Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

How would you like to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4, courtesy of Android Central? In 'The World's First Samsung Galaxy S4 Contest', you can win the device, no strings attached.

Here's how you can submit your entry:

  1. Submit a single comment to this blog post.

That's it.

Pretty easy, right? Leave a comment on this post and you're automatically entered to win. A winner will be announced shortly after the official device announcement on March 14th, and we will ship the device as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck to all!

P.S. Once you've left your comment, head on over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum for more chat, banter and general S4 goodness.

There are 16810 comments

superzod says:

Samsung to kick Apple ass...and make better phones with more practical usage. More freedom to the people

LewisWatson says:

Hope I win :) Good luck to everyone else

are u on facebook i m sending u requst plzz accept

bl024292 says:

Im so down, that....... i suck at this. LET ME WINNNNNNNNNN!

NOTLguy says:

It would be so cool to win.


NOTLguy says:

It would be so cool to win.


zoom1 says:

Pick me I'm still using the original Galaxy from AT&T.

groovekids5 says:

Me too!

mobtech5 says:

Galaxy s4 4 me

kimminer12 says:

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

Iceitic says:

Such an unbelievably small chance to win....but sure, why not :) My girlfriend drastically needs a new phone!!

mricchio says:


MK7 says:

Hi guys, if you pick me as the winner, this might be the best thing to happen to me this year

foredroid says:

Me too

I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and honestly I like samsung, the S4 is much better than this!

Lo so. Sono italiano e non c'entro niente, ma ci provo lo stesso!!!!

hepatiit says:

Me too!

4ekbrandon says:

I would love to win a gs4! Good luck to everyone.

Susan Zorn says:

I NEED to win 'cause my iPhone 5 SUX!!!

It's all mine!

I'll take it!

Shadeism says:

Best Galaxy yet!

Pick Me!!

Ben0707 says:

Must have a S4!!!

Stacie84 says:

OOHH I would so love to win this!!!


I have been wanting to try the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but can't afford it. I would LOVE to win the latest model the Galaxy IV. It is the only way I would ever get to try one. Pick me!!!

i want one. i had the Samsung infuse 4g and it was an a awesome experience.. pick me...

Deech876 says:

I need to win a Samsung galaxy S iv........tired to blackberry now need a CHANGE!!!

Rawkilicious says:

This phone R0cK$...!!

ZodiacX says:

I'm gonna win :D

I have a old GSM samsung but not a smartphone. I would like a smartphone to discover this world.

Josh Baker1 says:

I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy S4. My wife and her iPhone would be so jealous.

inzexet says:

This is pretty cool! My first post on Android Central! :)

mark96 says:

Trying for my 4th Galaxy!!

I am a kid who loves smartphones but dont have money to buy S4. Hope they would understand my feelings.

arczi2010 says:

I want to win S IV

My blackberry sucks. I need this Galaxy S4!

sahil gogia says:

S4, the best phone available in the market right now :)

Steven Kaul says:

I want one!!! Samsung and Verizon are the best!!!

Aurag Jha says:

i play with my heart so i'm gonna win it

Hamaad123 says:

I would love to have one Samsung s IV

As of now I have a $30 phone that I have had for years. I am having an extremely hard time financially. It would mean the world to me if I received this phone, a gift from God. Thank you.

Nicole Lauren Kennedy

best company in the world.

Ranoomtii says:

How ??????

SuNny KhAn2 says:

plzz give me one of that..

please give it to me please
my dream is allways is have s4
my family and I very poor
please give it to me

I am ready too

IM going to win

I need one

RunSilent23 says:

Need is a strong word. How about "can't live without. "

tyguy829 says:


joedon3 says:

All I have to do is leave a comment here? sweet! I would love to have a GS4! I'm such a Samsung junkie. My wife would go nuts. :-P

sniffs says:


CreeMy says:


lazagna says:

I'll take one...ANY day!

biggslk says:

Yes Please!!!!

firesting says:

I'm real excited about the S4! Send one my way, please :-)

towerdave says:

I would love an S4. Hook me UP AC!!


BuddyLee says:

Have been a solid fan of the Galaxy Series from day 1.

Hope I win, never really one in a contest before ....

Hope this is the first time.

DeadRising says:

Sign me up for one SGS4 please :)

Nooganator says:

Give it to me. DO IT.

regnoble21 says:

Thank you for my Galaxy S4.

WPmaster says:

I win the Galaxy S4! Am I right? :D

exiledfathom says:

I'm in!!

azrael.arach says:

Woohoo S4 goodness!

senatorpaulo says:

Would be awesome to win, thanks.

napmonstr says:

here's to hoping it'll be another great step from the s3 like the s3 was from the s4!

