Galaxy S4

Sprint has just announced that its Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available April 27 for $249 with a two-year contract. If you port your number to Sprint, however, you'll get another $100.

Preorders start April 18.

Sprint's Galaxy S4 will be available in white frost or black mist, also known as the colors black and white.

As is the case with the U.S. variants, it'll be running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor at 1.9 GHz. 

Source: Sprint


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Sprint Galaxy S4 available April 27 for $249 on contract


So Sprint is charging $50 more than AT&T (and possibly other carriers) for the 16GB version of the phone? That's disappointing. I was trying to decide if I should get the S4 or wait for the Note 3. At this price point, it might push me to wait a few extra months for the N3.

Samsung not Sprint is charging the $50 premium for the 16 GB version of the boring old school stamped out replicant GS4 vs the innovative HTC One 32GB version.

I'm comparing the price of the 16GB GS4 on Sprint vs. the price of the 16GB GS4 on AT&T. My comment said nothing about the One. With Sprint charging $50 more than AT&T for the same phone, it is certainly Sprint charging the $50 premium.

For all the S4 fanboys out there, this is what happens when you get your lauded expandable memory. Samsung and Sprint know most people will buy the 16GB version and a microsd card versus the 32 or 64 gig versions, so they're jacking up the entry-level price. Meanwhile, the HTC One with 32GB will be $199. Trade-offs...

Actually, I was considering getting the 32GB version if the prices were $199/$249 so I wouldn't have to rely on a microSD card as much. The SD card isn't the main reason I'm considering the S4, it's the removable battery. I usually need a backup battery with my Evo 3D to get through the day if I'm not near a charger so I'm not willing to buy an HTC phone that i can't swap batteries with.

But good job painting all S4 "fanboys" with a broad brush regarding wanting an microSD slot.

Problem with removable battery is that you got to remember to charge it beforehand!

Unfortunately, I always forget to charge the flat one after I swap it out.

Considering the HTC One is superior in build quality, call quality, display quality, UI, speaker sound, etc. if you're not buying the S4 for sd expansion and battery, you're not a very savvy shopper. And if it's battery alone, um, no, that's still not a good enough reason.

I love how people trump up the S4 because of its replaceable battery. You do realize you're bragging about your beloved phone's greatest weakness, right? You do get that?

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one. Thanks for sharing yours. If you think your "beloved" HTC One is better on every front, then your shopping decision will be easy.
By the way, you're a savvy shopper when you buy what YOU want, not what someone else says you should buy.
Once again, you do understand that others have differing opinions that are just as important to them, right? You do get that?

Guess what Peter, since we're talking about a phones "weakness"....let's take into consideration what is gonna happen when your phone is shipped with a faulty battery. If that should happen on the S4, I can go down to the Sprint store and they will give me a new battery and I will be on my way. If that happens with your precious One, you're gonna be without a phone for the time they ship you a new one and then have to send the old one back. Also, do you really believe that built in battery will last a hole day after the 12 to 14 month mark, especially if you're a heavy user? All batteries start to significantly degrade after a year...guess what pal, your warranty also ends at a year and you will be screwed with your One. I will be able to get a NEW battery for my S4 on Ebay or Amazon for a few dollars, You wont!!! Enjoy your One and I will enjoy my S4 thanks. :-)

Uninformed and misleading blather.

Recent battery technology (lithium polymer) degradation over time is negligible under normal conditions.

That is complete BS and you know it as well as all the rest of us. Otherwise, I wouldn't have already had to replace 2 OEM batteries on my Evo 3d (in 17 months time). If this isn't due to the battery tech alone, then this is due to what must be an inferior grade of batteries that HTC uses. Yet another excellent example of why I'm switching to Samsung away from HTC. Thank you Jimbo, for your "blather" helping prove yet another point. ;-)

Still have my EVO 3d with the original battery and still holds a charge today like it did when I first bought it. My non-removeable battery in the EVO 4G LTE has ZERO issues with a charge, and going off that pattern, my HTC won't have a single issue with the battery either.

I call BS. My OG EVO was almost useless after 3 hours at the end of a year and a half and I bought a new battery and all was well. My EVO LTE is starting to degrade after just a year. When I take it off the charger now I go from 100% to 90% in less than an hour with no use. Also my friends EVO LTE is doing the same thing but worse! I will never buy another phone with an internal battery, EVER! So you are full of crap if you want us to believe that your EVO 3D is still charging the same as it did almost 2-3 years ago! I also have friends with iPhone 5's who have the exact same problem only worse than me, 5 of them to be exact. Their phones die in about 6 hours. So no, battery technology has not gotten much better.


I disagree. I've found that batteries are good for about 12-18 months before I need to replace them. They just don't hold their charge as well.

It's not uninformed or misleading for your phone to ship with a faulty battery. Lemons happen. However, you would have to replace the entire phone (HTC One); whereas, you would only have to replace the battery in the S4. I'm not debating the merits of either phone, just stating a fact.

