Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung took the wraps off of its Galaxy Tab 8.9 tonight in New York City, the latest product in its ever-growing Galaxy line. Shoneel Kolhatkar, Samsung's Director of Product Planning, said that the 8.9 "hits the sweet spot ... between screen real estate and compact size," and we tend to agree. First thing you'll notice is that on paper, a little more than an inch doesn't seem like a whole lot of difference between the newest Galaxy tablet and it's big brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. However in your hand, the two products are radically different. The 8.9 will be the perfect product for those who find the 10.1 to be just a bit too large. 

Other than its smaller footprint, there isn't much more to say about the Galaxy Tab 8.9, as it shares the same hardware and software as the already reviewed Galaxy Tab 10.1. Same Tegra 2 processor, same 1 GB RAM, same Honeycomb 3.1, and the same version of TouchWiz. If you've even peeked at anything that's been said about the 10.1, you'll know what to expect in the 8.9.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be available nationwide on October 2: the 16 GB model will set you back $469, while the 32 GB model will cost $569. Some hands on photos, which include a comparison with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, are after the break.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


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Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (updated with video)


Isn't the 10.1 16gb 500? If so, might as well pay the extra 30 bucks and get the bigger one. Unless you really just don't like 10 inches.

Speaking only for myself, I prefer the smaller size and would pay the same amount. And I was gonna, until I saw the 7.7, and now I think I'll wait again.

I had the 10.1, and it was too big for me so I sold it to my brother inlaw to wait for the smaller size.

I just got my 8.9 and I really love the size. Feels a lot smaller than the 10 you still get a lot screen real estate. Perfect for a plane.

I just got my 8.9 and I really love the size. Feels a lot smaller than the 10 you still get a lot screen real estate. Perfect for a plane.

I really want an 8.9 but not until it comes in quad core + ICS.
Until then the cost is just too much for what you get.

Sorry but I'll take something that original and intuitive and not a copy of Apple products. Especially at 469.99 go ahead and give me a well thought our Sony tablet.

The reviewer keeps telling us there isn't any difference between the 2 except the screen size, then tells us these are 2 completely different devices. OK which is it?
My suggestion would be to make some notes before you turn the camera on and don't just shoot from the hip.

Yea. There are people waiting in line around a building to buy this. NOT. But hey, let's keep pricing our Android Tablets close to Apple, then try to understand why a hand full of people are buying them, compared to the iPad 2.

Why must we still compare these Android tablets to the iPad? Android tabs have been around long enough now and enough people are familiar with them that we shouldn't keep running back to the old iPad comparison. So do you want a quality tablet or do you want cheap Chinese made crap? There are plenty of 200 dollar Android tabs that you can get straight from China but they are all garbage. If you want quality then you are going to have to pay for it, preferably without all the whining.

I sure wish someone would do a teardown and actually confirm what processor the 8.9 has in it. Most sites are listing it as having a Tegra 2 however the Samsung rep in the video here says that it has a 1Ghz dual core Samsung chip, NOT a Tegra 2 and the official Samsung product page just says "Dual core 1Ghz processor". I sure hope they replaced the Tegra 2 with Exynos or something without the video playback limitations.

Once apond a time I really wanted this tablet although I don't really need one but now I must wait for ICS and also check out the 7.7.

"Once apond a time"? Your parents didn't read you bedtime stories growing up, did they. I believe you are looking for; once upon a time.