How to set up your Galaxy S5 for better one handed use

If you're finding the Galaxy S5 to be a little too big for comfortable one-handed operation, there is something you can do about it. TouchWiz comes with a handy feature that makes one-handed use more comfortable and less awkward. Here's how to enable and start using it:

How to enable One-handed Operation on the Galaxy S5

  1. Launch the Settings app on your Galaxy S5.
  2. Find One-handed Operation in the list and tap on it.
  3. Turn the toggle at the top right to On in order to enable One-handed operation.
  4. Now follow the directions on the screen in order to customize one handed operation to the size of your hand.

How to quickly toggle One-Handed Operation on and off

  1. When you have One-handed operation enabled, tap the Expand button in the upper right corner in order to return to the normal screen size again.
  2. In order to re-enable One-handed operation, simply slide your thumb from the side of the screen to the middle and back again in one motion. This is the same gesture that you used to initially set up One-handed operation.

That's it! Keep in mind that you can choose to enable One-handed operation for either hand. If you prefer using your Galaxy S5 in your left hand, perform the motion starting on the left hand side of the screen. Do the opposite to use it in your right hand instead.

If you've used One-handed operation, what do you think of it so far? Does it make one-handed use any easier for you? Let me know in the comments!


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How to set up your Galaxy S5 for better one-handed use


This is one of those features that's making its way onto a few phones now and I still can't decide if it's a good idea or completely absurd. It makes sense, but at the same time, defeats the purpose.

If I had a say, I'd say just let me resize the keyboard and we're all good here (like Swiftkeys can do).

The problem with just a resizable keyboard is that it is hard to hit the overflow menu button and the back button with left handed use. I think it is a cool feature, but I don't use it because shrinking the entire screen content of whatever I am reading is not that great - I just reposition the phone as best as I can to hit those buttons when I only have one hand free.

I think this feature is really nice. I wish my G2 had it. For larger screened phones, this is handy.
And don't forget that the settings icon is located at the top right of the notification shade.

This is pretty cool.. Although doesn't seem easy enough to turn on to ever warrant it

Posted via Android Central App

I love it!  Well,  I don't have the device but I'm glad to see they put something like this into place.



Yeah, that wasn't a slow news day. They had already announced previously that they we going to do this very thing.

Feel free to start your own new blog. It can't be too hard can it?

Really? I thought they said they WOULDN'T bloat thier feeds too badly this time... when how-tos get this simple, they do more harm than good.

People learn best by discovering things themselves, and it's not like this is a hidden setting or in any way tricky to find. Instead of 5 painfully simple how-tos, surely something like "5 S5 features you may not know exist" would be more suitable and keep the feed tidy.

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For every weird feature
Samsung really out does it self with some thing intuitive

Posted via Android Central App

I thought for sure this would involve a hacksaw and some duct tape

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

I'm not knocking the S5 or random features like this and I will be getting one in the near future, but... Instead of buying a giant phone and then having to squish the screen like this... Why not just buy a smaller phone?

I'm guessing because smaller phones don't seem to have high end specs. Plus you can go between both depends on what you doing. One handed operation might be good for somethings but a larger screen could be best for watching media.

I can think of two reasons... 1. maybe someone with small hands wants a bigger screen for videos and games but still wants the usability of one handed operation... or 2. someone wants a high end phone Samsung phone, would rather have a smaller screen, but is stuck getting a 5"+ screen because Samsung doesn't offer a flagship phone with a screen smaller than that.

I have the Note 3 which also has this feature but I never use it... I can see where this would be useful for some people though.

I have a note 3 as well and I've never used it even though I have smallish hands. I guess it's a great option to have.

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I use it when my other hand is occupied. I normally type with two thumbs, and the S5 screen is good sized for that. But if I'm trying to quickly type with just one hand, this makes reaching all the keys much easier. It's a situational mode, not a permanent thing.

You could buy an expensive phone with an oversized screen and go through a rediculous process to make that screen artificially smaller, or you could just buy a Moto X.

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By a big a$$ phone with a ridiculously large screen, then make it smaller. Makes perfect sense....

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thanks!!!!!!!! the phone is very tall so thats something i kinda struggled with being a lefty in all...