I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE. It has a sealed case and I am a heavy user and battery life is still great. I am debating between the S4 and the HTC One. Personally I like the built quality of the HTC one, but the accessories for the S4, especially S-Health just might win me over.

Everyone has their own reasons for buying a phone, I just wanted to say that having a sealed battery has not been an issue for me and I am a heavy user. I own an Internet Marketing company and I am on my phone 24/7. I do have a custom Rom which helps with battery power a lot. I love my phone, because of the performance, camera, battery life and aluminum outer casing. I've dropped it 3 times one concrete without issue. I am probably going to wait for the S4, try it for 14 days and then see how I feel. I didn't care for the S3's built quality. I am not saying it's bad, I just prefer a phone that feels a little more solid. Again I say "feels a little more solid" it might not actually be more durable. Just my two cents, I am however looking forward to trying out both phones.

No Evo LTE couldn't even hold a charge since the last update. I literally kept it charged every chance I got (at work, in the car). It was dying within half a day with moderate use.

I went with the Note II and I'm glad I did.
Removable batteries are a passing thought until the day you actually need them.

I apologize if wanting a removable battery (which isn't the only reason why I might buy the S4 over the One) is not a good enough reason. Next time I'll try to come up with reasons that appease you more.

And I don't know if the battery is a "weakness" of the phone since I haven't used it. I might not need a secondary battery, but I like to know I have the option in case I need it. Especially since the battery in the One is smaller than the battery in the S4 (though you probably somehow think that's a good thing for the One).

What is so bad about Polycarbonate being on the GS4? I rather have a phone that is made out of a impact resiting material that is used on safety glasses that will protect my phone than an aluminum body that will scratch and dent super easily? This is the number one reason why the GS4 is better than the One... polycabonate plastic is flexible,scratch resistance, and a million times more durable that the One which is made out of cheap aliminum-recycled soda cans.. and yes i just said it.. and dont even get me started on how much better TouchWiz is better than Sense. Touchwiz is like a walk in the Tropics sipping on Pina Coldada, While Sense is like having a nightmare inside a rundown factory while having a billion nails poking your eyes

Are you employed by Sprint? The Sprint fanboy is strong in you. You can't accept the fact that not everybody shares your opinion.

If you buy the HTC One on Sprint, then you made an informed decision.
If I buy the S4 on T-Mobile, then I'm automatically a T-Mobile and Samsung fanboy. Your logic baffles me.

So, you've used one, then? Oh, I'm sorry, you were just stating your OPINION. You do realize that you're bragging about a phone that you have yet to use. If you're basing your opinion off of online reviews, then you're not a very savvy shopper.

I love how you trump up the One because of it's irreplaceable battery. You do realize that you're bragging about your beloved phone's greatest weakness, right? You do get that?

See what I did there? Stop bashing people that don't share your opinion.

The HTC One is "NOT" superior. It might feel superior due to it's aluminum backing but so freakin' what. Most will put it in a case, like I, so it's a non-issue. Besides, there are already reports of light leakage and buttons not working correctly on the "One" just like they had on the Evo, Evo 3D, and countless other HTC phones.

So I think I'll stick with Samsung for its "actual" quality and yes....its removable batt and removable SD thank you very much. You get that?

Not really, I guess sprint thinks they can charge a extra $50 because of the popularity, not because of the sd card.

I just saw online that the price for the sprint version is only $150. I guess we'll see when it comes out. Either way I get all my phones at best buy. They most often have promotions or better pricing overall.

Im not on contract now.. So if I port my number to a no contract carrier the day before.... and then when I pick up my GS4 if I port back to sprint... do I save $100?

Not sure about Sprint, but I know some carriers won't let you port a number back until you wait a little (some 30 days, I think one may be 60 days), specifically to avoid this sort of thing.

no..your number would need to be ported off of sprint for a couple of months before you could do something like that. From my experience from being an ex-employee would say about 6 months.

I paid $250 for my Epic (S1), I decided no phone is ever worth that much money on a 2 year contract. I would much rather take the HTC One at $99 than pay $150 more for the S4.

EDIT: Had to correct myself, the price of $99 is with the $100 port discount.

$199...that is good...if it is the 32GB. It should be $199...come on Sprint. What is your deal? I was planning on selling my EVO 4G LTE on ebay and using that money to put towards the new $200 S4...Looks like I will check some plans on AT&T.

Just don't buy the S4 from Sprint. WireFly, Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack, they all have better deals than Sprint.

Good on them to price the phone appropriately. If you guys want a cheaper signup price might have to go with the 'other' brand lol.

Absolutely! They priced it where they think it's worth. Samsung didn't get to this dominant position overnight. It took a lot of work. They did everything right and they've been rewarded handsomely. In the public's opinion, Samsung is the premium manufacturer along with Apple. But don't take my word for it, check sales statements. Other device manufacturers wouldn't dare attempt aggressive pricing like that. They're barely selling at discount. They can't call the shots. You have to be the boss to do that.
Class has been in session for some time now and Samsung is the professor. I only hope the students are taking copious notes.
Their very livelihoods depend on it.

