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Despite earlier reports that it'd be landing sometime today, there's been no sign of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for Vodafone UK-branded Galaxy S II phones. The update, which first hit unbranded phones in Korea in mid-March, is now expected to arrive through Samsung's Kies software tomorrow, and in an OTA next Tuesday, April 17.

Voda pointed the finger at Samsung in a statement released today to explain the latest delays --

Unfortunately Samsung have told us this morning that they are unable to make the update available to you as planned.

The new plan from Samsung is that the update will be available via KIES tomorrow, 13th April, and via Over The Air update on Tuesday 17th April. If this moves at all, we’ll of course let you know.

I know a lot of you, like us, will be disappointed at this last minute change of plan and we continue to challenge Samsung to make this available to you as quickly as possible.

The Ice Cream Sandwich roll-out for Galaxy S II phones in the UK has been anything but smooth. Three and O2 customers got the update pretty swiftly, but other networks have dragged their heals.

Surprisingly, owners of unlocked devices, usually first with updates, have been left to languish on Gingerbread while network-branded phones get the new software through Kies. Once the Vodafone update's out of the way, hopefully Samsung will be able to push out ICS to long-suffering unbranded customers.

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Vodafone UK Galaxy S II ICS update postponed, now expected tomorrow


From the previews I have seen, we aren't really missing much. Seems the TW skin covers over the ice creamy goodness so much that it really is hard to notice the difference at first glance.

idk about the other versions of the GS2, but the Sprint version has the option to turn off Touchwiz and use the ICS launcher.

I have the SGS2 I9100 on Vodafone (Germany) and have been waiting for the update since March. Could not wait any longer so I flashed the ICS 4.0.3 I9100XWLP7 unbranded Russian. Now that everything is settling in, I am quite happy. The prior release (
I9100XWLP4 Luxembourg) had terrible battery performance.

Can someone please tell me why I posted 2 weeks ago that I was able to upgrade two phones SGS2 (i9100) unlocked to ICS IN the US and posted it on the androidcentral forums only to hear crickets?


Has ANYONE else in the states been able to upgrade?

Commentary: ICS is faster and improves battery life, but is heavily buried under TW. Still, it's a nice improvement.