T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II is getting an update today to Android 2.3.5, software version T989VUVKL1. You're getting a trio of "enhancements" (read: bugfixes) with this update, including caller ID, battery and Wifi calling. T-Mobile notes that the update's not mandatory, but we can't think of why you wouldn't want a better phone. 

You can get the update over the air, or use the Kies Mini desktop app thingy if you're a glutton for punishment.

Source: T-Mobile; More: T-Mobile Galaxy S II forums
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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II getting fixes for caller ID, battery life, Wifi calling


I wonder if they'll ever explain why there is Voice Command AND Voice Talk? Why are they separate applications seemingly? Also, why is Voice Talk so inacurate when Voice Command appears to work fine?

How about they allow us to turn 4G off as well. I swear Edge works better for phone calls but the damn phone stays in 4G and suffers badly from quality.

ust picked up a White GSII over the weekend. Tried multiple times to get the update over the air and no go. I successfully applied the update via Kies today in less than 20 minutes.

Now About Phone says:

Android Version: 2.3.6

Baseband Version: T989UVKL1

Kernel Version:


Now my BT is not working right. I pair with an Moto HX1. Gives a beep every 30 secs or so through the headset and the connection light on the headset blinks red every 6 sec or so. I can still use BT with the phone; but the beep is super annoying. It worked just fine prior to the update.

Will have to wait and see if the battery lasts longer. I had mixed results battery wise in the last few days of using it quite a bit and downloading new apps, etc. over wifi and 4G.

Anyone experience similar BT issues? Thanks! (I posted this in the Tmob GSII forum as well).

i woke up yesterday with an ota update wiating for me on my phone, not knowing anything about the update. so i installed it, took about 10 mins, now wifi calling.

i've had numerous issues with my BT headset where after its paired, when i turn it off and try to reconnect the next day, it says it needs to be paired with the phone. then its a pain to get it to pair again.

maybe i'll go checkout the tmobile s2 forum to see if any solutions.