go with custom roms and just incase I have a accident with my thunderbolt my local verizon store is opeing up at 8 and I work over night at cvs and get off at 7 so ill be there bright and early

I WAS very interested in this phone because of the rumored updated Skype capabilities BUT even if it did have the cool Skype features, I'm not in the mood to pay a lot of money for this phone.

I bought my Droid X towards the end of October I believe...and I'm pretty happy with it.

Who's holding that phone...Ande the Giant? The Thunderbolt is huge and that hand looks like he's holding a little baby phone!

Who's holding that phone...Andre the Giant (RIP)?! The Thunderbolt is huge and that hand looks like its holding a baby bird!

I've not seen so much hype over a phone since the iPhone4. Granted, it will be interesting to see how LTE plays out for Verizon and their customers, but seriously, are you guys THAT unhappy with VZW's 3G speeds?

Not a dual-core, no special screen tech, non-vanilla, running 2 iterations behind most current version of android... Not really enough to justify this insane hype, to my thinking. Cameras are good, but that's hardly surprising with HTC, and 768megs RAM is very impressive. But this is hardly the game-changer it's being plugged as.

Except, of course, for LTE. Which, again, is only another 4G network. If it hadn't been this phone that was Verizon's first LTE/4G phone, it would've been another. But MetroPCS has LTE, and so will Sprint by the end of the year, so again, I just don't get the hype.