Wifi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab

You're still going to have to wait until Sunday to get your Wifi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab if you plan on ordering online. But if you're like Android Central reader Giorgio and live close to a Tiger Direct/CompUSA warehouse, you just might be able to pick up one of these 16GB Android 2.2 tablets a wee bit early for the $350 asking price.

Anybody else snag one early? Let us know. And we've got a shot of the rear of the box after the break. Thanks, Giorgio!

Wifi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab

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radgatt says:

Lucky guy...

quailallstar says:

EDIT: If you live in these states, they charge you tax ontop of whatever shipping method you choose...

"We only charge tax in FL, IL, NC, TX, GA, SD and ID)"

quailallstar says:

If you live in FL (TigerDirect, CompUSA, etc.) you well get charged sales tax and shipping (if you don't pick it up at their store).

If you can wait: Amazon.com has it for pre-order with no tax and free shipping (Amazon Prime Memebers).

Just a heads up for those not in an Uber hurry to get this.


r-nice says:

Thanks for the Amazon link.

OrionAntares says:

Anyone know if this has a built-in GPS receiver like the WiFi-only Xoom?

bbarend says:

It does.

r-nice says:

I want one.

kagenish says:

i want one hopefully i can get one this week

dchawk81 says:

What happed to that slick looking one I saw in a French(?) YouTube ad a bit ago? Is that the redesigned model that's coming later?

dacp283 says:

Wish I could go get one but as a government employee I'm not getting paid until further notice.... To the ready lucky you lol.

GioTech says:

Woot! This thing rocks!

lonnypaul says:

Anyone in the greater Chicago area can definitely get one (either in store or via counter order (where they pick any item from the warehouse) at the NAPERVILLE, IL CompUSA powered by TigerDirect.com.

They should be in the CompUSA and TigerDirect retail stores next week in FL, IL, NC, DE, TX and PR.

The item is shipping from both the east and central america distribution centers, so delivery is 2 days for most people.

*I am Tiger employee.

ortizeliezer says:

Tried the PR store to see if they will have it after tomorrow but they say that they don't have ordered this or will order it. On www.compusa.pr says "We're sorry, the product you have searched for is no longer available for sale." if you search by the item # (S203-7101).

I hope this is bs 'cause I really want one!