Android 2.2 Froyo on the Sprint Evo 4G

Seems like only yesterday that we were talking about custom ROMs already being loaded on to the as-yet unreleased (to the public anyway) Sprint Evo 4G. OK, it was only yesterday. And in the original XDA post it was noted "Able to run froyo!" (We took out about 12 exclamation points.) Anyhoo, there's now video to go along with that claim. Peep it after the break, tip your waitresses, and keep tapping your fingers patiently in hopes that the root method will be released to us all shortly. [XDA Developers] Thanks to everybody who sent this in.


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Hows about some Froyo on the Evo 4G


I would, and know many many many other that would Donate $$$ for someone to please PLEASE PleasE root the Incredible... PLEASE


I am happy that this has happend for the New Sprint Phone... but we have thousand and thousand of users on the Droid Incredible.... That are all willing to Give VERY generous Donations the the person that can Root the Droid Incredible....

Thank you!!!

Noob correct me if I'm wrong; we would need to root, install 2.2 and be left without Sense? Not that that's a bad thing, just asking...thanks in advance.

I'm slowly but surely getting Android figured out

Yep, it means getting stock Android in all its uncluttered glory. Bad for some, good others (like me). But it's only a matter of time, probably days, before a custom ROM with Sense hits the streets.

I would not fool with this version of Froyo, Google said it is not the official/final version. What's not being reported are the numerous issues folks are having with this leaked version.

Another Android noob question: if I root and flash with a different ROM image, is there a relatively easy way to go back to stock config, or is it pretty much a one-way process -- once you go root, you never go stock?

Edumacate me, wise Android gurus!

You can "unroot". I am not sure of the process being simple or not, but once you root, there is def a way to go back.

Sorry, that is all I know thus far.

I'm gonna be a first time android user. I'm sick and tired of the palm pre battery life and the slow movement of palm! But I will miss that multitask wit the cards. Can the evo open multiple apps? I'm curious about that

Hey bigga85 there ain't no other phone that do multitask like WebOs, I will really miss it 5 more days til the best phone on the market.

If you are sick of the battery life on Palm you better stay away from the Incredible of EVO.

Android can multitask, although the way the Pre does it is much better. That said, there are other things that Android does in a similar way or better.

I'm gonna be a first time android user. I'm sick and tired of the palm pre battery life and the slow movement of palm! But I will miss that multitask wit the cards. Can the evo open multiple apps? I'm curious about that

The battery life on the Sprint HTC Hero is not good if you are running location based applications, or other always on apps. Weather Bug for example kills my battery. Also use a task managing application to kill all application processes at least twice a day. Oh and reboot your device daily. All that being said I wouldn't use any other device.

If its on that phone than NO PROBLEM for it to be on the HTC Incredible as well !!! Gotta check out there site and see when they do this

Android phones multi-task really nice, but I hope you aren't going to android expecting better battery life. =p

Looks beautiful! My only problem is that I'm a Sense fan (outside of the lockscreen) so hopefully HTC gets this update up quickly.

Just to add on a topic, I'm coming from the Palm Pre and will have my EVO (I only say EVO because I live in LA w/ no 4G that I'll be paying for) this Friday. Is Android's multi-tasking comparable to WebOS?

I will be switching from a Pre, also. I must be crazy- I am a day-one Pre owner (and stood in line).

Although Android can multi-task well (unlike the iphone), it is nowhere near as elegant of a user interface as on WebOS. But I am going to try and overlook that for the opportunity to launch apps in a fraction of the time on the Evo...

that what i'm talking about. i'm geting my evo like 7 in the monring lol. i got the nexus one with the 2.2 on it.

OK, now we're talkin! First I was going to buy an EVO. Then I found out it was coming out with 2.1 ... decided no way am I buying the phone with an outdated OS, with HTC's history of incredibly slooooooooow updates.

I am going to wait until I read that the XDA wizards have produced a stable version of 2.2, then I'm probably a buyer of the EVO!

Will rooted EVO's have access to the Mobile Hotspot feature free of charge?

Yes, I can't imagine a rooted phone with a custom ROM leaving something like mobile hotspot out of the mix, especially when it's already in there.

Custom ROMs are where it's at. The official 2.2 release will likely be in a few months, maybe more maybe less.

But there is a good chance of a stable version of 2.2 being on the Evo before you have a chance to actually buy one after launch...just something to think about.

You mean you will miss the WebOS Multitasking user interface. Android *can* multitask, it just isn't pretty/cool.

What I think I will miss the most will be the extreme openness and ease of homebrew. You don't have to "root" the Pre/Pixi, it is already open. Coupled with Preware and the homebrew feeds, you can customize the crap out of a Pre. I will also miss the inductive charging and the hardware ringer-off switch.

On the other hand, Android already has a lot of what WebOS is missing so there is probably less need to customize. And I will *NOT* miss the sluggish performance, non-autofocus camera, non-expandable storage, tiny/mushy/irritating keyboard, and "Too many cards open" messages.

It is unfortunate that Palm didn't release new hardware by now. No matter how great WebOS has become, early adopters (like me) are just tired of waiting. We are stuck with half the RAM and half the storage and no upgrade options. Coupled with the HP buyout, it is unlikely that any new hardware will appear for another year.

Holy crap, is it Friday yet? I definitely could have used froyo with flash tonight while trying to look at the sky and map website to settle a bet about Venus. My iPhone buddy used his sky app. I want my Evo now!

I see quite a few folks who are current Pre owners, I am as well. The sad news is, HP will not be developing new Palm WebOS devices, HP wanted WebOS for furture HP devices. I have learned the future development on the Pre has ceased. Case in point, there is a new version of Sprint Navigator (2.8) which has been available for several weeks, that should be the easiest app to update on the Pre. Where is Adobe Flash? We were promised flash 2ndQ of this year! It appears Palm was jockeying to be bought all along. WebOS just bought Palm additional time.

>I have learned the future development on the Pre has ceased

Um, you better site your sources if you are prepared to make such as statement. I doubt development of WebOS devices has "ceased". It will probably be delayed some with this HP buyout, but I don't think it will "cease".

You're correct, future development for "WebOS" devices will continue. Development for "Palm WebOS" devices will cease. I have a brother in-law who works in Business Solutions for Palm, Palm are putting together severance packages. Some Palm employees will be retained during the transition, some will be moved over to HP's new WebOS development division. HP have no interest in carrying the Palm name, HP will hold every patent Palm created.

I am doing the berry 9700. Besides the keyboard and faster email my Berry has< what do I get to do on the EVO if I'm smart enough? I herd root access?? I want SSH over VPN.

watching the I/O it was unclear to me, is the simplified media music streaming feature included in Froyo, or for future updates?