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Sprint has issued a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a few tweaks and fixes, but the most notable one is that it makes it so S Finder doesn't offer up Google search results anymore. The update also intends to fix resonsiveness with the S View Cover, let you take pictures during a voice call, and squash a few alarm and e-mail bugs.

As is, S Finder has generally been more about searching for results locally on the device than out on the web, though new search categories can be enabled by apps you install later. Though two of our international S5s never had Google web search through S Finder to begin with, apparently T-Mobile's did (and still does).

Moves like this illustrate both Samsung's willingness to push beyond Google's Android platform, and also why nobody uses Samsung's apps. Despite its front-and-center location in the notification tray, S Finder hasn't seen a lot of use on my S5, but maybe your situation is different. S5 owners, is S Finder (or any preloaded Samsung apps for that matter) a big deal for you? What do you make of Samsung's gradual drifting away from Google services? Sprint customers, are you getting this update yet?

Source: Sprint; Thanks to slackerjack in the forums for the heads up


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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 update squashes bugs and drops Google from S Finder


So much for that Samsung/Google agreement that never really existed.

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I'm sure s finder. Was meant only to search for things over the phone not the Web. If you want that. That is what the Google search widget is for

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not necessarily negative. samsung is drifting away from what we all love. their build quality is pretty shotty in my opinion and i dont want all there duplicate apps anyway.

"samsung is drifting away from what we all love"

How do you know what I like? or millions of other people like?

Its going to be a beautiful day when Samsung introduces a capable phone without Google Services, to the masses that are picking it up because they thought it was a "Galaxy".

Now comes the part where you have to explain to your parents that everything that says Samsung is not Android.

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Why use S-Finder for web results?

That's What S-Voice is for. S-Voice still works and is fully functional on my Sprint S5 with Google Chrome and every other app on your device.

Too many Samsung haters on this site...

Apple is the answer to your question.

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I laugh at ignorant Samsung haters... The S5 is a top notch phone...
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I lauph at the lack of respect that AC had toward getting correct information out to the public and not trying to start some Samsung flame war. This is the second article that has misleading or incorrect information and then runs a op ed on such misleading info, in just minutes.

I'm losing respect for AC real fast. I thought the Samsung bashing was over last year.

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No kidding, but it's not just AC. I'm convinced that tech journalists have formed a secret conspiracy to "save" HTC by badmouthing Samsung all the time, while simultaneously ignoring the S5's virtues and the M8's flaws.

That Samsung is moving away from Google. By removing Google search results from sfinder. When sfinder was only needn't to search the device only.

If you need to search the Web you have, Google now, Google search widget, and svoice.

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What do I think? I think I have purchased my last Samsung phone. I bought the Epic4G, and currently have the SGS 3. When it comes time to upgrade, I am getting a Nexus. Sorry Samsung, but I am NOT buying into a closed ecosystem, which you seem hell bent on creating within Android. There is a REASON I choose Android over Apple, and am moving away from Microsoft's products. Sadly, you don't seem to get it. Bye.

What the hell are you on about? Nothing about Samsung's Eco system is closed other than the apps that it creates itself for its users. There's no part of Android that's off limits or that funnels you back to Samsung.

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Why are you complaining about Samsung? Sprint is the one doing this, not Samsung. Samsung doesn't' tell the carriers to disable features. They do it on their own.

Just updated the software. I was having an issue where the alarm would be set, but then overnight something happens and the alarm never goes off in the morning. Additionally, at the same time, text messaging stopped working as well. When I would reset the phone in the morning everything would work again, but overnight something would happen and the cycle would begin. I REALLY hope this fix takes care of it

See if you have blocking mode on and the alarm shut off in it. Also if you go into super power saver mode the alarm wont go off.

it is not about hating samsung. it is about the fact they are closing off the ecosystem and trying to push people to duplicated apps that google already provides in their app package. i gave up on samsung after my galaxy nexus, had to replace the charging port 5 times, and i take care of my devices! and i cannot tell you how many samsung phones i repair on a weekly basis!

I think Samsung's long term goal is to create their own walled garden, something akin to Apple, in which they can enjoy more and more control of the user environment, and enhance their bottom line.

As much as I think the S5 hardware and features are better than the HTC One M8, this kind of action by Samsung is a serious negative to me. I hate that they did it, but I'm glad it happened before I chose my next phone.

What the hell about the 4glte signal dropping constantly to 3g? My s4 had constant 4g I didnt see 3g for at least a year b4 I got s5

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Its fixed my connectivity problems can read my post to see what I mean by that!

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Good! I'm a sprint technician and all of the S5s we have sold so far are staying on 3G and not hitting LTE. Glad this fixes it

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---Maybe typing in all-CAPS will get through to the Samsung haters?--- Doubt it.

Or maybe typing in all caps is just annoying and not an attention getter.

I have an m8. I love it, but still find myself pondering over the s5. I didn't like previous Samsung phones, especially the s4 that I had to disable animations to keep it running smoothly. My wife's s4 updated to kitKat and became laggy. Until they make touchwiz less intrusive and gargantuan, I'm afraid I'll stick to something else

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Also - shame on the article writer saying Samsung is pushing isolation from Google when it's SPRINT that disabled the feature. Good grief.

Why is samsung pushing beyond google just by separating the S Finder and Google search? Isn't it the way is meant to be? I even think the S5 is closer to google than the S4. Now I don't need to install S-apps like S-translator and just use google translate.

The article heading clearly (and correctly) recognizes that it's a SPRINT update that squashes bugs, and disables Google from S-Finder. However, the writer then goes out of his way to incorrectly put the blame on Samsung?

Samsung seems to create a lot of its own apps because they obviously have found (and just based on sales of their devices) that their customers actually want what they are producing.

The question asked by the writer of whether I use any of the preloaded Samsung apps is "yes" in my case. I like and use S-Health to track my food intake, running distance, and weight each day. I use Scrapbook to save articles and videos I want to watch or read later. I use their music player to listen to podcast I download to the device. I use Samsung Link to view and share photos, videos, and music between my other Samsung devices. I use action memo to easily jot down and save contact information when I'm in a meeting or at a conference. I use the native the messaging app for my text messages. I use WatchOn to control my home theater system. I use the native internet app when I need flash on a website (otherwise I prefer Google Chrome).

I do not use Group Play, S-Voice, Story Album, or S-Translator.

The one big thing that disappointed me was....the fact you cant talk and use data at the same time. Very annoying if you use hotspot to watch Netflix on your tv and some one calls. Does anyone know if this will Unroot your phone?