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This one definitely brought a smile to our faces. Of course, today is iPhone 5 day. And, like all good siblings, we've been helping out our sister site, iMore, cover the day's craziness. The crowds at the UK's flagship Apple store, Regent Street in London, were plentiful -- to the number of 2000 we heard from one member of staff. Yes, 2000. 

Naturally, scouring the crowds produced a sea of Apple devices. So, imagine our delight to see this proudly lofted high above the iPhone toting masses. Literally, as the doors were opened, a member of the gathered press lofted this Samsung Galaxy S 3 high above the crowds to film the action. And, we can't be sure, but at the same moment it was as if a black cloud gathered above the Apple store. OK, we kid. While we may have been rocking Android devices ourselves, given the storied history between Apple and Samsung, this one just made us smile. And, we thought it might have the same effect on you guys, so it's got to be worth sharing. 


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What do you take to an Apple party? Why, a Samsung Galaxy S 3 of course!


Wait 'till Note 2 comes out. I bet it'll attract business folk with it's writing recognition capabilities. You'll be seeing journalists jotting down notes on their Note 2s at Apple events.

Why android in apple event? How else are you gonna find your way home? Unless you want to end up somewhere in the jungle with the help of new iPhones amazing map app, you must have something that works. I couldn't imagine my phone without maps and navigation.

Author cracks me up. A good percentage of iPhone buyers were abandoning the Android handsets. What makes the author think this individual taking the photo was not one of those people?

That would be because it is a picture of a GS3, not a DX or a Charge or something of that generation. Like it or not, the GS3 is every bit as good as the IP5 hardware wise. Yeah the IP5 specs may be a little better on the SOC and camera, but the GS3 screen looks better, it has more RAM, removable storage, removable battery, bigger screen, etc. I the IP5 is surely a nice phone, but no way this person is trading in a GS3 for it. oh yeah, don't get me started on the software side. iOS is going the way of BB5-7......old and stale and better get a rework before people start to discover other things out there.

You know what i love most about iphone fanboy comments here: it just shows beyond all doubt, how incredibly boring they find their OS. I mean come on admit it, what are you doing here anyway? And signing up too, just to post a comment? We on android understand your need to flame us as a defence mechanism, but wouldn't it be so much easier to tell the truth, get it off your chest. If you want more features, less restriction, or are just finally fed up of being told what to do and feel, just let it all go and indulge your curiosity! Get an android next upgrade, we'll be waiting with open arms.

The funny part is all iPhones have Samsung parts in them. The 5's RAM is Samsung sourced. lol They can brag how fast it is and better than a Sammy phone, probably not realizing they just bought Samsung parts as well. ;)

I'm guessing the S3 holder is only there to get the iphone5. 30 min after this pic was taken, I bet you could have photographed that same S3 in the trash :(

If that is true then that says something about IP5 users. Why would you trash a phone that can get like $350 or more resale? Nice try, but NO. Oh yeah, I just put some extra food for you under the bridge you just popped out from.

It's kind of funny that you mention the black cloud because if you look, the iPhone (4/4s?) in the foreground is overshadowed by the S3 almost like it's cast in shadow. Maybe the photographer meant to do that? Haha.

if i were press, i'd be embarrassed to be using *any* phone to film this. should be using a real camera/camcorder and not a cellphone.

It gives you an idea about the type of press that covers Apple conventions: Some cheap douchebags ... and a professional who realizes the GS3 will save him from having to carry a 2KG camera when he can carry a much better one in a much lighter device.

OMG Samsung in holy land of Apple!...... lol don't take Apple vs Samsung seriously to do news about freaking Samsung phone near Apple store ^^'

That is funny. On a side note there is an interesting article in Business Insider I believe that shows 50% of those getting the iPhone5 are upgrading from the 4S. Which begs the question what percentage of the remaining 50% are upgrading from a 3GS or iPhone4? Even if it is 25% it means that only 25% of iPhone5 sales are to new customers. That doesn't really bode too well as far as expanding Apple's market share either in the U.S. or abroad. Granted Apple will still make money hand over fist but will either minimally increase their global market share or keep it static. In either case it doesn't say much for Apple that they cannot generate new business like Android has with its' 1.3 million unique activations daily.

If that many of the 4S owners are getting a new phone after a maximum of 11 months, I'd say that 50% is insane (Doing the same thing - buying an iPhone - and expecting different results is clearly insane!).

Of course, when replacing your battery requires special tools and is quite literally made to be a pain in the ass, what should we expect?


he probably just enjoying the view

It isn't unthinkable for someone to "upgrade" from a GS3. It's just unwise and ill advised. Jk, really, we don't need any more flame war. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who just love new techs. They are not necessarily brand loyal.

I applaud Apple because they do one thing very well.

They show me where all the stupid people are....

I applaud Apple because they do one thing very well.

They show me where all the stupid people are....

That's just classic British humour.Certainly brought a smile to my face, reminds me of the iPhone 4 launch when for a laugh I went along with the Mrs to pick up her iPhone, I stood in the crowd just laughing at the madness of the waiting crowd, I too filmed it on my Nexus 1 and posted onto the now defunct Google Buzz (R.I.P)