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Action Launcher

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  • Vendor: Chris Lacy
  • Version: 3.12.4
  • Price: Free

The launcher may be the most important app on any Android smartphone — it's the combination of your home screen and the drawer that holds all your apps — and Action Launcher is a favorite among many hardcore Android users.

The main features of Action Launcher? Start with the slide-out app drawer. It's somewhat reminiscent of the early days of Windows Phone, but only superficially. And while it takes a little getting used to, it's also an extremely fast way to get to apps that aren't on your home screen.

And then there's the home screen itself, and more specificially the way widgets work. You can place entire widgets like normal, but that takes up space. Action Launcher goes much further why allowing you to swipe on an icon to have its widget appear. That's called Shutters, and it'll change your life. When you want to see the widget, it's there with a swipe. Don't want it? It's not in the way. And Covers transform normal folders into something much more useful.

Action Launcher 3 is free, but a $4.99 in-app purchase unlocks most of the major features. And they're well worth it.


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Action Launcher


I've tried loads of launchers but always seem to go back to Nova Prime.
It's a great way to personalise your phone.
Currently running it on my new OnePlue One, which incidentally is a fantastic phone.