Sprint's community forums this morning have acknowledged that the EVO 4G LTE has been delayed, stuck in customs. It hasn't gone out and said that it won't be available for Friday morning's launch, but pre-ordered phones are "on hold," writes dshoem01. Pre-ordered phones should still arrive first. Here's the full statement:

  • HTC EVO 4G LTE availability
    The U.S. availability of the HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed.  HTC is working to resolve this issue and appreciates your patience as they work to get products into Sprint channels. We can’t provide specific timing for product availability at this time and we appreciate your patience as HTC works to get products on store shelves as soon as possible.
  • Pre-order status/availability
    Delivery of products for pre-order are on hold and Sprint will provide a ship date as soon as possible. Sprint will maintain the promise for the preorder customers that they will be among the first to receive their HTC EVO 4G LTE units.

Update: The author of the post has since removed pre-order cancellation info, saying it was inaccurate. To cancel a preorder, you'll need to either refuse delivery or call for a return authorization kit.

Sprint PR continues to refer questions to HTC. Check back for any updates.

Source: Sprint community forums; via EVO 4G LTE forums


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Sprint finally acknowledges EVO 4G LTE delay on its community forums


The only advantage to preordering is getting the phone first. That is now gone. I'd cancel mine. The choices now are to grab the phone when the sprint store opens or wait for UPS to show up. UPS doesn't deliver on Saturay or Sunday so I fail to see how the preorders will get to you first, unless this goes into next week.

So, yes you will be "among" the first if you use relative figures I guess, but you wouldn't be the first.

The point of pre-ordering is NOT to get your phone first. The point of pre-ordering a device with expected high retail demand is to reserve a unit so even when the phone supply at the store is gone, you will have yours.

Cancelling your pre-order ONLY because you won't get it before everyone else is rather petty...

Yeah.... I don't know where the idea came from that people pre-order to get it first. I per-ordered my AT&T One X for 2 reasons:

When I had the chance to order it, I got it out of the way. All I had to do after that was wait for it to be delivered to my apartment regardless as to when it launched. That's just pure laziness.

But also... in the off-chance that stores ran out of stock, it need not concern me. I never cared about getting a phone first.

I guess I didn't realize that ever happened. It must be pretty rare as I never see articles about it on AC.

They aren't going to be in stores. They aren't going to be at BestBuy, Amazon, RadioShack, anywhere. The launch will likely be moved to NEXT friday the 25th and the pre-order crowd will get them next Wed or so, still before everyone else. Chill out.

I'm with you I'm waiting on the EVO but sheesh it's only a phone.... I'm sure it will work itself out in a few days.. :)

UPS absolutely delivers on Saturday. It costs extra but all the major delivery companies deliver on Saturday. I have sent and received parts for the machines I work on on Saturdays all over the country. More importantly I've had Sprint ship replacement phones to me and they were delivered on a Saturday. Also, the USPS will deliver Sunday. It costs, but they will do it.

Umm, those who pre-ordered will still get the phone before the people who go to the stores. The launch has been delayed. If nobody receives the phone on Friday, nobody will be able to find it for sale at any of the stores on Friday, either.

They can't afford to. Both have commitments to purchase X iPhones per year. If they don't sell them, they'd be sitting on a net loss of millions/billions and would be out of business by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, it is a business, and with so many isheep out there, they have their hands tied. Especially Sprint, who had to make the move to compete.

I feel silly following this so closely, but I'm just curious how the whole event plays out, not so much what the end result is. I did pre-order, but I'll be just as excited about it when I do finally receive the device. Sometimes it's just fun to watch the people with pitchforks and torches during their online crusade.

I also pre-ordered and enjoy the glow torches in the evening. When it's all said and done my new phone will get her and it'll be better than I could have imagined.

But the mobs are better than day-time television.......

I agree, I'd like to have my phone yesterday, last week, last month! But I'll be happy to have it next week, too. Its going to be an awesome device, and my wife will be happy to have my old Epic 4g. Yay pitchforks!

I find this to be BEYOND hilarious! I really do. The competition is getting critical, and Apple is not having it. (LOL) -- However on a more serious note, this really sucks, I can already see the HTC Exc going crazy in their offices trying to get these phones over here. Wowww I'm amazed.

So have the feds raided Phil's home and office looking for his illicit Evo LTE yet?? We're going to have to soon change the name of this site to Android Underground!

