Bell Samsung Galaxy S II

If you're looking to get in on one of the sexiest Android devices out there for cheap and live in Canada, you'll want to check out the Bell website. Right now, Bell has the Samsung Galaxy S II available on their site for only $20 when you agree to a new three-year contract. That's a pretty smoking deal -- and a really long contract.

*Update* Too good to be true, price error -- it's now back at $169.95. Worst part? Customer care confirmed it when I called.

Source: Bell; Thanks, can3gxw!


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Get a Bell Samsung Galaxy S II for only $20


Ive paid 249.00 for 2 year contract upgrades.. I would definitely do it if I were Canadian.

Even if there is a $150 cancellation fee you saved money.

early termination fees in canada can go up to 600 bucks....The CRTC really does its best to protect the consumer (sarcasm)

It is for Canadians -- the three year contracts aren't going anywhere so you might as well grab a nice device for your sentence.

I agree to differ. That's a GREAT deal IF you stay with Bell anyways. It carries the risk of course that if Bell screws up their service offerings in the next three years you may be stuck or facing early termination fees.
I am in the USA and more or less all the carriers offer the same crappy service, and every time you switch you lose some grandfathered privileges from your old plan while gaining next to nothing. So carrier hopping is not high on my to-do list. And by the way, congratulations to our northerly neighbors for eclipsing us technology wise. We don't even know when we might be getting this piece.

Meh. That's how the Telcos roll here in Canada. We couldn't possibly dream of ever being able to do anything about it so might as well accept.

My theory is that Bell is still seething from deregulation back in the 80s.

Sadly, your statement is true.

And because it's a Samsung, you can't count on the fact that it will be supported on the software end, so this phone is going to be outshined VERY QUICKLY.

In 2014, this phone will be on the "cutting edge, of archaeology". Seriously going to be some dinosaur fossils next to these things in the Earth's crust.

If you read the contract closely, there's a clause for you to upgrade your phone part way into the contract. The downfall is that you will have to sign a new 3-year contract at that time...

I think there is some confusion. Getting this phone on a 3-year contract does not mean you have to keep it for three years (at least not in USA). Usually you can upgrade your phone at discount after 18 months or so. Correct me if I am wrong.

Bell is the worst. i have never had any good luck with there stuff. I am still waiting for the Telus release. whenever that will be. maybe i will luck out and there will be some hardware changes with this phone so it will be fresh and new. but i am not going to get my hopes up. may end up waiting and seeing what comes out in the new year.