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If you've been holding off picking up an Android tablet simply due to cost then Staples wants your business. To entice you, they're now offering $100 off select tablet purchases with the coupon above. You'll need to print it off in order to use it but that's the easy part -- the hard part? Selecting what tablet you'll be buying. The coupon is valid through 7/30/11 at Staples locations across the U.S. with the Nook being the only Android tablet excluded.

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Staples giving $100 off select tablets, what will you be buying?


Stores don't have them, but if you walk into the store and buy the 32Gb, they will ship to you and apply the coupon. I just got back from my local Staples. I'll have my Galaxy tab 10.1 32Gb shipped to my house for free, 100 coupon applied.

That would be awesome, but I expect the old adage will apply here...
If it sounds too good to be true...

I'm thinking the intent is "no" since they say it excludes NOOK, but, since they didn't specifically exclude NOOKcolor, you might be able to argue your point. A $150 nookcolor would be an awesome birthday present, if anybody wants to try....

They may be contractually bound to a set price on the nooks, though..I've never seen one new for a different price.

You can get a refurb nook color on ebay directly from B&N for $199.

And since you can root that mug and slather it with cyanogen gingerbread love, its unbeatable, really. Best wi-fi android device for the money out there.

Where did this come from? I'm trying to find a link. I know a bunch of people sent this in but I would like to make sure it isn't for VIP. Because this is awesome.

i just used that coupon to get 100 off the galaxy tab. Now i have 14 days to decide if i should keep it or go back to my xoom.

I have an important question. do we save thus image and print it out or do we go to a certain website to print out the whole page like it says??? help, please! :o

You can only get the 16gb Galaxy, right? Because they aren't stocking the 32gb one and now they say the ASUS is out of stock! They are going fast!

I picked one up today. 16gb Galaxy Tab 10.1

I had purchased it at Best Buy yesterday but they refused to price match so I returned it and went to staples. They had to pull it out of the back room. They didn't even have them on display.

As long as you purchase IN-STORE, it doesn't matter if the product is in stock. I just purchased a Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipping to my house, coupon applied!

plus already having an android phone, it's hard to find a use for an android tablet that i can't already do on my phone. and if i'm using one, i'm not using the other, kinda a waste :/

For everyone saying Staples is sold out, try Office Depot, Walmart and Bestbuy. They will all price match competitor coupons.

Thank You Cares! I picked up an Acer Iconia at Office Depot, they accepted the Staples coupon no problem. I tried 2 Staples but missed the last ones by minutes at both locations. I called Best Buy and they said they would not accept the coupon, I told them no problem I'll head across the street to Office Depot. ;)

If they carry it online, they'll apply the coupon as long as you go to the store. They'll ship to you for free and apply the coupon...just did it at my local store.

Going in the morning to see if the BB I bought mine at on Saturday will price match. I'm hoping they will.

If you're getting shut out at Staples go to Office Depot. I picked up the Transformer today for $299-they accept competitor's coupons

an office depot's site says they have some for "in store pickup" a couple of miles away. Ill have to try to grab one tm.
(staples, Walmart, target, BB, and yes even kmart dont have any in my area.)

I literally walking in to get a xoom untill I saw a Dell 15" laptop sporting a core i3, 6GB ram, etc etc for $450 on clearance and was reminded how close the xoom was to my dx lol Too bad they were out, now im hunting down that laptop

Please let us know if anyone was able to pick up a NookColor with this coupon. I'd be interested. I've already rooted 7 of them for friends and colleagues. I'm sure many more would bite @ $149. I might even pick up one for my wife.

The coupon says "Nook by Barnes and Noble", a Nook and a NookColor are two different tablets, and I believe Staples sells them both.

if i can get a bb, walmart, office depot to price match then i will try to score a transformer if not then the iconia or xoom

I got an Iconia today. I wanted a Transformer since I could actually charge it via USB, but apparently, they don't carry ASUS in the stores.

Best Buy would not price match coupons, had to take my unlocked tab 10.1 back for full return and go next door to Staples to buy it. One good thing Staples does is tax the price after rebate and not before like best buy, I live in Calif. God I hope this one has an unlock bootloader.

