Finally Froyo

We just received a tip with information from Sprint's internal system about the Froyo update for the Epic 4g, and get this, the Sanyo Zio.  We can't verify ourselves (hence the rumor tag), in part because Sprint would never let any of us within 100 meters of their computers.  I think that's a law somewhere.  But we can listen to our readers who are allowed to be close to them, and we're hearing this:

Software Updates: Samsung Epic (EB13, Froyo) & Sanyo Zio (2.200SP, Froyo)
Effective 2/21/11, software updates will be available for both devices
Over-the-Air (OTA). Both updates will be pushed over a period of days, so
customers will receive them based on their status on the Google servers.

Samsung Epic
Update will be pushed over a 4-day period
After the update completes, verify the new software version (Menu > Settings
> About Phone)
Baseband Version = S: D700.0.5S.EB13
Build Number = FROYO.EB13

Enhancements/fixes: upgrade to Froyo 2.2, improved bluetooth device support,
bluetooth voice dialing, Flash Player 10.1, GPS enhancements, improved OS
performance, ability to install applications to external storage

Sanyo Zio
Updates will be pushed over a 5-day period
Customers are required to download (accept) three portions of the update to
receive Froyo 2.2
Customers should use WiFi if possible to complete the update
After the updates complete, verify the new software version (Menu > Settings
> About Phone)
Baseband Version = S.M910.04.5.DF05
Build Number = Samsung ÉCLAIR.DF05
Enhancements/fixes: upgrade to Froyo 2.2, addition of Swype, Sprint Zone
2.5.5, Sprint ID activation improvements, better battery life

This lines up perfectly with what we've already heard here, as well as what was seen just a few days ago.  We're not making any promises, but if you're looking for Froyo on your Epic 4G or Zio, things look pretty promising.  Thanks anon!


Reader comments

Froyo for the Epic 4G and Sanyo Zio to come Feb 21, says internal Sprint doc


What's the difference between Android 2.2.1 and Android 2.2? My EVO Shift is running 2.2 and I see Sprint is sticking with 2.2 for the Epic as well.

Yeah Epic can now be on the same build as my lesser phone Optimus S. Im so happy for you. No no sarcasm im truly happy for them and am glad I did not have to wait so long cause I would be sad.

Ya because way back when DK28 came out it had a lot of bugs i have ran dk28 and was ok but def. not as good as the stock 2.1 hope if and when this comes out it will be better far as battery life and so on... I guess we will see lol

My no longer using Facebook, I discovered, was the single biggest improvement in battery life I've ever seen. I'm assuming the syncing was constant, and required a considerable amount of power to conduct. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made for me.

The pic is from a developers phone, notice the Hardware Version #D700.0.4 the "4" marks it as a developers model. This pic was probably from one of many tested versions.

The origin of the pic was from a Samsung employee who was kind enough to show what they felt was the final version to a tipster. Likely some very minor changes were made and it had to be rebuilt.

If I had a Zio and my About Phone still said "Eclair" (see notes above from Sprint) *after* the 2.2 update I would be both suspicious and disappointed. :)

what about any good new phones for Sprint they have the worst phones of any of the big 4 sure the Evo evoshift and the epic are good phones but the other 3 are getting some badd ass phones this month and the coming. What has Sprint showed some ds looking thing with so so specs and no 4g

I said this when the 21st date was first reported. I want to believe, but have a hard time doing so. I just wish that if it were true that in 4 days that the Epic Froyo rollout would begin, that either Sprint or Samsung come out and say it. Rumors are nice, but at this point, I would just like something official.

Well sprint did it right. Pushing it over the air for the epic. Tmo on the other hand screwed ppl who don't have a computer to update via kies mini.

Could you imagine trying to download a Froyo update over GPRS for those not even in T-Mo EDGE coverage? Maybe that's why...

Screen shots of the web page containing the text posted here are available elsewhere (e.g., Android Police citing XDA), so it certainly looks like something has shown up. I'm not sure it's final proof of a release though, since this seems like leaked information and Sprint (or maybe Samsung) could change their minds for some reason. Plus I still don't see an official statement on a release date. Earlier today Sprintcare on Twitter told me, "I wish I had some info on that, but, I don't - just keep hearing that we are working with Samsung and its being tested rigorously." GalaxySsupport on Twitter also seems to simply restate their policy of not commenting on rumor -- they won't confirm or deny. The rumors going around do seem positive, but seem to rely on leaked information. And without an official statement, I'm still unsure about it. Hopefully we are very close to finally getting our promised and long overdue Froyo update though. We've waited far too long for it already.

So that leaves, what? at&t and verizon? Hopefully my Captivate will get it some day. (I would just root it and install a ROM, but I have really bad luck with phones and don't want to void the warranty in case something goes wrong)

So now i can get an Epic 4G in the next two weeks,I've been holding off until it got 2.2 to purchase,so now i have to wait a few more days to see if this is true.

It will be pulled due to unspecified issues and then next re-release will be rumored 6 months later - if history is any clue.

Indeed. I'm not holding my breath on this (but will be frantically checking here on the 21st, none the less).

I have to agree with all you i will REALLY believe it once its down loading to my phone but i will be doing the ZIP on sd card not the ota version... 5 more days and we will know for sure

This teasing of a potential 2.2 update and lack of support from Sprint and Samsung caused me to switch to Verizon. Middle finger you Epic 4G, Sprint and Samsung.

it's about time this has taken then WAY to long to get this software out they better have fixed a already pissed off at sprint for taking away my once a year upgrade....Samsung sucking balls at updating this phone does not make things any better.

Too late. I will never but anything w the word Samsung on it ever again. The devs had stable froyo running for quite a while but Samsung takes this long??

every time I see a topic with words: Froyo, Epic, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate... the thought that comes to mind is "aww jeez, not this s*** again"

Folks this is just a rumor. you know as well as i do we have dealt with this every month since August. do you really think its going to happen this time? they are fooling us and dragging us along like the carrot in front of the mule just to keep us not so angry.

its all B.S.