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Infuse 4G microSD card

You really shouldn't need an instruction manual to remove the microSD card from a phone. But things get a little tricky with the Samsung Infuse 4G.

Open up the battery cover and there's no card to be found. OK, there's a picture of one on the FCC label, but where the heck is the card? Samsung tucked it up under the SIM card. It's spring-loaded and pops out straight down toward the bottom of the phone.

But that's not the only trick -- it's mounted face down. You'll need to make sure the printed side is down, and the gold contacts are facing up.

As for actually getting your fat fingers around and under the card to remove it? You're on your own. Check out our trials and tribulations after the break.

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How to remove the Infuse 4G microSD card


Why is it so hard nowadays? IMO we should not have to remove the back cover at all to remove the SD card. I remember the good ol days when I had my LG Dare and would pop the card in and out in a few seconds to do what I needed to do.

I think you meant SPRING-loaded, not sprinT loaded :)
I agree, that sounds like an unnecessary hassle

Yeah, but I perssonally like my sd card, with a lot of personal informtation and such, protected underneath my battery door. I don't would hate to have my card on the side to be spring loaded out at anytime, or possibly lose it. Although it drives me nuts whenever I have to remove my battery in order to get my sd card. It should be spring loaded underneath the door, but not underneath the battery. But I guess if I need information or files from it I just mount it to my pc. Haha.

I have an AT&T Samsung Solstice (SCH-A887) phone and it has exactly the same setup. The microSD card is below the SIM card, face down. To get the card out I use the blade from my pocket knife to grab the side of the card to pull it out.