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We have to file this as a rumor, but we just got word from a tipster (who also provided us the image you see) that the Motorola Atrix 4G's release date is confirmed for Feb 22.  We previously reported that it would be available on March 6 or earlier, and we're glad to see it turned out to be earlier this time :)

Nothing price related was reported as changed, so expect to fork over $199 after rebates and contracts.  If you're still on the fence, check out our hands-on with what may just be Android's new king of the hill.  Thanks anon!

Update - Confirmed, AT&T will have pre-ordered devices shipped on Feb 21 while everyone else can grab one on Feb 22. See a copy of the emails AT&T has been sending out after the break.

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Your pre-order for Motorola Atrix on 12-FEB-11 is still scheduled to ship as
early as February 22, 2011.

As a reminder, you will receive an email from the AT&T Premier Team
confirming shipment along with the carrier information and tracking number to
track your shipment online.

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If you purchased other devices with this order, we will ship your complete
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We appreciate your business and look forward to having you as a customer.

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Atrix 4G release date pushed up to Feb 22 [confirmed]


What about the bootloader? Has anybody heard what motorola's so called "solution" is going to be? No one should commit to this phone until they deliver what was promised. What business interest does a locked bootloader protect that could possibly be worth all of the bad press and comments. Common moto you could own this market with a simple change in policy. Your leaving money on the table and tarnishing your reputation in the process.

I don't believe they promised anything other than to say they would look into some kind of compromise to let developers have access to an unlocked bootloader. It was just damage control on their part for that YouTube comment fiasco. Basically they apologized, suckered us into thinking they would do things different by saying they would think about it, and then at MWC say that AT&T forced them to keep things locked down...and it's business as usual.

they can try to blame that comment on someone else or sweep it under the rug but "you can buy elsewhere" will be remembered on my plan and there will never be another Motorola product purchased by me. It's too bad really because they have some nice looking phone coming out

Who cares? XDA will have LOTS of solutions a couple months at most.

I'm picturing either ChromeOS running when it's laptop docked or full blown unbuntu. Mine is preordered and I will crap rainbows if I get it early.

Solutions to what? AFAIK they have yet to find a workaround for the locked bootloader on any of Moto's latest phones.

I think they eventually found a way to break it on the original Milestone (Euro version of the OG Droid, which was locked down unlike our Droid); but that happened only because someone at Moto screwed up and left something unprotected in an update install routin; and that was like 6 months after release.

You still can't load completely custom ROMs unto those pones, like a Gingerbread-based Cyanogenmod before you get GB, or even a Froyo-based CM for that matter. Still can't swap out the kernel, etc. You can root 'em and use root apps and do some customizations to the existing ROM, but that's it.

I could be mistaken, I don't spend much time on the XDA boards for other phones, but that's how things stand so far. Swapping out Moto's kludgey webtop OS for Chrome/Ubuntu would probably be a gargantuan task (lots of custom code that may not be open source), and they'd have to find a solution for the locked bootloader first.

It's a great phone, probably the best Android phone right now, and likely for a few months, baring any surprise dual-core announcements from HTC... That big battery alone would put a smile on my face, but I wouldn't bank on it being very tweaker friendly, at 'least not at a low level.

While I'd love to agree this is legitimate, AT&T never launches a device mid week. The 22nd is a Tuesday, AT&T always launches on a Sunday so they can have the COR stores put out the new device on Sunday before the store opens or Saturday night after closing. Might be available for Mail order on the 22nd maybe and then available in COR stores on the 27th.

Hey I'd love to be proved wrong, but I used to work for AT&T for 3 years, not once was a phone released in those 3 years to a COR store on any day other than Sunday. They may have had them in stock but official release was not until Sunday for Display Refresh


While most phones launch on Sundays, iPhones have not.

6/29/2007 iPhone (Friday)
7/11/2008 iPhone 3 (Friday)
6/19/2009 iPhone 3GS (Friday)
6/24/2010 iPhone 4 (Thursday)


Yes, this post is marked rumor. I'm pretty sure it's legit, or I never would have posted it :)

I was forced to mark it as a rumor because I can't find anyone else that wants to verify it, and the minute I say something is definite, it never happens :)

tl;dr -- we have what I feel is a reliable source that says the 22nd is launch day for the Atrix

Engadget actually gavevthe phone a 9/10(same as the iPhone) but didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the accessories. And I happen to agree. I'm not a fan of blur though and I'm on Sprint. Hopefully we'll see the evo2 at CTIA next month.

