Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 will run $199 on contract for US Cellular; wearables come in at $299 and $199

US Cellular today announced it'll carry two colors of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with both of them available for $199 on contract and after an instant rebate. In addition, USCC's throwing in a code good for $50 worth of stuff on Google Play. The phones will be available online and in stores on April 11, preorders start March 21. Same goes for the new Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit — the Gear 2 will come in at $299, while the Neo and Fit will command just $199.

And a handful of stores in Iowa and Wisconsin will have the GS5 and Gear devices available for direct purchase. They are:

  • 2315 Edgewood Rd., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • 4444 1st Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • 101 Junction Rd., Madison, Wis.
  • 740 N. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis.
  • 5670 N. Port Washington, Glendale, Wis.

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US Cellular gets two colors of the Galaxy S5, throws in $50 for Google Play


Why wouldn't it be $199 on contract? Isn't that the standard price for this stuff now says?

Also screw US Cellular, all the attitude and hidden fees of a big carrier with the crap spectrum of a small carrier. With US Cellular it's lose-lose.

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Crap spectrum? Hidden fees? I've been with US Cell for 12 years and I've never had any problems.

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That's not the point. They don't have the coverage or network of the bigger carriers, yet they are priced similarly.

It's great that you don't have any problems. My younger brother used to be with US Cellular and loved their service. But, that was when they were more competitively priced, compared to the other carriers.

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For a less important carrier I'm impressed by their ability to respond to upcoming products quickly.
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Technically, they are. US Cellular is more of a super MVNO than one of the big carriers. And, considering that they follow Verizon's and AT&T's pricing schemes and have yet to make a market disrupting move, I'd say that his statement is spot on.

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Please delete this spam. Please and thank you.

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AC, it would be nice for you to actually mention what colors are available since you put it in the headline...

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It says it in the link... Which makes it even more confusing that it isn't included in what AC posted.

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Semi-related question: What happened to the KitKat update for the US Cellular Galaxy S4? I want to update my girlfriend's phone, but the update isn't listed on their site. Anyone know whats up?

My wife and mine are both 4.4.2. Try and grab the OTA update from the phone.

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