Well, it's been a couple of days, and that means it's time for another Android 2.2 update to be pushed out to some Nexus Ones. Today's special is FRF85B, and it's a measly little506k download. You can snag it from Google's servers here, if you haven't gotten the update notice yet. We're in the process of installing now, but sing out in the comments if you've gotten yours. [via Android Central Forums] Thanks clickwir!

Update: Yes, folks, the EPE54B to FRF85B file is available, too. Get it here.

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junglejunkie says:

Thanks for the heads up. Got mine ;)

qst4 says:

Yawn. The official OTA update anyone?

borgey401 says:


milot says:

Any changes since FRF83?

junglejunkie says:

None that I can see...

icebike says:

Smaller and smaller, tweaking the details. Hopefully its getting closer to going live.

Kedar says:

Oh wow. Yeah it seems like they're just tweaking some stuff now.
Hopefully HTC has already gotten a head start with their crap... I don't want to wait a year for the Evo one to come out.

milot says:

Updated, I'm not noticing any changes... maybe its a bug fix update.

gbhil#AC says:

Anyone with an unlocked boot loader, but running stock FRFxx and got the update? Looking for someone willing to flash custom recovery and make a nandroid so a version for rooted peoples can be made

baseballkyle says:

FYI - the update doesn't work on rooted FRF83 devices....

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fort says:

Does it support N routers?

fritzy says:

Looks like the official update to me. I'd never updated the firmware on my ATT Nexus One, and I connected to WiFi and installed the UPS app from the market, and it prompted me for an OTA update. I was not in a beta previously and was running it stock.

This was just minutes after a friend of mine with a T-Mobile version had the same thing happen.

Again, we weren't in any previous beta. Unless this is a new beta, this is the real thing.

icebike says:

You are not getting what Phil is talking about because the size Phil is reporting is way too small.

So, Pictures or it didn't happen.

88 FLUX says:

EPE54B users...


adrdiaz88 says:

Is this and official OTA update? I havent really had a chance to keep up to date with post but I was just wondering if they alrady started rolling out 2.2? I have a stock Nexus 1 T-Mobile version and I havent received nothing at all, so just curious thanks in advance

junglejunkie says:

No, not official OTA update. You have to do it manually....you would have to install ~ 3(?) previous updates to get this to work, which isn't difficult at all.

tb1 says:

Please let this be the one for EPE54B users... I am seriously so tired of waiting...

Fertie says:

Just got the official OTA! Now running 2.2 - whoo! 5:10 pm PDT.

spielnicht says:

Got mine at 6:00 today :-) sooooo many goodies, good times.

88 FLUX says:

HERE YOU GO EVERYONE!!!!! EPE54B to FRF85B!!!!!!!!

Got the link from xda user "noiz7". Just downloaded file and it downloaded fine. Gonna try to install...


icebike says:

So this can't be what phil is talking about right ock?

His was 506k, this one 44meg (46,505,984 bytes)

You are confirming this is for Virgin Nexus One EPE45B to FRF85B ?
is that right?

88 FLUX says:

Absolutely. I now have Froyo thanks to it. :)

Tom S. says:


Did this work for you?

skidudek2 says:

Just downloaded and it worked Great, Thanks for the link.

recharge says:

Just got frf85h ota on my unlocked n1. Updated from frf83. Anyone know the changes yet?

tb1 says:

AWESOME! Installing now! Finally EPE54B LOVE!

magliotti says:

I don't remember pinch peek on photo galery being there on previous builds. However I do see on this one and it works flawlessly without any lag.

masch says:

How can I update it from FRF72 to FRF85B?

Tom S. says: