Gamevil was at GDC again this year, showing off a freemium puzzle game with some especially flashy fantasy elements. In Dungeon Link, players build a party of heroes who are placed on a grid with enemies. By tracing heroes from their origin square to the same-colored target zone, players execute attacks on enemies and eliminate tiles. The trick is, these paths will block off future lines of attack, so you need to plan ahead. If you've ever played the Flow Free or Trainyard, the strategy should be familiar. If you can manage to take out all the tiles, you can earn the big points.

Though the puzzle element there is relatively simple (if explosive colourful), things get deep and tactical when you factor in the system of unlocking and upgrading upwards of 200 unique heroes. Knowing how each one moves and attacks is vital to picking a winning team. There are social elements to keep you hooked in too, like gaining access to powerful heroes your friends have managed to train up.

Though the freemium angle for using in-app purchases to improve the quality of heroes you unlock won't be palatable to everyone, the colourful mix of RPG and puzzle is certainly an interesting one. Dungeon Link hits the Google Play Store on April 29.