The LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are two of the biggest new Android flagships right now. Both offer beautiful designs, high-end specs and unique dual camera technologies. They're not exactly direct competitors though — if nothing else, there's a big price and size gap between them. The V30 is expected to retail a couple hundred U.S. dollars below the Note 8's lofty price point.

Still, they're both significant launches in the Android calendar from two companies with a well-established rivalry. And that means it's time for them to go head-to-head! Before we begin, note that the V30 we've been using so far isn't final hardware just yet, so we're going broad strokes in this first comparison — remember that things can change between a pre-production phone like I've been using, and the final, retail boxed version.

With that out of the way, hit the video above to find out how I've been getting to grips with the LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 over the past couple weeks!