OOh Samsungy :)

tfou79 says:

Oh man...maybe this time I win something! Galaxy S4 FTW

byrds8 says:

I'm down to win a nice new shiny S4

Schwack says:


moelsen says:

Woo let's do it!

Kam Siu says:

Just one comment Androidcentral is all i need to enter, really sure? :)

krc_droid says:

Great replacement for my EPIC 4G Touch!

nvoll84 says:

I'll be waiting for my prize in the mail.

DavidJ726 says:

Any preference on the comment? Long, short, witty, self-serving, sucking up, etc... :-)

frozencloud says:


goat_rock says:

I'm in!

fishline says:

One for me...

ChumpChange says:

I was determined not to enter but you twisted my arm. Count me in!

This is my single comment, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

buckiii2 says:

thanks just in time

wh1tet1ger says:

I could use a new phone. The Galaxy S3 is S0OOOoo last year :D

GuRuNa says:

I want it !!!

crackerstyle says:

Yes please :)

atrixvic says:

Me please!

sbs8331 says:

Just converted late last year to an S3 from iPhone. No going back. The S4 would be a move forward. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

ShoVah says:

Yes Please! /want

Good OL MC says:


ccogan says:

I need an S4 to replace my s3

liljoker757 says:

Who wouldn't want one!! The S3 was/is so perfect and I don't know how they could top it but I would love an S4!!

Greg525 says:

Yes please.

slipsibm says:

I'd love one!

slayerpsp says:

Just give me the damn phone already

fitimelmazi says:

I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michaelearth says:

S4 is going to be awesome! March 14th here I come.

sbromagem says:

Sure, I'll take a new phone. :)

Me too plz

freddyc says:

How cool is this!

wait what phone is this?

Cheetah23 says:

My wife needs to upgrade her Droid Pro. We're holding out for this phone. This would be an awesome win. Thanks.

Prize me bro.

Icculus760 says:

OH PLEASE, PICK THIS COMMENT! I destroyed my Bionic & the screen is cracked beyond belief (I can actually FEEL the screen layers - that's not a good sign, right? :).

Though my upgrade isn't due until May, I can barely wait past the (hopeful) early April release date to get my replacement (definitely an SGS4)

Seven2k says:


blake_levy says:


i'm already the winner!

In it to win it!

i would like to win a Samsung Galaxy S4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems fair.

mothy says:

Count me in this is awesome!!!!

Offbyone says:

I want!!!

kerosene26 says:

I need a new phone!

omastar says:

One please.

Arimus25 says:


frosty1216 says:

I just peed a little I'm so excited!

pierreone says:

I'm using a Sony now, but i would give a chance for the SGS4. :)

thafngame says:

I gotta have one!!!!!

Please let me win!! Thanks <3

AllBlaxx says:

Awww you guys are gonna save me the trouble of buying it myself. You're the BESTEST!!!

mobilityguy says:

Works for me.

Spuds93#AC says:

Cannot wait to see the new Galaxy SIV! Thanks for the opportunity to win Android Central!!!

Brent Pierce says:

Woah, nice. I could always use another phone. ;)

kdale18 says:

I need this phone ASAP. Pick me!

Bavallone says:

I never win anything so here is hoping for the first time.

dchawk82 says:

Out with the Galaxy Nexus, in with the s4!

octacolover says:

Love my S3. Would definitely be down for a S4.

geminidreamz says:

I want one!!! Pretty please :-)

daabsolute1 says:

One more try for me...been unlucky every other time.

erny5796 says:

I want to win

Tigrisan says:

Wait! But you didn't say which carrier it will work on. What if it doesn't work with mine? I would be very sad...

I would love to win one

Ce1sius says:

I think I'll give it a shot...what do I actually have to lose lol

VoltaicShock says:

Nice! I have been thinking about getting a new device.

triangle8 says:

Oh yeah. You guys must be the first to give this away. AC is truly awesome.

kg808 says:

You had me at galaxy.

jigsawhc says:

My Droid 3 is feeling dated. An S4 would be great!

ChesterZZ says:

Hope I'll win! :)

Terminator X says:

Definitely need an upgrade over the Galaxy Nexus soon... Sure, why not? An S4 sounds superb! Please go ahead and send it to me! Thanks, y'all!

PetrBa says:

Want it

Daeveren says:

i want one :D

I needs my precious.... :)

jdntea says:

I rub baloney on my nipples.

wickedwillis says:

Sweet. needed a reason to upgrade my phone :)

skbgiants says:

I'm down!! Thanks AC!

I am about due for a new phone, so sign me up please

christianJ81 says:

S4!! I cant wait!!!!!


I can haz a S4 plez?!?!?!?!? Thnx!!!!! :D

herabros says:

How much better can this phone really get!!? I don't mind finding out for myself!! : )

RasJacob says:

Oh yes please.

andpaul657 says:

Can't wait to see what Samsung has in store for the S4...

george3k says:

In the words of Picard, "Make it so!". Willing the universe to see an S4 in my future!

