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A little bit of Android news out of this morning's T-Mobile earnings call, following its Q2 earnings announcement: The carrier mentioned some pretty strong sales for the Samsung Galaxy S4. And while it lagged behind the iPhone by a few hundred thousand units, it's still right up there.

This was not a quarter that was defined by any one device. As we said, we sold about 900,000 iPhones, which is terrific, a great success. We also sold about 600,000 Galaxy S4s.

It's tough to extrapolate to the other operators, but figure decent sales one way or the other.


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T-Mobile sold about 600,000 Samsung Galaxy S4s in Q2


If the HTC One only sold 1.5 million in May, with HTC's financials in a drastic free fall ever since, I don't think very many HTC Ones were sold at The Mobile in July. Hence no sales numbers reported from T Mobile.

this is not an anti-Nexus comment.

I would say that 3M total Nexus 4s were sold, play store and tmo

Your name kinda is Anti-Nexus.... But I agree with you. Doubt my phone sold well enough

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Honestly, in its current form, and actually in any of its last 3 forms, I would not own one. Not saying it is a bad phone, it just doesn't do anything I want it to.

Vanilla Android is nice and quick and light and all that, but to use the words of one of the editors here at AC, it is barebones. And it should be, there is nothing wrong with it.

I like the better cameras and the LTE. I like removable storage and batteries (for now).

Anyway, to the point, I knew it would come off as being anti-nexus so that is why I qualified it.

A little research says that the number 3M total N4 Sales is more than likely high. It appears that just about 400K were PRODUCED through January and we all know that sales drop off after the first few months.

The actual total may be closer to 2M total units.

A whole lot better than the Gnex sales that is for sure, but not making a significant dent in anyones sales figures.

When they throw it on all carriers again, with LTE for the low price of the N4, then you will see it hit 5M or more

Why are people so obsessed with LTE? If you can get 20mbps down on HSPA+, why do you need it? What's the use case?

I was on Verizon, which is as good as att, but doesn't have hspa so lte was the choice. Then looking to lower my bill, I could go tmo or Sprint. Tmo blows ALOT around here and Sprint had about a 50% roll out in my area with great coverage. It was a no brainer to go to sprint.

Simply put, it was edge on tmo, lte on Sprint, or keep getting raped by vzw.

Lte was the only option

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Great point. LTE for tmobile users is just a bonus. If Sprint doesn't improve their network in my area by December I'll be enjoying 12-15mbps hspa+ and 30mbps and higher LTE. Sprint better step it up, tmobile is making great moves!

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T-Mobile customer living in suburb of Boston. My HSPA+ speeds are during the day between 15-23mb down and 4up. Just got LTE about 3 weeks ago and my LTE speeds are during the day between 20-30mb down and 9up. At night obviously faster. Never seen EDGE in years in this area. It's great being able to just shut the LTE radio off if I want to save battery. The best part is my plan, real unlimited data with free tethering to a certain amount of data. If I want to pay a few extra bucks I can get unlimited tethering as well. Verizon and AT&T around here are so bogged down especially Verizon. T-Mobile is just constantly adding new towers. Great stuff from T-Mobile. If you have them in your area try them out you might be surprised. One other note, many people say they have a hard time getting T-Mobile signal in their house, I don't have that problem but if you do T-Mobile offers a free signal booster. It's not one that connects to your wifi, it's a real signal booster, it's wireless, you put one part in a window in the highest part of your house and the other on the first floor or basement. That is it, guaranteed to get full bars of coverage as long as there is a T-Mobile signal in the area. This isn't a cheap ass booster, it's top quality. Good Luck.

I am one of the lucky ones where Sprint is not actually doing the work. I truly believe that is why i got GREAT signal so fast. Just lucky I guess

I get faster speeds with my Nexus 4 on T-Mobile than my friend with a GNex on Verizon LTE. 16Mb/s down is plenty for me.

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That's the plan I'm getting while my contract with Sprint expires. It's an awesome plan for those who don't use too many minutes.

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If they sold those in any amount comparable to the S4 and the Iphone they would have mentioned it, given that they didn't the amount of sold N4 & One in Q2 is significantly less.

Let's Take Stock Here...

1.5 Million... Either New or COMMITTED Customers at the (4th) Place carrier in just One Quarter... on just 2 devices....

And add another vote for the $30 plan... I've only paid $360.00 for the LAST YEAR'S WORTH OF SERVICE.. and good HSPA+ Service at that.

Love you T-Mo


T-Mo... Forever.

If we make the reasonable assumption that T-mob's iPhone sales break down the same way as ATT and Verizon, which is roughly half 5 and half 4/4S, that means the S4 comfortably outsold the iPhone 5.

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OMG, are you serious? Why? Android doesn't even USE ALL FOUR CORES! Its built for dual core right now, even the graphics chips aren't being utilized right.

We need new code, framework, NOT chips. This is getting nuts!

I left VZ for TMO cause I wanted the N4 and to save a few bucks. Outside Phila TMO just didn't cut it. Way to many dropped calls and poor coverage. Back to getting raped on VZ (I run my business on it, so it's a no brainer). I did keep my N4 and got the $30 plan just as a backup, and got the S4. Both are great phones, and LTE isn't all that ... I know it'll never happen but I'd love to see VZ carry the Nexus 5.

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