Same here..I literally bought a Transformer the night before this coupon-hadn't even opened the box by the next morning. BB would not take the coupon so of to Office Depot and back to BB for a full refund-I lost my $10 BB reward bucks when I returned it tho so that sux

Grabbed a Galaxy Tab 16gb at Staples. He said they are building a tablet area and might have Asus and 32gb Galaxy by next week. This week will be a good test run.

Picked up a Transformer from Office depot w/ this coupon. they first didn't want to take it, but the manager called corporate and 10min later, i was out the door w/ my new tablet!!!

ARRRRGGGHHHH! Staples....why for ju try and rape mai wallet?
*glares at the Transformer and Thrive taunting him to buy meeeee*

So tempted to get an ASUS Transformer at Office Depot because of this... At $400 it was a wait and see, but at $300 the only thing holding me back is the possibility of even cheaper quality tablets by the holidays (Archos maybe?)... Might go check it out tomorrow, still haven't seen it in person. Handled the Xoom a few times and it did seem pretty hefty. Like half the Office Depot near here say "limited availability", the other half are out of stock.

With that philosophy you will never get anything...jump in the water for $299! The Transformer is very cool and a steal at $299, even when factoring in the keyboard at $149

I have an important question. do we save thus image and print it out or do we go to a certain website to print out the whole page like it says??? help, please! :o

Well I went into staples yesterday to buy the transformer, but after playing with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 I could not look at anything else. Anyway now I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that cost me $399. Hell of a deal. Thank you Staples.

Does anybody buy the Xoom? $100 price cut and then this makes it only $399 for 32gb. And with 3.2 the SD card works.

Confirmed by Staples the Asus Transformer is Online only and the coupon does not apply to it.

(also office depot has gotten wise and is now rejecting the coupon on the transformer because "staples does not have it in stock")

And the transformer is now out of stock online. WTF. *sighs* I guess I get to continue to wait another few damn months to get my tablet.

As long as you GO to the store for the purchase, you can get it anywhere. They will ship to you for free and apply the coupon on site.

I have called atleast 6 office depots here in NJ and they are not willing to match. Do you know which one did you go to?

I have called atleast 6 office depots here in NJ and they are not willing to match. Do you know which one did you go to?

The Staples by me only had a display Tab 10.1 available. I took the coupon to the Best Buy next door and they were able to match it. I know some said it didn't work for them, but it did for me. Worth a try.

Got my Transformer today at Office Depot. Told him what i want and that staples has it $100 cheaper. He acted as if he looked it up, but i dont think he really did. Put some code in and i paid $299 and of course bought the keyboard regular price. No problems at all. Not one glitch, in and out in 5 minutes!

has anyone had any luck with going to TARGET and seeing if they price match? mine a few days ago, but at target....

Went to Office Depot today and they confirmed that they will accept the coupon but only for BB Playbook, ASUS Transformer and $50 off the Acer Iconia Tab500. I'm going back tomorrow to get the Transformer. Woot!

Walmart, Best Buy, and Micro Center refuse to match the coupon.

Seriously a terrible deal. WTF Staples?? Everyone should be pissed. Staples puts out this awesome coupon and is convienently OUT OF STOCK of their most in-demand tablets (Asus & Acer) . So no one can get them from their local Staples (which never had them in the first place), no one can get them online (the deal isnt good there), If you call and order through Staples no one can get them delivered because the deal also isn't good there. AND....You can't get Price Matches at Best Buy or Office Depot (OD Corporate offices recently sent out an email to all stores, not to honor it except for the Blackberry PlayBook) because STAPLES is OUT OF STOCK of them on their website! (and in my case, the whole North East USA) I spent the whole day yesterday going to different stores trying to get this deal. It's only good for another week. Staples should never have let this go out of stock AND NOT ALLOW RAINCHECKS. It's such bad business. My husband used to work at Customer Service at Shop Rite Supermarket and if the circular said there was a sale on Watermelons, and they had no watermelons (which wouldn't really happen b/c they would stock up like crazy knowing they put the deal out), the customers would REVOLT! Demand Rain Checks! They are entitled to this DEAL!! And so are we!!!! WE SHOULD BE ANGRIER!!!!