Excrucibo says:

Awesome! Thanks for the contest!

robamacaf says:

I have a Samsung Galaxy S III and I would absolutely LOVE to have an S4! With the yearly releases winning an S4 is the only way I can have one because I don't want to pay the huge fee to cancel my S III early and then have to buy an S4 on top of that.

AndroidCentral, You're my only hope!

It would be my precious!! :)

rmins says:

Yes please!

pjeverly says:

This would be the most awesome thing to win in the whole world! Please, Please...

Va1ha11a says:

I'd love one! Please pick me!

I'll just go ahead and pm my mailing address. Kthx!

jasongeiger says:

Couple family members could use an upgrade to their thunderbolt or kyrocera rise. That would be one heck of an upgrade for either of them!

travo1978 says:

I love my Note 2 but i'll take an S4 if you're just gonna give it away.

hamidsani says:

YEah yeah yeah! One please!!

speirus says:

This would be cool.

Jazzman7 says:

Android Central rules!

I have the SIII and would like to experience the SIV it is gonna be AWESOME!

nielsvg says:

I want to be the first in belgium to use this device!!!!

coye says:

This is freaking sweet. Y'all are the best!

Alef says:


tostler says:

Comment submitted.

Easy Right?

ironmikez says:

I am super amped for this Phone, I am a die hard Samsung Junkie, every electronics device I own is made by them!! I would love to be the chosen one of this new arrival!!

millertr says:

pick me!

robfactory says:

I'm heavy into mobile photography and I feel this would be a great upgrade to my current phone status.

rarefuse says:

I'm in! :)

scottfrobb says:

The Galaxy S IV will be like turning the S III up to eleven

jeff3yan says:

Put me in the draw!

Jeovanis says:

I'm IN!!. I also won my GS3 in a contest! Lol

johnchad14 says:

Well worth a shot!

acarback says:

Want it. Need it. Gotta have it.

Lechuza05 says:

I want one!

PeeBrains says:

Tipped to be the best device in the world.

I'm in

Good luck everyone :)

diverbelow says:

Sweet! Interesting to see how the S4 does.

tek.1231 says:

Yup, this is awesome.

yocubed says:

love my Evo but cant say i wouldn't pass up a GS4. Besides the wife is still rocking an old school Motorola Atrix

bryceomeara says:

A single comment

Silentz0r427 says:

Really need a new phone...bad....

DarkRazorZ says:


luckyscrn says:

Cannot wait for this to drop! Thanks for the chance Android Central!

I <3 Samsung! ;-)

thisiscrazy says:

I'll take it.

BartmanJax says:

Yes please. I could really use a new phone.

sunnyson says:

Sweet. I want the S4. Thanks.

510dave says:

ummmmm Galaxy S IV ggaaaaa

adefran83 says:

hoping for a much needed upgrade over the verizon gnex!

HOYsauce781 says:

Pick me please, thanks in advance!

lethalgorman says:

Nice, gimme gimme gimme my S4 baby!

frodronn says:

Pretty please? Me?

UTSkiBum says:

I would love to give up my Samsung Vibrant for this new Galaxy S4!!!!

billgio says:

Love my s3 BUT I would probably love an s4 even more!

disconnect says:


RickyKemp says:

OH YES PLEASE! Wow, Android Central does it again with a Stellar competition.

Muadib395 says:

Loving the specs on the new s4. Drooling over getting one in my hands

gchahinian says:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes please! Verizon flavor :)

Rednaz05 says:

Can't wait to see what the S4 Hastings offer, hope I win!

Ted Klumbach says:

winning this would be awesome

libraryclg says:

That would be an awesome upgrade.

I'm awesome and awesome people like me deserve to win this awesome phone so yea you know what to do ;) :D

dskwerl says:

May as well give it a whirl. I'm always up for new gadgets to mess around with.

TheEdge65 says:

Look, let's not bother with a competition. They are such old hat, just give it to me because I'm brilliant !

krhriss says:

of course i want one

chief113 says:

This will be my first Samsung.

Zac Miles says:

While I dont "need" an s4, its pretty amazing that you give away such items to the fans. It would be greatly appreciated by our family.

Crossing my fingers and toes!

overfloater says:

Ok, I'll bite... ;)

di4st2urb0ed says:

let's do this!!!

seanvree says:

^ This guy deserves it ^

BTSchnarfy says:

I wouldn't mind giving my Evo to my wife if I got an GS4...

jdschrock says:

I will throw Ubuntu Phone OS on it as soon as everything is good to go >:)

The next best thing is coming soon and I badly want it.

blackroseMD1 says:

There once was a man from Nantucket,

Oh, sorry, wrong story. My bad.