If I were on Att I'd probably grab this.

Agreed. I'm not in too much of a hurry to upgrade my EVO ('specially now that they took the yearly Premier upgrades away from most ppl), but if I had a chance I'd probably jump on an equivalent dual-core phone for Sprint before the end of the summer. Heck if Sprint hasn't released anything similar before then I'd even be tempted to switch back to AT&T, their bandwith cap is what holds me back more so than the higher monthly bill. I exceed 2GB pretty frequently on Sprint...

The Atrix just looks awesome all around... Good camera, great battery, top notch specs, every list feature possible (HDMI, front camera, higher res screen)... The only downside is Moto's locked bootloader and I could probably live with that, I'd take a locked bootloader and Moto's track record w/upgrades over Samsung hardware/service any day.

Hopefully LG announces some carriers for the Optimus 2X soon and HTC announces something comparable at CITA.

Ordered my new Atrix today, wanted to order the Laptop Dock as well but was put off by the $120 surcharge they place on it at the last minute. AT&T advertises it for $300 if purchased with the phone, but then you have to buy Tethering for $20/month and can't cancel it for 6 months. Well, duh - if the Laptop Dock is my new laptop, and it is run by the Atrix, why do I need a tethering plan? Seems to be just a means for them to raise the price of the Laptop Dock from $300 to $420. I'll wait a few months and get it thru Amazon or wherever who should have it for more like $250 by then anyway. Great phone, poor marketing !! Came really, really close to walking over to Verizon and going with the HTC Thunderbolt and the Xoom, but Verizon's coverage where I live is still rather sparse.

I just picked up the HTC Inspire, but I may get swayed by the Atrix when it comes out. I gotta say I'm loving the Inspire and it's super fast. Not sure if the dual core will make a huge deal for me if I'm not using the laptop dock. I can't imagine a phone working any faster through the UI and opening apps than the Inspire. Guess the 768mb of ram plays a big part.

Sadly ...I wanted this phone more then anything ....but with the limited data plans ....then the dock price ...I still had hopes ...then I went to the ATT store to run a speed test on the HTC 4g phone (name escapes me at this moment) and wow the speed test were garbage ...I mean so pathetic it just killed my dreams ....on more then 5 speed test I couldn't break over 2 on the download ...I was so disappointed next day I went to Verizon and pre ordered the thunderbolt ...I will then most likely be upgrading to the Bionic hopefully bad my atrix bubble was burst :-(

Did you test any phone at Verizon or check whether LTE coverage was coming to your area soon? AT&T hasn't really deployed their long-term 4G strategy yet, they're calling HSPA+ 4G just like T-Mo is but they'll move to LTE eventually as well... You're not gonna get much more than 1MB/s on Verizon's 3G in most cases, now if you have LTE that's a different story but that's a completely unknown quantity at this point since no one has an LTE phone yet on VZW.

TBH AT&T's 2GB bandwith cap is more of a bummer than anything else... I'd take 1MB/s speeds and no cap over any speed w/a cap, any day. Faster speeds are nice for video chat and the occasional download or sync, but they're not crucial. You're not gonna be doing much video chat or music streaming at all w/a 2GB monthly bandwith cap tho.

I've never used less than 1GB/month on Sprint and I've used over 2GB at 'least 2 or 3 times over the last 9 months... And I haven't even being video chatting (Skype, wru?!) or streaming music at all, just straight up web browsing and using apps that need data. One month I did tether a lot while at school but the other months that I went over 2GB I wasn't tethering either.

Honestly I dunno how any power user that tethers/streams a lot can get by on AT&T's cap.

Too bad their 14.4 HSPA+ is only in 9 markets. They blatantly lie when they say it's in virtually 100% of their 3G markets.

1. Dallas, TX
2. Houston, TX
3. Los Angeles, CA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Chicago, IL
6. Baltimore, MD
7. Charlotte, NC
8. Buffalo, NY
9. Providence, RI

Source: Att dot com / network