HTC EVO 4G LTE Getting Started Guide

If you're one of those folks who has to know everything about a device before purchasing it -- and we don't blame you if you are -- this one's for you. Sprint's made available the Getting Started guide for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, as spotted by gmtom1 in our forums. And trust us, there's a lot to know about this phone, between Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Sense 4 and all the other bells and whistles. 

So give it a gander below, and hit up the forums if you've got more questions. And don't forget that it's now available for preorder!

Download: EVO 4G LTE Getting started guide (pdf); via EVO 4G LTE Forums



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Sprint EVO 4G LTE 'Getting Started' guide now online


The placement of the speaker, and the fact that the back-plate is non-removable, may result in the speaker getting sweaty and grimy very fast, with no way to clean it.

This would be the only variant of the One X I would want since it has a microSD card slot which is a MUST for me. The One X not having a card slot is the single reason why I would never buy a OX. Too bad for us non sprint customers that sprint is getting the only variant with a sd card slot :(

If they put a 3000mha battery in this and gave it S-OFF people would crap their pants and RUN to this...literally. However, we get a meager battery bump and a locked phone.

I'm a very big EVO fan and have had the 4g and 3d at launch day...but now after last years debacle from HTC I'm seriously considering Samsung.

If it gets as good a battery life as the AT&T OneX, it'll be fine for most users. That being said, I'd trade a few mm of thinness for a bigger battery.

+1 Without S-OFF on the HTC phones, I'll have to go from the EVO 4G to the Samsung Galaxy S III Epic Touch 4G LTE SuperLCD2 HD or whatever they call it.

Seriously?At the very least it will have a working GPS as opposed to the EpicTouch.

The evo lte screen will be much better.

Agreed! My Epic Touch takes forever to lock GPS signal and my wifi connection is not that great, can't wait to get my hands on this.

Have any of the reviewers at AC tested whether HTC improved the quality of the external speaker? The Evo 3d is near-bout terrible! Has the speaker on this one been improved?

I was told May 10...not sure how accurate this is ...but that's what i was told. Ordered mine hour early over telephone.

Not a deal breaker but I will miss the dedicated physical button for "Search". It works so well on the Original Evo for every program or app.

Same here.. But I think getting rid of menu to have 2 buttons that were once one button (recent apps) is not smart.