Simmer down! If they are out of stock in store, you can buy it there on site and they'll ship it to you. Don't get your panties all in a wad!

No, no you can't. That's just the thing. You can not buy it there on site at the kiosk, or anywhere...because it is sold out online. You can't add it to your cart. And if you wish to be on the waiting list for delivery you are excluded from the coupon because it is in-store purchases only. You can't win with this one. Sorry but I tried everything.

Well here's my experience with this coupon and local stores, keep in mind I was barely keeping up with people's experiences on forums and such. I went to a local Staples store to buy a transformer, turns out they don't carry it in store. So I figured, hey other stores might match it. So I head over to Best Buy because I have a giftcard that will also help in the price. I have the Transformer in hand about to check out and they wouldn't match the coupon price, saying that if it was a sale, they would match it, but they can't match a coupon because there's no way to ring it up. I said ok then, bye and walked out empty handed. I head over to HHGregg which was across the street. I spoke to a sales person and he said they might be able to match it, then a manager comes and says that he's had other people come in with the coupon too but he can't match it completely, he'll only take off like 50 bucks from the Thrive which is what he did for an earlier customer. So I asked what about the transformer? He said no. So I walked out. A couple days later I try an Office Depot, they had an email from Corporate stating that they can only match it on the Acer and the Blackberry tablets, not the Transformer because it's not carried in store at Staples. At this point, considering the transformer was even sold out online, I was about to get the Acer, but decided to come back later, again walking out empty handed. I went to 2 different best buy and hhgregg stores and again, they wouldn't match it at all. So I figured at this point, what the hell, and go to a Staples that's a block away. I go in and they don't have the Acer at that store. I was like "FML!" So I leave and go to the Staples by my house. They have the Acer. I go look at it, it's password locked and the salesperson didn't know the password. So i'm looking at it, thinking if I it, I wouldn't be complete content with it. Then for some odd reason I asked about the Xoom, asking for the price. Sales person says 599.99, then looks at the info next to the display and says "oh no, 499.99." And that caught my attention, so i said "Oh but thats the 16gb one right?" And he says "Yes I believe so." So I go look at it, see the info and read 32GB. I'm like "Wait it's 32gb, is that correct?" Turns out it is and that the old price was 599.99. So i thought about it, and considering it's a 32GB tablet, at the price of a 16gb, plus already have 3.2 available, I decided to jump on it. So I have my Xoom and don't regret it one bit. I love it.

Tried two Staples to see if they would use the coupon for the Nook Color, and no luck. I tried pointing out that the coupon excludes Nooks, not Nook Colors, and they didn't seem to let that fly. They said they consider the Nook family "e-readers" not tablets. Oh well. Now trying to convince the wife to let me get an Acer. It's over my budget though so may have to hold out longer.

I had absolutely no luck with this I was told the coupon was a fake by best buy and office max wouldn't be take it... This was in Knoxville, TN

Best Buy knew about the coupon and said they would not accept it (went to 2 different locations). Staples doesn't have any in stock. I will try to go to Staples and order it in the store and have it shipped to me.

Well, after more calling around, I was told that Staples switched the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to online-only (with shipments in the stores being sent back to the warehouses) so that people in the store can no longer apply the coupon and ship to your house. Ugh, I hate corporations.

I ended using this coupon at office depot and picked up a Iconia. Love it. I'm in the car tethered to my vibrant as I type this :)

I ended up getting one after being denied and lied to many times. Seemed like no stores wanted to actually acknowledge the use of this coupon. They were suddenly changing around all their rules. I saw the Asus Transformer 16gb "in stock" on the other day at 7:30 AM. Before work, I rushed to my local Staples and stood outside until they opened. I went straight to the kiosk and luckily it was still in stock. Ordered it paid at register, used coupon, shipping to the store and it came the next day. Funny it came the next day because apparently the entire Northeast USA is out of stock of these things.