Here you go, folks, the down and dirty walkthrough with Froyo -- aka Android 2.2 -- on the Nexus One. Remember that there's a lot of back-end stuff that's been optimized, and we're really just starting to scratch the surface. But here's a quick look at some of the highlights of the latest version of our favorite operating system. Have at it!


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Android 2.2 Froyo video walkthrough on the Nexus One


When you root your phone, that is the icon that appears. It doesn't really do antyhing, other than confirm that you've got a successful root.

Why do people post things that they have no clue about. It does not just "appear" when you have root, and it is "installed" to control which applications have access to root so that you do not have a bunch of apps (devs) trying to perform root functions without the users knowledge.

Also, under camcorder options... there's a new option for flash during recording! Finally, can record in low light/darkness.

Phil - Around 4:45 you mentioned that you thought it would be the case that apps 2 sd all the time. I'm not sure, but I seem to recall Google stating it would be up to the app developer to add that feature into the app. So as 2.2 SDK gets more playtime, I'm sure it'll be common.

Been looking at AC for a long time, decided to finally create a profile.

Glad to have you! I plan on going back to watch the keynote again. (Just as soon as I get a free second to breathe. lol) They dropped so much stuff on us at once!

They was a reason for letting the devs decide which app to allow running from the SD. It has to do with when you mount the SD card. An app that still needs full system access wouldn't work when the device is in mass storage mode. If an app doesn't need that type of access it should be able to be moved to the card.

You skipped over the fact that the Devil's child, Twitter, comes pre-installed. And it wont let me uninstall the cursed thing!

And that is why you root your phone. Even if you don't want to run custom ROMs, rooting allows you to remove bloatware forced upon you by your phone's carrier. ;)

That was a JOKE !!! This is what 2.2 offers ?? Most everything he showed is already on my HTC Incredible with the Sense UI over it , and the HTC car panel is far better on the Incredible , the power block is already on the incredible , so I dont get it ?? what the big deal is of Froyo?? Just seems like they gave it stuff to sort of catch up to where the new sense ui already is, but they did a poor job of it , those of you who own the HTC Incredible already know this

Hmmm I own an Incredible. My apps aren't JIT compiled and are 3-5 times efficient. I donthave tethering baked into the phone. I can't choose to update all apps or have them update automatically. I don't have full Flash 10.

It's a dumb argument anyway. Google isn't competing with the phone makers and their customizations. They build foundation. Sometimes the point is to play catch up so the phone makers don't have to worry about a feature and can then move on to adding something else. That's less for them to worry about. Froyo is only going to help make the custom UI like Sense better.

First off, calm down sparky. :)

Phil was only giving a brief overview of a ROM he's had for less than 24 hours. I will say that the biggest advantage right now is the overall speed and stability over Eclair. My free RAM usually hovered around 40-50MB with all my apps running, it's easily pulling ~200MB free now. There's also REAL flash support. APPS2SD for those of us who decide not to root is another great feature to have.

The best part is, us N1 users get firsties :). Great having the new ROM 2 days after it was officially announced.

And boy do I love that Android Tip Widget. LOL!

Lol. I think Gingerbread needs to remove the Tip Widget and insert an animated dancing 'Android' that break dances accross your home screens.

OH and BTW the Incredible has a working radio built in as well , all the hype over froyo 2.2 for nothing ??? I sure hope there is much more to it than that ???

lol so your incredible has fm radio. impressive but N1 now has full flash, JIT (which makes things faster),portable hot spot, 3D gallery, automatic app updates, enhanced browser speed (uses v8 engine), apps 2 SD, bluetooth dialing, recording with LED. I think ill stick with N1 ;)

N1 and Droid will be the first to get 2.2!

So glad I don't own a Sense UI or MotoBlur phone. Don't care for those 3rd party skins that receive updates late.

N1 will definitely be the first, but I recall the droid having just as many delays and issues updating to 2.1 as the SenseUI people did.

Helix Launcher (and probably any other alternate home), if set to default will cause an infinite 'Force Close' loop. Make sure you set the stock 'Launcher' as default before updating. If you get the 'Force Close' loop, this can be fixed by reformating via your boot menu. Hope this is helpful.

Updated successfully from T-Mobile Stock Nexus One.

Launcher Pro Beta works perfectly under 2.2, and I didn't disable it prior to upgrading (although that is a good idea).

2.2 looks awesome and I hope EVO gets it relatively soon. C'mon HTC/Sprint (yeah, I know the phone isn't REALLY out yet, but...

Did 2.2 do anything for us Cisco IT folks that really need an IPSEC VPN? Any advances on that front?

The options I see when adding a VPN are as follows:


I'm not sure if that differs from 2.1 or not.

I'm not one to complain But you really need to turn the background music down in your videos when you are talking. It is really distracting from your speaking. Just a suggestion. Good Job!

I really dont see what is so spectacular about Froyo. I think most smart phones offer pretty much all the functionalities.... be it palm apple or android. I would just choose based on price....

Just a quick question, is there an OTA update coming to Nexus 1 user for 2.2 froyo or is it only a manual update? Thanks in advance

my stock n1 2.1 just ran a 6.98 on linpack and 26 and change on neocore...makes me faster than droid and evo? just saying

To anyone with FroYo installed:

The stock Music player, does it have a landscape mode now?

I own an incredible and it is the only music player that plays from both internal and external memory.

Not a huge issue but yeah, one of the cherries hopefully on top of the FroYo...

And thanks for the review Phil!