HTC should make an official press release that goes like: "We're terribly sorry for Apple not seeing this as a compliance on our end. As such, we are willing to provide Tim Cook's address for consumers that happens to have urges to stone him to death." :P

Yes Tim Cook had everything to do with this. The ruling by the ITC was just a huge smoke screen to cover that apple is ruling the world.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

You need to harass your congress folks to get them to change the patent laws. That is the only way this will stop.

At someone who recently left Sprint, I was tempted to say "heh, AT&T's One X bootloader might be locked down, but the EVO version is locked out of the country" but then my overwhleming hatred for Apple took over and now I'm on Sprint's side again. Seriously. Screw Apple.

I love how everyone is making a huge stink out of HTC, Apple, and Sprint. This all falls on U.S. Customs they are to blame for not notifying HTC about needing to verify that everything could and would clear customs. U.S. Customs has had several opportunities to check on this they failed to. Think about it the show "The Voice" every final four contestant got a free HTC Evo 4G LTE, all of the guys who work for forums Androidcentral.com, Phandroid.com, Talkandroid.com they all and several others were delivered a Shinny new Evo. Put that all together and what is the conclusion Devices have already passed through customs several times without fuss, so why now? Simply the U.S. Customs does not care to about what we the consumer feels, they waited until right before the Evo launch to bend us all over and... So yes initially Apple caused the fuss about patent violation however if it were Google who was having the Iphone inspected we would not blame them we would blame Apple. C'mon guys I want my pre-order just like everyone else but is all the bashing on all these carriers and providers necessary? I am sure that we will get our devices by next week or at least I hope. If we want this to change we need to email call and write to Customs demanding an explanation and update on the current status. Hopefully everything will pass soon plus it has only been one night not even 24 hrs that Customs have withheld the devices.

I want to know why Google has not made a statement about this on trying to get Android phones back into the hands of the Android lovers as quickly as possible. Also I wonder why Google has not gone after Apple for "Pull down notification bar" That clearly was an Android option well before it was an Apple option. I know that everyone says that they wish that this patent crap would end I say I hope Google finds a way to screw Apple over with Patent after Patent infringement. There has to be a way to beat Apple at their little game and if we can't squash it we have to beat it. Go GOOGLE AND ANDROID "Live Long and Prosper because Apples rot Androids live forever" (Oh can I say that without getting sued???)

Cause google makes more money of iOS users then they do from Android.

Why else did google pay Apple so much money to have it the default search engine on the iOS devices?????

Google like Apple only cares about making money, not what phone you use.

. Also I wonder why Google has not gone after Apple for "Pull down notification bar"

What part of the term open source don't you understand?

It was a reference to things that need to happen to get back at Apple I get that that is an open source item but there are things that are not!

Actually Google filed for a patent on Android Notification Bar in 2009, it's still pending. As soon as it's approved I guarantee Google will go for Apple's neck.

Every time I see some dipshit post the "don't hate the playa', hate the game!" comment, I get a little more stupid. But not as stupid as the person who drags out the weak sports analogy. Also, if you say "meh" and you're not a 15 year old girl, you're an asshole.

And I hate Apple. Even more now.

Haters gonna hate!

I figure a few more phrases like this and you will be too stupid to use a smartphone.

*Not saying you are stupid. Just using your "I get a little more stupid" comment back at you.

I am a little stupider, even now. I can still use my EVO 3D, but barely. But I'll never be too stupid to use an iPhone. There is no such thing. Corky from Life Goes On has a collection of iPhones so I can always fall back on that if I ever get too stupid to use a real smartphone.

I love seeing comments about Apple on here, especially ones that attack them. No matter what tech blog you go to you always see comments about Apple. It's astonishing really. It's like a 13 year old girl, who fell in love after seeing a boy in the hallway and then finding out he doesn't like her. Shel'll go talk about him and how much she hates him and it just goes on and on. So congratulations all of you grown-ups, you can now equate yourselves to 13 year old girls.

I don't see how Apple is hurting any of you. I also don't understand what people don't understand about intellectual property. If its granted to a company they HAVE to defend it. If they don't, they lose it and then any company can grab it up and then sue the company that didn't defend it. Apple didn't send a squad of people to customs and demand the phones be held up, the ITC took care of that. Furthermore, because there is now a delay, I am sure HTC did not fix the problem with the patent that was in question. So actually blame lies with only HTC, no one else. I didn't see everyone on here in an uproar when Mororola sued Apple in Geremany (and won) over a 3G patent that is essential to 3G communication. It seems, on this site at least, that any patent Apple holds is worthless and should be thrown out, but any patent anyone else holds needs to be upheld to the full extent of the law. If you're all going to be hypocritical, at least show some dignity. The constant need to tear down Apple every chance is ridiculous. You call Apple fans iSheep because they will defend Apple, but defending Android makes you the same as iSheep, you defend Android to no end, no matter right or wrong. It's actually quite pathetic for adults to do.

