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It's no secret that the Surface Duo isn't the most durable phone, so you'll likely want to find the best Microsoft Surface Duo case. There is a slew of great Surface Duo accessories already available, but the case options are pretty slim for the time being. These are the best Surface Duo cases you can get today.

Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper Render

From the source: Microsoft Surface Duo Bumper

Staff Pick

With a phone that has a 360-degree hinge, you need to ensure that you find the right case to accommodate that hinge. Microsoft has released its case for the Surface Duo, called the Surface Duo Bumper. It wraps around all the edges of your new phone, providing full access to the charging port while not interfering with that fantastic hinge.

Otterbox Theorem Surface Duo Render

Protective and versatile: Otterbox Theorem Series

Productivity is the name of the game with the Surface Duo, but you want to avoid ending up with a shattered device. Otterbox has been making smartphone cases for a long time, although the company changed its design language here to match the uniqueness offered by the Surface Duo. The Otterbox Theorem case has an adaptable design that stays attached to your phone via the adhesive pad on the inside. There's even a built-in Surface Pen holder so that you don't have to find somewhere else to put your stylus.

HAPPIER STUDIO Leather Sleeve Render

Truly unique: HAPPIER STUDIO True Leather Case

Some would prefer to use a basic sleeve with the Surface Duo, and the HAPPIER STUDIO True Leather Case fits the bill. One of the best things about a leather case is that it will develop a unique patina over time, making it truly a case for you. The only downside is that you'll have to leave your Surface Duo Bumper behind, as this case won't fit both the phone and the bumper.

$49 at Amazon
Kensington Belt Holster Surface Duo Render

On the hip: Kensington Belt Holster

Considering how large the Surface Duo is, chances are you might not even be able to put this bad boy in your pocket. That's where the Kensington Belt Holster comes in. It has a rugged polycarbonate material and a "drop-in" design to quickly get your Surface Duo in and out. With this option, you'll likely want to make sure your Microsoft Bumper is installed, as there's nothing else to keep the Duo protected from accidental scratches.

MightySkins Surface Duo Decal Render

It's not a sticker: MightySkins Decal Cover

While the Surface Duo sports an elegant and sleek design, you really won't want to end up with scratches. But a case can add too much bulk, and that's where the MightySkins Decal Cover comes in. This is a vinyl decal wrap that covers both back pieces of glass and the bezels around the two displays.

Otterbox OCITY Surface Duo Render

Durable Sleeve: OtterBox OCITY Series

Otterbox seems to fancy the Surface Duo and has a few different case options available. The OCITY Series is the latest from Otterbox and acts as a durable yet premium sleeve for your Surface Duo. Not only does this case work with the Surface Duo Bumper, but it also features a magnetic closure to keep your Surface Duo from falling out.

Foluu Microsoft Surface Duo Case Render

Durable Sleeve: Foluu PU Leather Case with Hand Strap

One of the problems with the Microsoft Surface Duo is that it's not exactly the easiest to hold and use. Foluu attempts to solve this with its PU Leather Case, as there's a hand strap on the back that quickly adjusts or can be folded flat.

$12 at Amazon

The best Surface Duo cases protect everything

Since the Microsoft Surface Duo is not your traditional smartphone, you won't find many "traditional" cases for it. However, Microsoft understood the need for some protection, and that's why the Surface Duo Bumper is our favorite case. It protects the edges of YOUR Surface Duo while keeping scratches off its outer casing, even when on a table or desk.

If you want to step things up a bit and add even more protection to the Surface Duo, what better way than to get a case from Otterbox. The Otterbox Theorem is a wonderful option that even has a built-in slot for your Surface Pen, along with a credit card or ID. The case folds out, making it easy to prop up your Surface Duo, and also folds back up when it's time to get going.

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