Oh yes. Cupcake rumors that we wish oh so much to be true are once again at the forefront of the discussion. This time Pocket-lint claims that T-Mobile representatives have confirmed that the Cupcake software update for Android will be released in April. To quote:

"We will be offering G1 users the firmware update sometime in April"

This does make a lot of sense considering the HTC Magic is going to be released in the same time frame and the Magic needs the soft keyboard that the Cupcake software update has. To remind you guys: Cupcake is supposed to include a soft on-screen keyboard, video recording, voice recorder, stereo Bluetooth, save MMS, among other features.


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Cupcake Firmware Update Coming To Android in April says T-Mobile


Now, if they could activate Latitude, Amazon mp3 and Voice Search for the UK in this next update, that'd be nice too.

EXCEL ANYONE??? Does anyone care that a $110+ a month phone (to get full features) has no Pocket WORD,PDF or Excel?

this is not a windows mobile phone so if you want excel, or word get a shadow the newer version or something this is a adroid phone -.- retard!

I thought being a google phone it would have some sort of compatible google office software either way I need an office suite for my first smart phone though kinda cool still leaves more to be desired from someone seeking more like a mobile computer guess I should of gotten a windows phone? In anyones opinion what phone has brought the most similar experience to a computer thanks!

I agree it'd be nice to have support through google docs built into the phone but there is a way to kind of work around this pain. Google docs now has a mobile web interface (m.docs.google.com). What I did so I can view/edit excel & word documents is simply put a short cut on my android desktop for google docs mobile. When ever I create a document on my pc that I might need to view/edit on my phone I just save it as a google document and then access it through said shortcut. Since the browser runs in the background anyways just click the link and everything is there. The only thing that sucks is that if someone emails you docs you can't automatically check them out.

Just because someone wants a WORD PROCESSOR built in the $110+ device, does not make them a retard, RETARD. It should have been an option to have or not have since the phone came out. Just like a VIDEO PLAYER, SOFT KEYBOARD and FLASH PLAYER should have been included since day one instead of waiting for the boogey-man CUPCAKE firmware update.

You sound like a complete moron for name-calling...much like I do now, TARD.

this is not a windows mobile phone so if you want excel, or word get a shadow the newer version or something this is a adroid phone -.- retard!