You assume HTC didn't resolve the issue and if they didn't why isn't the HTC One S being held up also? I think this is more about slowing HTC sales down then the patent. The first EVO sold huge numbers and I think this EVO is destined to do the same and Apple is afraid of that.

The most Apple would be able to do is to contact the court and let them know that they feel their patent was still in violation and request customs to check. Which I highly doubt they did. Because in all patent infringement cases when there is a ban in place, customs does this procedure. However, I did assume HTC is still infringing because they have confirmed the delay on their support forums. To check for infringement of one patent should not cause a delay. But I hope I am wrong and they are not infringing, then the process moves on quickly and no one gets hurt.

Apple not really worried about Sprint sales, especially for a phone that hasn't seen the light of the day. If anything they would be more worried about AT&T version (One X) since that's where most of there iPhone sales reign from. Also the fact AT&T sold out of One X's and it wasn't even out for a week.

If you're an Apple exec, you're worried... possibly scared.

It's not just the Evo 4G LTE being held up, it's the One X too. The HTC One X competes with the iPhone 4s on AT&T. Again, Apple could probably care less about what Sprints doing, BUT the issue isn't carrier based, it's about the this particular HTC phone in general.

I feel bad for yall, and if I had pre-order the E4G LTE or was waiting for the One X, I would be pissed too, but NOT at Apple, at HTC. Since HTC had about 6 months to fix this issue, and it seems like they did nothing.

For example, I can click embed links on my AT&T One X through Gmail, and that's the patent causing this hold up. HTC did nothing to fix it so all of you guys feel the wrath of this.

I just wish all the patent wars would end. I don't see the sense in it. I am asked all the time why I don't like iPhones and Apple. This is a perfect example. Just focus on product development, R&D and marketing. Apple already has tons of market share. They don't need to keep throwing a tantrum. They have been guilty of using other companies ideas and need to stop being hypocrites. My mother wants an iPhone and I was going to get it for her when she is upgrade eligible. No more. I know I am only one consumer but I will not be spending any money on Apple products. She can choose any other phone in the store just not an iPhone.

Is it just me, or is anybody else wondering why customs had delayed entry of a product from a company who has until MAY 19th, to comply with the ITC order. If anybody knows, I'd sure love to know a launch prior to an injunction date is being delayed, by an EARLY hold of product.

Just my 2 cents

I have not heard word one from sprint... no email... nothing. If it were not for forums and whatnot I would have no idea that this was happening... I work on the road and away from home for weeks at a time so I pre ordered because the supposed delivery dates worked with my time home.... wheeeee..... thanks sprint for handling this with professionalism and with your customers in mind. even a hahaha april fools txt would be better than saying nothing.

I think apple just scared of htc taking a small piece of their market shares. With the patent that they mention, I can do it in my blackberry and I don't recall they try to band blackberry product.

It's such sad news, but you guys make me laugh. I love you all.

I too have wondered about how this all played out and the silence from Sprint.

But, as the headlines point out, this delay involves both AT&T and Sprint.

Earlier in the week we had been seeing reports of the HTC One X's sold-out status at AT&T's online store. I saw no rumors of a One X delivery problem and certainly no announcements from either HTC or AT&T.

Did they really not know?

I find it hard to believe that somebody at AT&T didn't notice the coming shortage. If international shipping provides a page like domestic UPS', everyone must have been wondering why the One X delivery boarded a ship to the US and "never arrived".

Does Customs bother to contact the recipient when it's holding up a delivery? Does it contact the source? Did the delivery go into a holding area limbo, without notice, waiting for somebody at Customs to figure out if the phones violate an intellectual property right?

Nick, it would be an exciting read if you could get the scoop on this story.

I believe Sprint/ATT and HTC should Capitalize on this News!!! Have a commercial staring there phones and Carriers talking about about the Smartphones Apple doesn't want you to have. Android Open-Source Freedom. A phone Banned for being so Awesome that ITC and the U.S. Customs had to be involved