Why? They are extremely cheap now. Especially on Amazon. I got my Samsung 32GB class 10 microSD for 15 bucks.

Just wait for WireFly or a 3rd party retailer to have it cheaper. The One is $200 on Sprint, but I got it for $119 through Wirefly. Sprint needs to make $$$ to expand their horrible data service. (Sprint customer here)

My thoughts exactly. I haven't bought a phone from Sprint since the Palm Pre Minus because Sprint charges so much.

The 3rd party retailers always have great deals on Sprint phones, so I just buy from them. My S1 came from eBay and my S2 came from Amazon. Who will sell me my S4? I guess we'll have to wait and see!

You should give best buy a try. For past 4 years all my phones have been from them. They are always 50 or more cheaper than sprint. On my note 2 I actually got the cheapest since they matched amazon pricing. I only paid $99 for my note 2 from best buy. Although they are no longer matching online prices on phones I think they will still have competing pricing.

Well I am surprised and disappointed Sprint is not matching AT&T. But unless you have a pretty nice corporate discount, I don't know why anyone would buy a phone from a carrier store when you have Best Buy, Radioshack and Amazon as cheaper alternatives.

Very true. I never step into an official store unless I'm trying a phone then I walk right out and walk over to the best buy store. It would be rshack but lately best buy has had better deals and they have phone in stock more often not to mention there is a bb mobile in my town which is great since they are really fast at getting you in and out.

I called Sprint. They said that if I port my number to another carrier.. they have no restrictions on how soon I can port it back.

So if I want to take advantage of the $100 off for porting a number to sprint. What is the easiest way to do this>

Port your number over to ting or virgin mobile or even tmobile. Keep the line active for at least 1 to 2 months and then give it a shot. I just don't know how long that promotion is going for.

I think i'm going to pass on the S4 and wait for the Note 3. Wife is still on her S2, my old S2, so I may get her the S4.

All I want to know is how soon the 32GB and 64GB versions will drop. That makes the decision for me on buying now with a SD card or holding off for more total storage.

at present world high-end smartphone should start with 64GB internal storage at least. basically, Samsung S4 build a new stage for smartphone world,like Samsung Galaxy SII did.

I love how we have such short memories. Every new high-end phone on Sprint starts out at $250...then time passes and it goes to $199 or there's a special or Wirefly has a deal. My SGSII was $125 brand new after Wirefly. I don't think all the carriers want to go over the $199 threshold. They would all have to do it for it to stick. You will likely pay $200 for this phone (minus extra charges of course).

And no, u aren't paying extra for the SD slot. Most consumers could care less and that's who they are thinking of most.

What are you talking about, HTC EVO 4G, EVO 3D, EVO LTE, HTC ONE, SGS2, SGS3, iPhone 5 were all $200 with two year contact. Only the Samsung Note 2 was higher for obvious reasons. So yes, the SGS4 is overpriced.


I've been a Sprint user for 12 years now and since the Evo, all smartphones have been $200 on 2 year contract except the note 2.

with T-Mobile offering the same devices, better pricing and also unlimited, and Verizon and ATT offering better coverage, what is the reason to go with Sprint?

Verizon and At&t are expensive, and T-Mobile does not have widespread coverage. Sprint does not have the fastest network (right now), but they do offer unlimited data, and they are expanding their LTE coverage.

The network you pick depends on your area, phone selection, amongst other factors. Sprint works great for some people, whereas the other carriers don't or are non-existent.

I'm surprised EVERYONE here didn't sign up for the deal Best Buy did with the $50 gift card for any phone purchase this year. Who cares what Sprint charges...

I am just surprised that the S4 is $249 and the One is $199, with the One having twice as much memory. I am not even counting the HTC $100 rebate because HTC needs to do that to help get people to try their phones again (I haven't liked an HTC phone since the original Evo). My wife has the S2, and I have the S3 currently, and she was going to get the S4 when her contract is up (less than 2 months from now). Hopefully 3rd parties will have it for less, or perhaps if Sprint still offers $100 bucks off, we can add a new line to get the price break and then cancel the other line when its contrast runs out.

Either way, just add the pricing for the S4, adding in that US Cellular has it for $199. Usually Sprint is good on pricing... Have they announced 32GB pricing?

I bricked my Galaxy S1 around February and had to pony up for a phone. So of course, I bought the S3 on contract. Is there any way I can get the upgrade without paying full price? I realize I can resell on eBay afterward to recoup, but is there another way?

My biggest complaint, and I know S4 won't fix this, but no 4G in my area. With the S1 I had Wimax in NJ outside of Philadelphia. It was a bonehead move on my part, but I didn't even think that Sprint wouldn't have LTE in my area. I was more worried about getting a working phone. So now I'm stuck with 3G that really sucks. Even my S1 got better 3G signal in the same areas.

I guess I'm also asking if it's worth it? Really the S3 is OK, but wasn't worth the upgrade without a good data connection. And now I'm stuck with even worse 3G signal. Should I just wait for LTE and see what phones are available then?