Still would love an SIV though.

AndrewRich says:

I would love a GS4!

He said, posting from a GS2.

mrcanham says:

me, pick me, pick me

rcasey2012 says:

Thanks for the contest.

geekogeek says:

love my GS3, GS4 can only be better!

smtom says:

This is a single comment.

kgrosshome says:


Emre Besirik says:

why not :)

dovlek says:

Count me in,
Quiero uno de esos en lo que salga!!!!!

Sign me up! That's my next phone!

redstar427 says:

I am so excited to see what is in store with the Galaxy S4!

Fr3lncr says:

Guess I'll give it a shot...

Beezer80 says:

I'd love that dove!

slyfoxthe3rd says:

My Galaxy S2 is on its deathbed. It's dying wish is for me to win this Galaxy S IV and be happy :)

I'm in!

slyfoxthe3rd says:

My Galaxy S2 is on its deathbed. It's dying wish is for me to win this Galaxy S IV and be happy :)

thearc77 says:

That's all?

O yeah i want a S4 !!!

big007hed says:

Wow what a contest, I would love to win this (Captain Obvious comment, I know!)

Nightscape says:

Want! :D

yatlax says:

Excited to take part in the world's first competition, not to mention really looking forward to what Samsung will have to offer !

irf13 says:

New to the Android world, and Android Central, love my galaxy nexus with liquidsmooth! :)

Pretty please... with a cherry on top...

breakwaterj says:

sure, why not...

chaint says:

i can't wait for this phone!

ep5il0n says:

I would definitely want to win a new Samsung flagship device :)

deltascrew says:

Sign me Up!!!!!!

ramurphyjr says:

IV on the floor!

hdawg5000 says:

I would really like to win a Galaxy S IV!! :D

Nick Elen says:

Omg, that would be very grand!
Never won anything in my life before so this would be an awesome first! :p

This will make a nice 1080P HDTV for my dollhouse.

antwon320063 says:

"I rub baloney on my nipples" The funniest thing I've seen today. Thanks for the laughs.

The S4 is my precious! Me needs!!!

bout10bucks says:


achok16 says:

I'm in.

RemD0G says:

Fingers crossed :D

lpam1ghty says:

I Want it, no.....I Need it !!!!!

A contest before it's even officially announced. Excellent.

hodges1301 says:

I wannit

chlrbwls says:

WOoohoooo first one indeed

esberelias says:

Mann that would be incredible to win an S4!

uncz71 says:

My dad has the S3, I'd like the S4 so I can have a better phone than my dad.

tommydaniel says:

Sounds like a great idea to me!

NabeShogun says:

Wibbly wibbly woo woo :) I presume there was no requirement to say something productive...

Jelle Gacoms says:

I would like a Galaxy S4 :D

Derick Bess says:

I'm all on for this awesome opportunity!

bubbl07 says:

Yes please!

okanobi says:

Yes please!

cannot wait for the S4 to be released.....

zepeters says:

pretty please let me win!! :D

janoszh says:

Yeah Baby! Upgrade me to the next big thing!

Shadnic says:

Oh, well...yes please! Count me in!

I want to win an S4, I'm sick of my Bionic it is a terrible phone and I need a new one

huyhuynh93 says:


tahras says:

Definitely interested in seeing the details on the S4.

AndyAdamidis says:

Nice contest i hope Sammy is going to offer something different from others.

Jay smash says:

have the note 2 and had the s3 the s4 would be awesome to get.. pick me lol

adamw100 says:

I want to win

sgreenwall says:

Too much tech is just right...

Garrett92C says:

I'd like to win one. :)

commander24 says:

I want one too ;)

I hope I get lucky

nohls1 says:

new phone please~!

bworley50 says:

Hook it up

cmcollander says:


miller7796 says:


ProfessorOak says:

can i haz S4? :3

azhar1495 says:

I lost my galaxy SII, I definitely want this one !!!

zaidoz5 says:

This is my comment.

dems86 says:

GS4 would be an awesome way to start off spring

sprunka says:

This would rock. I'd love to win one, thanks for the chance guys!

TFoxik says:

I would be great

griff7774 says:

I would love to win

leroytorner says:

This Galaxy S4 will come to Paraguay! Greetings people!!

jsmuli2 says:

Woah, the first contest for it?! I'd like to win thank you very much!!!

I've held out upgrading my Bionic hoping for this release!

jachym says:

I want SGS4! :)

Paul Eschli says:

Yes Please!

Hest88 says:

Galaxy S4 taking over the Galaxy!

limeaid says:

Galaxy me

Let's see my luck :)

iDroidd says:

Yes please! Thanks for the awesome contest Android Central! Good luck to all!

I'd absolutely love a new GalaxySIV!