Galaxy Note 2

After this morning's announcement that the Galaxy Note 2 would be everywhere in the next few months, we've been waiting for word from each carrier. U.S. Cellular has jumped in and put their pre-order page live, and if you can part with $300 (on a contract, of course) you can have a shiny Galaxy Note 2 shipped your way by the end of October.

That's honestly a bit sooner that we expected after hearing Samsung say carriers should have them by mid-November, but we're going to complain. No word from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon as of yet, but we expect news soon.

Source: US Cellular


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US Cellular Galaxy Note 2 pre-order page is up, shipping the end of October for $300


Engadget says full retail price is $800. That's just insane. Especially when 10 inch tablets are starting retail at $400. Hopefully TMo's will be more reasonable. I'm thinking in the $600-650 range.

You realize that tablets are a lot easier to make right? They fit approximately the same technology as a phone in a much bigger body, and in this industry making things small = $$$. I find the concept of a smartphone much more amazing than that of a tablet, and it seems hilarious to me that people complain about cost when I think of all the amazing things these small devices can do. It wasn't that long ago that high-end computers were less powerful than these phones, and it lets us have games, music, video, social media, news, a camera, and encyclopedias of information at our fingertips for less than it costs to buy a set of encyclopedias. Personally I feel blessed to live in a time and place where I can get a device to do so much for me for only $800.

Incidentally, if you've already signed a two year with USCC and are now upgrade eligible, you can get that Note 2 for $299 without a new contract, thanks to USCC's Belief Plans. I just picked up the SGS3 on contract price, but no new contract. Pretty awesome!

@zachavm Full Retail in the U.S. is simply to force you into a two year contract. Or at least nudge you that direction.

I don't why people complain about the $300 (on contract) price. After all, you're getting one of the best devices on the market, and for the many who already understand what this device is all about they see it as an all-in-one package.

Think about it, $200 for high-end smartphone like the GSIII, and another $200 - $500 for an Android tablet. A person could get this one device for $300, and not have to carry two devices, and have all the functionality of a smartphone, the features of a tablet, and the added bonus of an electronic notepad. For $300 it's a win-win for many.

Give DAS a Prize..

That is EXCACTLY why I bought the Note *1* a couple of months ago.. for $188.00 :-)

Rooted & Romed & Overclocked @ 1,728 mhz and loving it..

And thanks to the Note 2's System Dump.. Our Note 1 Roms will have all of the Note

2's apps Ported and Incorperated into our Roms in the next few weeks before the

Note 2 even hits the U.S. Market.. $300.00 + Tax + a Case, Charge Stand, Car Charge

ouch.. That's some Duckets..

I literally signed up for an account just to ask you how you did this. The Note 1 is an awesome device and is basically a steal with the Note 2 coming out, BUT how did you install a Note 2 Rom and the other stuff??? This idea is awesome

This figures that Verizon is late to the party. They will most likly wait til last to announce when they are going to release it.

$300 for the 16GB when you can get the SGSIII for $249 for the 32GB. This might push me to get the SGSIII.

You can buy that extra 16GB for next to nothing (micro SDs are super cheap these days), so I would make your decision on other factors. Keep in mind that the Note also has twice the RAM, a slightly more powerful processor, and a bigger, scree, not to mention all the note/stylus features. The S3 has a better front facing camera, and the ppi is also higher since it's a smaller screen. I think the best determining factor is whether or not you want to switch to a phablet with a stylus, or stick to a more conventional phone.

Remember, the G-Note is not for those looking for a mere smartphone. The GSIII, One X, Nexus, and a host of other smartphones are available for those who only want a smartphone.

The Note is for those who want more than that. It serves as a smartphone, tablet, and an electronic notepad all in one device.

I have used the Note since it hit the US shores on Feb. 19, and there is no other device that compares in functionality and portability. Sure there are specs here and there one could argue about, but once you've used one, and taken advantage of all of its capabality, you'd be hard pressed to use a mere smartphone ever again.

+1 Das... I have yet to use the note but for what it is and does this is the phone for me. I will say i wanted the GS3( still do ) But my wife wanted and loves the function of the note so we will be getting the Note Tab for her and the GS3 which opens the possibility for me to get this. A lot of people complained and said that the first one was to big. But look at the sales it made and for this to go to all 5 major carriers, they know this phone will rock. I will be happy to use my last premier upgrade from Sprint for this phone and the next 2 years with this will be great. Samsung imo has skyrocketed Android to the top with there line of phones and this with the GS3 will keep it there. I hope that they now maintain this form factor and stick it to crApple. I would just change internals for the next model and let this body style rule the next 2 years.