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Here's the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, which you can find in select stores today for $149 on contract. Dunno which stores those are, chances are they'll be the ones with smug looks on their faces. For everybody else, you'll be able to get this awkwardly named (but surprisingly decent, if not necessarily cutting-edge) Android 2.3.6 smartphone on March 28.

We're knee deep into writing our full review (spoiler: It ain't new, but it ain't bad, either), but for now check out our hands-on from Mobile World Congress if you haven't already.


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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G available in select stores today


Ok heads up to Central a Costco Kiosk Rep, we are getting the Samsung Blaze for 69.99 New n Upgrades ;-)

Walked into my local t mobile store, it was very empty. Started looking around and saw the Blaze 4g, but not a working unit. Asked the worker if they had any in stock and they said yea :) thinking about getting it i like the size and touchwiz 4.0 is pretty cool.

Aurora Colorado is on the list for stores that have the Blaze 4g in stock, just a heads up if anyone is in the area lol...