HTC EVO 4G LTE Getting Started Guide

If you're one of those folks who has to know everything about a device before purchasing it -- and we don't blame you if you are -- this one's for you. Sprint's made available the Getting Started guide for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, as spotted by gmtom1 in our forums. And trust us, there's a lot to know about this phone, between Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Sense 4 and all the other bells and whistles. 

So give it a gander below, and hit up the forums if you've got more questions. And don't forget that it's now available for preorder!

Download: EVO 4G LTE Getting started guide (pdf); via EVO 4G LTE Forums


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inuchan says:

Still no release date?

jbern8 says:

The placement of the speaker, and the fact that the back-plate is non-removable, may result in the speaker getting sweaty and grimy very fast, with no way to clean it.

May 15!

Sh3ngLong says:

What about the mic?

Things like these are so silly. Just give us a damn release date SPrint.

DaeDae says:

Interesting. I see no label for the microsd card slot in that pic.

Robbzilla says:

It's inside the case.

DaeDae says:


BigKenW says:

All of the pre-orders are shipping 5/15. Check the forums

smooth3006 says:

lets see if sprint/htc lock this one down too.

graffixnyc says:

This would be the only variant of the One X I would want since it has a microSD card slot which is a MUST for me. The One X not having a card slot is the single reason why I would never buy a OX. Too bad for us non sprint customers that sprint is getting the only variant with a sd card slot :(

svinyard says:

If they put a 3000mha battery in this and gave it S-OFF people would crap their pants and RUN to this...literally. However, we get a meager battery bump and a locked phone.

I'm a very big EVO fan and have had the 4g and 3d at launch day...but now after last years debacle from HTC I'm seriously considering Samsung.

Robbzilla says:

If it gets as good a battery life as the AT&T OneX, it'll be fine for most users. That being said, I'd trade a few mm of thinness for a bigger battery.

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

+1 Without S-OFF on the HTC phones, I'll have to go from the EVO 4G to the Samsung Galaxy S III Epic Touch 4G LTE SuperLCD2 HD or whatever they call it.

Cubfan says:

Not sure if this is much of an upgrade from the Epic Touch. I'm sure the SGS3 isn't.

dtreo says:

Seriously?At the very least it will have a working GPS as opposed to the EpicTouch.

The evo lte screen will be much better.

jnl813 says:

Agreed! My Epic Touch takes forever to lock GPS signal and my wifi connection is not that great, can't wait to get my hands on this.

mrsimps says:

Have any of the reviewers at AC tested whether HTC improved the quality of the external speaker? The Evo 3d is near-bout terrible! Has the speaker on this one been improved?

crxssi says:

+1 The Evo 3D speaker really is dismal.

jackrm9 says:

I was told May 10...not sure how accurate this is ...but that's what i was told. Ordered mine hour early over telephone.

Not a deal breaker but I will miss the dedicated physical button for "Search". It works so well on the Original Evo for every program or app.

Saneless says:

Same here.. But I think getting rid of menu to have 2 buttons that were once one button (recent apps) is not smart.

Floss82 says:

Is it me or does this device looks like the Motorola Photon??? Lol

kanyewest says:

i think it might be u.. lol... looks nothing like the photon.... the photon sucks btw

DWR_31 says:

What's the one thing that all of Sprint's LTE phones have in common?

Google Wallet...!