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Android's Facebook app got an update today. Presumably something has been fixed in Version 1.8.4. But just like the last update, there's no changelog to be found, and Facebook's Android page just redirects to the Android Market Google Play.

(Aside: Seriously, developers. Enough of that shit. If you update your app, you tell us what's new. And Google, perhaps apps that update without changelogs shouldn't get your "Editor's Choice" badge of honor.)

Anyhoo. We digress. Download links are after the break if you need 'em.

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Facebook updated, presumably fixes something


"Facebook app" and "fixed" just don't belong in the same article...

Their app has always been the worst on every phone I've used...even on my iPod touch.

Maybe they just felt like changing one letter in some code and pushing it out just to watch people download the useless "update"? :P

Agreed! The funny thing is, even Google even neglects the changelog themselves. So much for leading by example.

I don't have a high end Andriod, I have the optimus v anyway it seems they updated it for those 600mHz phones or something because before the update this app would always freeze.

I tried it on a Sharp FX Plus (another 600 MHz phone) and it's painfully slow, just like the previous version. Two versions ago the app used to freeze more often than not, but they fixed that in the previous update.

Lack of a change log really ticks me off too. But look at it from their perspective - they have a captive audience. Are you willing to leave over lack of a change log? I think not.

That said, I don't have a Facebook account, or the app, and I don't see either of these changing. Ever.

I was unable to comment on certain photo links before from bionic now I can.so I guess the update was for little old me? ;)

Even after the countless updates, I still can not post a status, picture or check in from the app. Force close almost instantly. I'm on a stock LTE Galaxy Nexus. Tell me I'm not the only one...

I got something similar to this, although i only cant update my status... check-ins and photo uploads work for me surprisingly.
(GSM Galaxy Nexus)

Oh this is the update that allows your phone to know when you are doing something important and you absolutely NEED to use your phone. Like when you are sharing a doc with a customer during a meeting or, showing an online video, or jumoing on a conf call you are about to be late for. Your phone now is updated to completely turn off all data and radios so you cant make any calls or connect to wifi, I beleive the update also knows when you need directions and subsequently turns off all GPS functionality. This update can be found on almost every electronic comm device available today.

The thing that I would love for the facebook app to update is that when you upload a photo that you can choose what folder to put them in.....

You can already do that. Go to Photos in the Facebook app (using the menu button at the top left) then click the "+" to upload a photo. Choose the Photo then click the icon near the top right (icon of a person with a "+" symbol over it) and select the album you want to upload to.

It'd be nice to be able to do the same thing when posting a photo from the Gallery app though.

Some people seem like they are just haying on the fb app cause its always been the thing to do. I think its gotten allot better. Have very little problems from my sgs2. Didn't have much problem on my evo 4g either really.

I don't know what you guys are smoking, but this application has gotten useful enough to use over the last two to three updates. One noted change that I've noticed, is the fact that the "like and comment" buttons are visible right there on a friend's post. No need to go thru two steps to get to it. I'm lookin for more awesome updates to this app from the developer.

Note: There are other alternatives available on the Google Play - why would you keep on using an application that doesn't meet your requirements. Smh!. :o

Galaxy nexus lte stock 4.0.4. "This application is not compatible with your device". Really?! The f**king galaxy nexus? Get real fb, this phone is an android STANDARD.

So frustrating.

For what it's worth: noticed icons are different up top when uploading a picture to FB. The "uploading" and the "uploaded" check mark are different.
Also, FB for weeks has taken forever to load on my Evo, this update didn't fix that. :/

Something definitely changed in this version. I downloaded the update and when I logged in, I noticed that I had no friends. I went to call someone to tell them, but quickly noticed that I had no friends to call either. Apparently the app is not broken and I am still waiting for the Mar...er..Play Store to have an update available for my life.

I like an update to the facebook app where it no longer feels a need to access my SMS or MMS. I don't care too much when verizon or google does that but I don't trust fb at all.

So... have we given up hope on Notifications that work even if Facebook isn't running in the background? You know.. like Blackberry and iPhone.

Seems like FB notifications never work on their own, but you can help them out. Grab an iOS device, log yourself out of your phone's app and the user out of his/her iOS app, then log in on the iOS device. Let everything load up there, then reverse the process. I've done this a couple of time when flashing new ROMs on my GNex with my wife's iPhone 4.

Notifications did work after last update, but now back to not working. Otherwise, it's the same crappy app. Friendcaster never showed posts from all of my friends. Just the ones it felt like showing, so no, the alternatives are not any better either.

I am glad I am not the only one who has noticed this! I notice it on any third party apps for facebook (FriendCaster, Seesmic, Simplefeed, etc..) For notifications, download MB Notifications (which I love and paid for the pro version) or SLK notifications. They work 100% better the the stock facebook notifications

My phone just auto-installed this package, though I never gave any permissions to do so. I have specifically been avoiding updating fb for at least a year because of a prior escalation of permissions. Anyone else have this happen to them? Oh.. and I almost forgot the lovely part: it will not let me uninstall it in any way. Nice one google.