Galaxy S4

24MB over the air update rolling out now for Sprint's newest smart phone

If you were lucky enough to pick up a Sprint Galaxy S4 over the weekend, you'll want to start checking for a system update. Build L720VPUAMDL is pushing out, checking in at about 24MB. A scouring of the Internet doesn't seem to tell us anything about this update or what it addresses, so your guess is as good as ours. We assume it's a standard last-minute patch that we see with many new devices, and won't bring any new functionality or make any big changes.

In any case, you'll probably want it so be sure to check Settings > More > System Update to update the Samsung firmware.

Thanks, Manuel!


Reader comments

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S4 getting its first OTA update today


I get 3-9mbps on a 2+y/o T-Mobile smartphone.
HTC MyTouch 4G.

I just don't understand why anyone would
prefer Sprint over T-Mobile's HSPA 21/42.

I don't use anything that would benefit from a higher speed, what do you use that needs faster downloads? This may change in the future, but for what I use now, it works for me.

People prefer Sprint because even though the speeds may be low in some areas, the fact that they have coverage when Tmobile doesn't is invaluable.

Hey I'll stick with my att. Glad someone one sprint can get 4g. I was with them for 3 days and was like NOPE.

I'm a Sprint user in a quad - 4GLTE city. So when I look at plans I'm looking for the best price for my buck. I was looking to get the 64Gb HTC ONE on AT&T so I went to their store to compare plans.
The rep basically told me he couldn't help me and to stay with Sprint just from looking at my monthly data usage on my GSIII. I guess I'm saying with data and coverage being equal in a quad - 4GLTE city, don't lose your truly unlimited data...

No problem for me downloading on sprint 3g here. Now verizons crowded network here would be a problem. Sprint 3g 1mbps + all day long plus lte. Verizon 3g not even .1mbps unless its 2 in the morning u might break .5 mbps.
All about where you live. No one is better or worse everywhere

Wait: where are all the comments showing the GS4 the same sentiment that the Samsung fanboys did to the HTC One? They criticized the One for getting an update pushed out so quickly, yet here is a maintenance release for the GS4 in week 1. Expect many more of them too, as this phone has so many add-ons to Touchwiz that it'll take Samsung ages to tweak them to work just right.